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Pinkie's New Feather Party: The Masquerade Ball!

Who: Pinkie Pie, the New Feathers, and you!
What: Pinkie Pie's Party Palooza: New Feather Party Edition!
When: September 22, evening until late night.
Where: The Battle Dome
Summary: Get your Masquerade on
Rating: P for Pinkie Pie Party Paradise

The night is finally here! Pinkie Pie and friends have been working hard to get everything absolutely perfect. The Battle Dome has been done up to look like a grand ballroom, complete with dance hall and dining area. A small, but elegantly decorated stage is situated in the middle of the dance hall, and is equipped with microphones and speakers for anyone willing to perform. Otherwise, the dome is set up to play songs on request.

The dining area is equipped with a buffet-style dinner selection, filled with food contributed by various donators, highlighted by a large cake at the central table, which is then surrounded by smaller tarts, pies and pastries. Wine, champagne, and other choice drinks are available from ice chests near the buffet line.

Finally, since it was so popular with the last party, the night will be ended with a fireworks display over the dome. Afterwards, Pinkie Pie will be going around making sure everyone gets home safely, before returning to the dome to start cleaning up.

Note: Like Pinkie's last party, this one has a theme: a Masquerade Ball. Everyone who enters must wear a mask, and keep it on for the entirety of the party. If you haven't picked one out yourself, Pinkie would be more than happy to provide one for you.
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[Well, okay. This one is pretty much a freebie. There can only be one person here tonight who'd be wearing a starfish mask. Ginji makes his way over. He's not too dressed up, just a simple vest and his cravat. And a really weird looking pair of goggles with all sorts of lenses and other gadgets (and reflectors!) made into and hanging off of it.]

Hey there, Fuuko. That's a really nice mask.
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Good evening Ginji-san. Whilst Fuuko finds Fuuko's mask to be very adorable, Fuuko thinks that Ginji-san's mask suits you perfectly! It's just the sort of thing that someone as creative as Ginji-san would wear.

[Fuuko even steps a little closer to get a better look at those reflectors. Whoah, he really went all out on this thing.]
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[Ginji laughs a little at this.] Thanks! I'd take these goggles off so you could check them out more easily, but I'm not really sure we're allowed to do that. You could say this is my first masquerade party.

[Nevertheless, he'll let her inspect dem reflectors as best she can.]
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[Not allowed? That pink pony she saw earlier did seem pretty intent on making sure everyone had a mask on... Fuuko quickly pats her mask down onto her face, just to make sure it doesn't fall off. Who knows what horrible things might happen if it did?]

This is Fuuko's first masquerade party too! In fact, this is Fuuko's first ball here. The closest Fuuko has ever come to this was the party for the school play last year!
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[Ginji smiles and adjusts his own mask to sit a little lower on his nose. There, perfect!]

This is my first ball pretty much ever. We have parties back home, but nothing fancy. And usually they're in the bar so they tend to get pretty animated. [He laughs.] I don't even know how to dance, really.

So your school put on a play?