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Brrr, it's freezing!

Who: Anyone around the village
What: Freezing rain!
When: The 22nd and the 23rd
Where: All around the village
Summary: The weather takes a turn for the worse as freezing rain comes down across the village. Don't slip and fall!
Rating: F for freezing

Rain begins falling early morning on the 22nd. By 9 AM, there's a good layer of ice as it continues to rain on and off throughout the next two days, sometimes drizzling, sometimes coming down hard for a few minutes. By the evening of the 23rd, it stops raining. Ice buildup is between one and two inches (2.54 cm to 5.08 cm), enough to put some strain on trees, break some branches, and even knock out electricity in some areas despite the lack of any visible powerlines.

((Have at it! Also if you want to use this thread for any post-storm clean up - melting ice, clearing away fallen branches, patching things up - go for it!))
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Anywhere - clearing ice away from buildings/trees where limbs could snap

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[Sailor Mercury is quick to act. As soon as she's aware of the storm, she can be seen wherever the ice is thickest, unblocking doorways and pathways, or relieving the burden of a too-heavy tree limb.

She extends her hands, silently, as though the gesture will push away the cold and snow... and the ice starts to melt, slowly, then quicker, dripping away into water.]
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[Ginji happens to spot her as he makes his way - bruised now, but still in one piece - towards the smithy. He pauses for a moment, trying to figure out what it is that she's doing, before finally noticing that the ice in front of her is melting.]

That has to be a really useful ability.
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[The sequence of reactions plays across her face one after the other. She startles visibly, but smiles as she turns around, only for it to fade to concern at the bruising.]

Excuse me. Are you alright?

[Using her powers this way is... certainly better than battle, at least.]
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Hmm? [It takes Ginji a moment to figure out why she's asking, then he remembers his unexpected stunt from earlier.]

Oh, I'm all right. I just had a little slip this morning, that's all.

[Vash gave it a score of 8.]
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[Oh. Well, that's, uh, very slightly comforting. Yes. Mercury explains the real question.]

I just thought... with the storm, it'd be best to clear some of this away before anyone is hurt.
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I agree. [How can he not? He fell in it.] The weather's pretty dangerous, and I doubt it'll get any better if the ice doesn't let up.

But it seems like clearing it is an awful lot of work for just one person.
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I'm sure everyone's working hard in their own ways.
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Probably. I'm not sure their hard work has anything to do with the ice, though.

[A beat, because he wants to be helpful even though he has no special powers or anything like that:] Is there anything you need that would make cleaning this up any easier?
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[If he wants to help, it'd be rude to turn him away. Let's see... let's see...]

How about clearing away some of the branches that fell already? They need to be gathered up.
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Oh, sure. I can do that. If we get them dried off well enough, someone might even be able to use the wood for a fire.

[The safety of everyone in Luceti is a little more pressing than work at the smithy, after all. He doubts it'll be busy today. And he's sure the others will understand, even if he's a little late. So Ginji sets his books down somewhere it seems slightly less damp and carefully makes for the nearest downed branches.]
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Thank you; that will be very helpful for everyone. It's a good way to use the debris, too. We can collect it and let everyone know.
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You're welcome. [Ginji bends down to pick up some of the fallen limbs. If he'd known he'd be doing this, he'd have brought some buckets with him, maybe some gloves too. Oh well.]

Well, it'd be a shame for it to go to waste. You can make use of just about anything, really, if you think about it. Even junk that most people would throw away.
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However, it's true that our needs are easily provided for here. [She just doesn't fall into the trap of assuming it'll always be the case.]
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There's no arguing that. [Ginji continues stacking branches in the crook of his arm.]

But you never know. Personally, I'd rather not get in the habit of taking it all for granted. Even with the way things are, it'd be hard to imagine there's an unlimited supply of resources.
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I agree. We should always be prepared. The Malnosso are the type that would take it all away for awhile.
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Yes, there's that too...

[Ginji continues to work diligently, and in no time there's a small but growing pile of branches. He drags another over.]

So, have you always known you had special powers?
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[Mercury shakes her head; it's a fairly normal question, here.]

It was just a few years ago. I learned about it then.
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It must have been a pretty amazing discovery.
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I couldn't believe it at first. Most modern-day humans in my world don't believe magic exists at all. I'm still not always sure there couldn't be some other explanation. [And with things cleared a bit in this area, she'll start helping with the gathering.]
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Hmn. Magic's a tricky topic, from what I've gathered here, and it's a little different for everyone.

[He shrugs and reaches for another branch.]

Some of the people on my world can use fonons to cast artes. Other people might consider this to be a form of magic - I guess you could call them "magic spells" - and yet back home it all has a basis in science.

There are multiple ways to look at just about anything, but no matter what explanation you choose to go with, it won't change what's already there.
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That's true. We're no longer debating what exists, but how to classify it, at this point.
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So, ignoring what everyone else says, how would you choose to classify it?
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That's sort of hard for me to say. It goes far outside the experience of my world, so because of that, I still see it as something unusual and strange.
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[A nod.] I think I know exactly what you mean.
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Do you think it's strange? That even though I have these powers, it's hard for me to say magic exists?

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