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Who: Everybody! Everybody!
What: It's a beach! There's fruit! Love in the air! Classy private rooms in the mountains!
When: From sunrise to midnight! (AND IT'S TODAY! FEBRUARY 18th!)
Where: Out on the beach, centered around the teleporter/tunnel exit area. But it feels like July out there! Ain't that just the shit?
Summary: Summary? Why does this need a summary. I said everything up there. And then I'm gonna say even more after this. Why do we need this field? Seriously, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Rating: KEEP IT CLEAN, KIDS. Take your dirty smut to an appointments post!

Long Ago In A Distant Land, Akai, the fully functional fonbot, unleashed a fairly standard mod post. But a foolish player kept asking questions and come on, do you really need to know that much? Now everyone wants to play out their ships and get into fruit shenanigans and undo to evil that is AKAI.

((No, but seriously guys, look at the mod post, you know what to do. Everything you need is there. Mass log post, remember to tag your characters name here, and do your thing.))

OH YEAH! So like, assume there is stands (or you know, beach-appropriate huts) here and there that are stocked up on bathing suits (and curtains you can change behind), stands with beverages, and snacks. Nobody's really operating them, new stuff just gets Shifted there (BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE NOT WATCHING). The Malnosso are the most considerate bro-ginization ever.
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[The weather's warm, the sun's out, and everyone seems to be cheerful. Ginji really couldn't ask for more than that. He's stretched out right there on the sand with one arm behind his head and the other shielding his eyes from the rays as he watches the clouds go by. It's a little uncomfortable with wings, but, hey, it works for him.]

[Every once in a while he'll glance over and watch all the people swimming and laughing and having a good old time. And if it's a little mushier than usual these days, he pretends not to notice. At least they're happy and getting along!]
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[Hey, sup Broji. This is Ion, moments after embarrassing himself with one of his friends due to fruit shenanigans. Not that he knows the fruit was at fault, of course. But somehow, that just makes things even more embarrassing.]

[So, he'll just find a spot on the sand that happens to be near where Ginji is and sit down... and then just sort of fall backwards against the sand with a sigh. He's got a hand over his face too, but it's a little less like shielding-from-the-sun and more like hiding-his-shame.]
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[Yeah, that's never good. Ginji can tell just by watching him that something isn't quite as it should be. (Since when do Fon Masters flop backwards like that?) Ion definitely looks... distressed.]

[Ginji will hoist himself back up into a sitting position, arms resting on his knees.]

Are you feeling all right, Ion? You don't look so well.

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...I'm all right. Though I think I may have gotten a bit too much sun. I feel as though I haven't been myself today.

[He's still not moving from that spot. He shifts his hand a bit so he can look over at Ginji.]

You haven't noticed anything strange, have you?
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It's possible. Going from one type of climate to another can do that since it takes a while for our bodies to adjust. The important thing is to stay hydrated.

[It's been drilled into his head, so he's just passing it along. He grew up listening to warnings just like it. At the question, Ginji brings a hand to his chin, looking up and mulling this over.]

Besides the break in the weather? Not really. [Hm.] Though...

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[Stay hydrated... perhaps that was his problem. He'd been eating plenty of those fruits all day, but maybe there wasn't enough water in them to balance it out? He didn't handle extreme weather too well, after all...]

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[Ginji isn't really sure how to describe it, but he gestures with his hand to include all of the couples and groupings of people.]

Though all of them seem to be especially close with one another today.
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[Hah. Hahah. Especially close, huh? That would certainly describe what went on with Ion only moments before he came over here.]

Perhaps everyone is just in a good mood because of the nice weather...?

[...yeah, not even he sounds convinced of this.]
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No... [Ginji doesn't sound convinced either.] I don't think it's quite the same thing.

[A beat.]

Is that what had you so distressed earlier?
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...something like that.

[Said with a slight blush. Ah, what was wrong with him today?]

I'm not sure what came over me. One moment we were only talking and the next we... weren't.
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Well, if you apologize to them, I'm sure they'll understand. [He can't help but notice that the other party remains anonymous.] Unless you don't want to apologize...

Actually, I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't another one of those shifts. Everyone was acting strangely last time, and today everyone seems to be feeling unusual. [Not to mention the beautiful weather.]