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Pinkie's New Feather Party: The Masquerade Ball!

Who: Pinkie Pie, the New Feathers, and you!
What: Pinkie Pie's Party Palooza: New Feather Party Edition!
When: September 22, evening until late night.
Where: The Battle Dome
Summary: Get your Masquerade on
Rating: P for Pinkie Pie Party Paradise

The night is finally here! Pinkie Pie and friends have been working hard to get everything absolutely perfect. The Battle Dome has been done up to look like a grand ballroom, complete with dance hall and dining area. A small, but elegantly decorated stage is situated in the middle of the dance hall, and is equipped with microphones and speakers for anyone willing to perform. Otherwise, the dome is set up to play songs on request.

The dining area is equipped with a buffet-style dinner selection, filled with food contributed by various donators, highlighted by a large cake at the central table, which is then surrounded by smaller tarts, pies and pastries. Wine, champagne, and other choice drinks are available from ice chests near the buffet line.

Finally, since it was so popular with the last party, the night will be ended with a fireworks display over the dome. Afterwards, Pinkie Pie will be going around making sure everyone gets home safely, before returning to the dome to start cleaning up.

Note: Like Pinkie's last party, this one has a theme: a Masquerade Ball. Everyone who enters must wear a mask, and keep it on for the entirety of the party. If you haven't picked one out yourself, Pinkie would be more than happy to provide one for you.
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[Ginji's not exactly a stranger to social gatherings, but this is all kind of foreign to him. (And fancy. Really fancy.) Even so, he's never been one to give up on something just because it's new and different! He's even dressed for the occasion. At least, he tried to. Ginji's sporting his trademark white silk scarf along with a vest and black pants. (Kind of like this, only without the lace or pattens.) And of course, there's the mask! Which he made himself during an all-night creative streak. Only it's more like a pair of steampunk goggles with cool unnecessary lenses and gears than an actual mask. Might have some lights built into them, too!]

[Not knowing a lick about dancing in circles, and having brought no one with him, Ginji settles for absorbing the atmosphere from the sidelines and looking around for familiar faces.]
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(Don't worry, bro; there's plenty of others who're taking it easy on the sidelines. Terra, for example, is standing around, observing from a distance since partying...isn't really his thing. In case the point needed to be made clear, he's even in his regular clothes.

Won't stop him from starting up awkward simple conversation.

Pretty big party...guess they didn't hold back, did they?
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Sure looks that way. [And to think, a horse planned all this? He can only shake his head in something akin to wonder.]

We've never had anything like it in my hometown, but I guess fancy parties like this are normal for some people.
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(Hard to believe, but apparently a horse did this. A pink horse. Not that Terra's unfamiliar with such cartoon-y characters, but yeah.)

Probably. It's not something I normally do, either; not really my thing.

Looks like a lot of people are having fun with it, at least.