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Shining In The Sky ★

Who: You! Everyone!
What: The Starfish Festival
When: April 14th, all day
Where: All around the plaza
Summary: It's finally here, an entire day dedicated to celebrating the starfish and spending time with friends. Have fun!
Rating: ★ Please accept this!
After months of planning and roping in poor, innocent people to help out with some of the work it's finally done. An actual festival, all for the starfish.

The morning of the 14th mostly consists of people arriving, the stalls being brought in and decorations being put up. It's all about the preparation! Most of the decorating consists of banners and streamers you might find at a school festival, all hung around doors and windows and between the buildings in the plaza. And star shaped pieces of card being stuck up here and there in places too. If the decorations don't tell you what's going on then the banners saying 'STARFISH FESTIVAL' certainly will.

Come midday the festival is in full swing. There's plenty of food at many of the stalls (either prepared by Fuuko and the other girls or brought in by other villagers) ranging from cake, ice cream and different kinds of sweet things, to starfish tea, sandwiches, all sorts of festival fare. There are a few games set up too where it's possible to win starfish related prizes like pins, badges and even plush toys and some stalls are even giving out wind chimes. Finally there's also a little entertainment provided with music being played in the background throughout most of the festival. (You should totally go listen to Kotomi giving her very own violin recital.)

By night time when most of the food is gone there will be a fireworks display to bring an end to the festival. Hopefully the Starfish Festival would be a day to remember!

(You didn't need to receive an invite in order to come, that was just the girl's attempt at getting word of the festival out there. The festival is open to anyone and everyone to come along and have a good time.)
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[Ginji's busy, busy, busy. You might find him carrying wooden planks, hurrying across the plaza with buckets of nails, or even helping to lift finished stalls into place. It looks like a beautiful day, but Ginji doesn't have time to stop yet, not until the last stall's in place. But once it is, he'll wipe his brow and lean back to take in the whole setup. This is definitely going to be some celebration!]

[During the festival you'll be most likely to find Ginji manning his own stall and offering starfish-inspired wind chimes to anyone who wants them. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't like to take a break to enjoy the rest of the festivities.]

[Having packed up and given away most (and hopefully all!) of the wind chimes, Ginji heads through the plaza to look for a place with a good view of the fireworks. He hasn't seen any in a long time, and really, who could possibly resist colorful explosions lighting up the night sky?]
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[Full of food and sorely lacking in things he can hang over certain persons' heads, those wind chimes look like a beautiful addition. What they do, Chien doesn't know, but they make a prettier sound than that concert he heard and so:]

Do I have to play any game to win one of those?
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[In retrospect, making a game of it could have been a lot of fun, but Ginji had focused most of his attention on building the wind chimes so they'd hold up well. He smiles, shaking his head and gesturing to include all of the metal decorations hanging from hooks in the stall roof.]

Actually, you don't. You can have any of them that you like.
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[Oooh. Cool. He's not sure what he'd do with it, but Chien knows he wants one. Let's see...]

Just one? Or can I have more?
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[Ginji considers this. He doesn't mind being generous so long as there are chimes enough for everyone else to enjoy, too.]

However many you want, I guess. I can always make more of them after the festival.
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[Ginji sees her coming and makes his way to the front of the stall where he leans against the counter space (apparently he has that much faith in the structure's ability to hold up). Her comment merits an easy laugh.] It wasn't any trouble, but I'm glad they'd approve all the same.

Thinking about taking one of these home with you, Fuuko?
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[Ginji's used to this by now, so he just smiles. If she manages to zone out completely he'll have to try to snap her out of it, though.]

They've been a big hit so far - even more than I expected. The festival has really inspired everyone's appreciation for starfish. Some people have been asking for as many as four or five wind of them. I guess I should have started work on the chimes earlier.

Who's Manamisan? A pet?
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[Ginji laughs outright at this. He really should've known better than to word it like that...] Well, all right then. But you should probably pick out the ones you want, huh?

Ah, I see. It's too bad he couldn't make it... [He doesn't know if 'Manamisan' would care one way or another, but having an authentic pet starfish around would be a nice touch.] Guess he'll just have to settle for hearing all about the festival when you get home.
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[Ginji nods at that, still smiling.]

If you like, I can wrap and bag them so they don't get tangled together or banged up.

[Ginji turns his head to see where she's pointing. Honestly, they've all started to look similar, and he's not sure he's eyeing the same special six that she is. Ginji leans over the counter and points to a grouping that seems to be in the right direction.]

I'm not sure I have the same collector's eye that you do, Fuuko. Are these the ones?
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[Pft!] No offense taken. But it's lucky that you were the first one to recognize their quality, huh? Otherwise they'd have been gone in a blink.

[Ginji fetches the chimes in question and begins rummaging behind the counter for a bag and some scrap paper to pack them with.]

Sounds like you've really been enjoying yourself, though. Personally, I can't wait to see the fireworks later. I'm sure they'll be great.

[And on that note, he finishes wrapping the chimes and putting them into the bag. He hands it down to Fuuko.]

Here you go.


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[Grune had heard about the starfish windchimes from Fuuko, but of course she doesn't remember. That was weeks ago. So when she spots them at Ginji's stall, it's a delightful surprise all over again!]

My, these are so pretty! Did you make them?
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[Ginji wouldn't know the difference, and he's glad to see that they've met with a positive response. Frankly, he'd have been shocked if she didn't like them.]

Thanks, Grune.

[He shrugs lightly, not willing to take all of the credit.] Well, a few. I had some really good help towards the end of the week, so I'll be sure to pass the word along.

Would you like one?
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Oh, I'd love one! [It would be so nice to listen to when she was outside gardening.] Are you sure it's all right?
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That's what they're here for, after all. [Ginji rests one arm on the counter and gestures with his free hand to include the entire display.]

Besides, I can always make more if we start running low. Why don't you see if there's one that stands out?
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Okay! Thank you!

[She starts sorting through them.] They're all so pretty. You're very good at this. Is this your job?
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You're welcome.

[He'll give her space and time to look, but he doesn't mind having a conversation either. Ginji straightens up, rubbing the side of his neck. Ahh...] Well, I wouldn't really call it a job.

Fuuko's a friend of mine. She told me about her plans for a Starfish Festival a while ago, and I volunteered to help her out. The windchimes were my idea, though. [He shrugs again.]

Normally I'm working parttime at the smithy with Sokka and the others. So, I guess you could say I'm a new convert to the Friends of Starfish.
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Starfish are very nice, aren't they? Fuuko loves them a lot.
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No doubting that. It's been a long time since I've seen anyone so enthusiastic about anything, so there must be something special about them. [Or maybe they're just really important to Fuuko.]

And you have to admit they do have a lot of determination. [Fuuko once told him all about how tough the starfish are and how they hang on. It stuck with him a bit.]
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Oh, do they?

[She likes the sound of that. Determination is a good thing!]
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Apparently so.

Anything that can survive the rush and roar of the ocean has to have some guts. Besides, even in shallow water, you have to deal with the undertow and waves breaking, right? That's worse than air turbulence.

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