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Even our dreams will come true.

Who: Fuuko ([personal profile] starfishlovesyou), Nagisa ([personal profile] cherishedmiracle), Kotomi ([personal profile] etudes), Tomoyo ([personal profile] sakurapreserver) and you!
What: Handing out invites for the Starfish Festival.
When: March 10th
Where: All around the plaza.
Summary: Little starfish carvings are given out in hopes of hyping up the Starfish Festival. Get your starfish on! No dangos allowed.
Rating: S for Starfish of course.
[So it's finally time to get started on this Starfish Festival idea! Bringing it up in conversation is one thing, but handing out invites to make this a legit thing is something else entirely. The Starfish Festival is coming to a village near you this spring!

Today out and around the plaza, Fuuko, Nagisa, Kotomi and Tomoyo will be handing out starfish carvings. But not just your normal everyday carvings, oh no, these carvings are special! They're blue. Each carving is painted blue one side and green on the back to make them stand out. Furthermore each starfish has this message written on them:]

You are invited!

April 7th

[The girls will be handing these carvings out to anyone who walks into the plaza today so if you're off shopping you better have an spare hand to carry your invite.

OOC: The girls are spread out all around the plaza so feel free to approach them, ask them what they're doing and all that. Threadjacking might happen as long as you're cool with it. Pick a type of moe, tag a Clannad and have some fun!]
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This is embarrassingly late, I'm sorry.

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[Ginji's in the process of bringing in fresh water for the quench tubs when he notices Fuuko hanging around outside the smithy. It's not long before there's a wooden star being held out towards him.]

[Ginji sets the bucket on the ground and bends down to get a better look at the carving.]

...A starfish, right? This is a really nice sculpture. Did you make it yourself, Fuuko?
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Well, you did a good job - both you and your friends. These must have kept you pretty busy. [Ginji's still studying the sculpture as he straightens up - it's the mechanic in him. Clearly Fuuko's put a lot of effort into it, and there's the date for the festival right on it, too.]

[A firm nod as Ginji rests his free hand on his hip.]
That's the plan! I already gave you my word, after all. How's everything else coming along? It sounded like you had lots of ideas for the Starfish Festival when we talked about it before.
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I'll bet. [He can only imagine the variety of reactions.]

Wow, fireworks?! [Who can resist colorful explosions? Not Ginji!] Things are really starting to shape up into a full-blown festival, huh? I'll bet the starfish will think it's pretty amazing, too.

Is there anything I can do to help?
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I'm sure they will. You've gotten me excited about it, at least, and with any luck, all the other people who've received these invitations must be getting pretty stoked, too.

[He'll wait patiently, free hand on hip.]

Sure, I could do that. And I can bring some spare hammers and nails if you think you'll need them.
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[He nods firmly.]

It shouldn't be any problem, Fuuko. We're always building in Sheridan. [In other words, Ginji's got plenty of experience.] The only thing you have to remember is to check where your fingers are before you swing with a hammer, otherwise it can really hurt.

[A beat.] I'll bring a first aid kit with me just in case. Protective gloves can help, too.
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Right! Just making sure.

[He's already crashed toy helicopters into people by accident - not to mention witnessing the shape people turn up in after disappearing for a while - so excuse him for being a little paranoid these days about people getting hurt.]

[Very best work force indeed!]

Anyway, that sounds like a plan to me. When should I meet you to start work on the stalls?
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Well, that depends on how many stalls you're going to need and how early you want to have everything set up and ready to go on the day of the festival.

From my personal experience, it's best to get a start on things at least a few days in advance, just in case there are unexpected setbacks.

If you want, I could work on some of the stalls in my spare time and cart them over when they're finished.