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EVENT LOG - Amnesia

Who: Us!
What: We're, um. I forgot.
When: Now-ish? It ends October 1st, I'm sure of it.
Where: Well, everywhere seems nice.
Summary: Well, I woke up and I don't remember a thing. Oh, wait, this flashcard says, "Post a log".
Rating: I can't remember

Greetings, your name is LUCETI MOD. It seems you've lost your memory. Here's some facts about yourself:

1. You need to post a log about an Amnesia Event.
2. You should link to all the flash cards.
3. Remind people to tag the log like so: [canon] character name
4. Remember to tell them to have fun. Apparently that's a thing?

Hopefully this is all just temporary. Be careful who you trust out there. People may claim to know everything, but you know what they say: Trust half of what you read and none of what you hear. Good luck!
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[Who'd have thought that finding a single person would be so hard? Having nothing to go on doesn't exactly help either. Is his sister a part of the circus too? Do they look alike? About how old is she? ...Is she all right? Ginji shakes his head, casting a worried look up at the sky. She might not remember anything either; it sure seems to be going around. And what's worse, that card said...]

[This isn't doing a bit of good for his nerves.]

No, I've got to keep looking...! She could be in serious trouble. Where haven't I checked? The south section of the town?

[Ginji turns and hurries down another path. Don't worry, sis! He'll find you. Definitely!]
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[Meanwhile, Cayla is sitting slumped against a tree in the south end of town, trying hard not to panic. She has no idea where she is, and the people she was looking for... they could be anywhere, and she had no clue who they might be. The size of the building she lived in alone had spooked her, and it was marked "6." There were five more.

Between being lost, overwhelmed, and confused, she had decided that maybe it would be easier for people to find her if she stayed put outside. If no one did soon, though, she might have to go looking for them.]
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[Ginji still hasn't had any luck, not that any of the other townspeople could really help him too much; it seems they're all pretty much in the same position he is.]

[After a piece, however, Ginji passes by the tree, and upon seeing the slumped figure, he backtracks and makes his way quickly over, concern evident on his face.]

Hey! Is everything all right?
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[At the voice, she looks up, glad to have been found. She doesn't recognize Ginji, but his words ring a bell.]

I'm not sure. I can't remember anything at all, and I might be lost. But are you... worried about me?

[Cayla straightens up quickly at the possible revelation. Could this be one of the people she was supposed to find?]
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Of course I'm worried; that's why I asked... [Ginji rubs the side of his head, still looking anxious. Is she really okay?] You didn't look so good sitting under this tree, and with everyone confused and not being able to remember anything - it's scary stuff, you know?

But, hey, if you think you're lost, maybe we can find your family. I'm searching for mine too.
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Yes, it's very scary. I'm afraid I don't know if I have family here. The note just said to look for people who were worried about me.

[Hmm. On that note, she blushes a little. It's a little embarrassing to suggest, but it is a possibility...] Maybe I was looking for you.
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