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Event Log - Total Recall (2)

What: More event shenanigans
When: Today until the 4th! (Backdating is okay too)
Where: All around Luceti. Actually that's wrong. Anywhere INSIDE Luceti.
Summary: It's that special time when the Malnosso collect all their recent experiments and apply them all at once to measure effectiveness. Although invaluable as research, it tends to leave the subjects looking just a bit mad.

So there is a mod post and it pretty much tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. This is a second log so people can change up their effects and try something new, jump into the event late, or just avoid the impending CAPTCHA on the first log.

Don't forget to tag in using the appropriate format: [canon] character name
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[May 30 thru end.]

[personal profile] broji 2012-05-31 08:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, kid! Get away from there! Don't you know a landing pad when you see one?

[That's right, an old man is hobbling toward you and waving something that looks a lot like a wrench (it is a wrench!). He's not quite as spry as he used to be nor is he wasting time with formalities, but he's managing okay. And dangit, he will not have you underfoot or (worse!) getting hurt on his watch. Even though...psst. there is no landing pad.]

[If you happen upon him sometime later, once he's realized that there aren't going to be any airships zipping by, you'll most likely find the old man sitting on a bench and trying to piece together a model aircraft. Newest in the fleet. Too bad youth these days don't know a flying ace when they see one. He might be past his prime, but Ginji has taught hundreds of new pilots how to stretch their wings and he hasn't lost a single one yet! Really. A man could up and die stranded here on the ground like this.]