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Possession Event

Who: People in Luceti
What: Spiritual possession
When: The 26th to the 1st
Where: Luceti!
Summary: Check out the previous mod post.
Rating: If it gets smutty, move it somewhere private.

Starting at midnight on the 26th, Luceti and its inhabitants will find itself the focus of the Filial spirits, usually quiet and reclusive, now stepping out to deal with one of their own.

As promised, here is some additional information to help figure out how to play around with the spirits and interacting with similarly possessed people.

First off, each spirit has a certain time or place when they are at their most powerful. Consequently, characters possessed by them will enjoy these boosts and this in itself can be a deciding factor in what would otherwise be a stalemate. Here’s a quick run down:

  • Sona - She’s most powerful around lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Mostly this is concentrated at the southern lake.
  • Kipinn - He’s most powerful in high places, like mountain tops and the roofs of community buildings.
  • Faeren - She’s most powerful in the farmlands alongside things that grow.
  • Tsinku - He’s most powerful in the village itself, where technology thrives.
  • Eferin - He’s most powerful in the center of the forest where his heat may cause trees to burn. In fact, the upcoming forest fire may cause some trouble if his followers get too rowdy.
  • Hyt - It’s most powerful during the daytime under a bright sky.
  • Twila - It’s most powerful during the night time.
  • Nala- She has no domain and is generally welcome wherever she goes.

    How possessed characters will deal with other possessed characters will depend on the interactions of the spirits themselves. A useful spreadsheet sums up these relationships. Those that have a friendly attitude to one another will generally allow ‘trespassers’ into their domain, but those they are not so friendly with may cause conflict.

    Finally, to elaborate on Twila-possessed characters. Those with a natural affinity for darkness are likely to be possessed first. Once they have, they can try to recruit others less-compatible candidates to ‘join the cause’. Their goal is numbers. The more who are working with Twila, the better. Once they do, they’ll be inclined to act in their own self interest and if necessary, deal with others who try to get in their way. In the long term, the spirit Twila wants to stay this way, bonded to the Lucetians as hybrids, that way it cannot be imprisoned again. Think of it as pure survival instinct of an animal that’s spent way too long in a cage.

    All isn’t lost. The other spirits may not be able to cage it again, but they won’t accept Twila reacting in this manner. Though it’s hard to tell what their beef with Twila is, they have an instinctive familiarity with the dark spirit and seem to act as its jail keepers.

    They have the power to free people from Twila, but given their poor communication skills, figuring that out might just be a challenge. After all, the spirits can only communicate in shades of feeling and intentions, but not actually verbalize directions or marching orders. However, there will be a Malnosso post mid-event that will give everyone, possessed or otherwise, the info they need to turn things around.
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-01 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
    [Around the first day, Kushina is attempting flight and isn't very good at it at initially. In the middle of attempting to steer, she she flies towards him in an attempt to surprise him with her newfound ability.

    But she's clumsy, and fresh into the joys of flying, so she's tipping this way and that and unable to really stop or control herself when she COLLIDES rather soundly with his back and a grunt.]
    derpivity: (that doesn't go there)

    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-02 05:43 pm (UTC)(link)
    [Minato senses her chakra from afar and was about to turn around and greet her when she collides with him.

    He tries his best for her not to get hurt, however, as Minato catches her safely in his arms, preventing any more damage than what the collision already did.]

    Kushina, are you alright?
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-03 03:11 pm (UTC)(link)
    [She had been doing so well, too 8( Her voice is muffled against his chest.]

    I'm fine. [And then she pulls back, frowning.]

    Just a bruised ego.

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    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-03 03:25 pm (UTC)(link)
    [He sighs in relief, his hands still holding her shoulders.]

    Well, better than a bruised anything. [Minato will still give her a quick once-over to make sure, though.]
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-03 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)
    [NOTICES and pulls back. WORRYWART.]

    I'd rather have anything else be bruised if it meant not making an idiot of myself.

    [Wobbling a bit to keep her balance THIS IS HARD and frustrating UGH]
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    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-03 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
    [Minato unconsciously tries to steady her.]

    I'd rather you're safe.

    [He keeps a smile on, but his tone stresses a little finality in it.]
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-03 03:39 pm (UTC)(link)
    [LIKE THAT EVER WORKS also lets him steady her but only because she likes when he touches her u_u]

    I'm always safe with you around. [Her expression is intensely focused, tongue sticking out as her wings almost flail behind her.]
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    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-03 03:45 pm (UTC)(link)
    [HE TRIES OKAY well, he's not going to let her go anytime soon so enjoy :3]

    I try my best to keep it that way. [Now now, what are you doing, waifu?]
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-03 03:49 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ENJOYING somewhere along the line when she's not trying to keep herself from flying crookedly]

    You should worry about everyone else, not me. [The wings are SORT OF flapping in time now and simultaneously

    most concentrated look]
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    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-03 04:55 pm (UTC)(link)
    [He watches her and can't help but be amused.]

    I am worried about everyone else. Especially Naruto. Have you seen him?
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-03 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)
    [She glances up and gives him a blank look so he can't tell she had an errant thought that something was wrong.]

    No. Not since this morning.

    ...Did he do something? [IS SHE GONNA HAVE TO PUNISH HER GROWN MAN SON]
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    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-04 11:03 am (UTC)(link)
    [Minato shakes his head. NO NEED FOR ANY PUNISHMENTS KASHDL.]

    Well, no. I just want to see if he's alright given how this seems to be widespread. [You know, them having suddenly large wings.]
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-04 05:06 pm (UTC)(link)

    Her nose wrinkles and she looks thoughtfully at him, her wings now working together instead of against.

    She doesn't understand him sometimes. She saw him this morning and he was fine, if a little confused just like she was at the sudden growth overnight.]

    What are you so worried about? We're fine, so why shouldn't he be?

    [Her hands come up, cupping his face and thumbs gentle against his cheeks.]

    Relax, Minato. He's fine.
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    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-04 06:43 pm (UTC)(link)
    [It's easy not to worry if they're back home where he can calculate and pinpoint things and have a general handle of the situation. Here, while Minato's trying his hardest to do the same, there are things that will constantly be out of his control which happen on a regular basis like these experiments. And even while he knows they'll be fine, he still can't help but worry.

    With a sigh, he gives her a small smile.]

    Alright, I will. I'm sorry.
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-05 03:47 am (UTC)(link)
    No, you won't.

    [And she knows him well enough that he really won't. She not really angry though, just worried herself that he's going to miss everything when he's so calculating but this world is unpredictable enough that he really can't plan ahead at all.

    It must be disorienting. She knows that feeling of having no power over a situation. It's happened her whole life. So she pulls his face closer and presses her forehead to his.]

    But don't apologize. I know you can't help yourself.

    [There's a bit of a smile and then a chaste press of her lips against his before she pulls back, beaming now because she's the one to steal a kiss.]

    Will you help me practice flying then?
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    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-06 03:43 am (UTC)(link)
    [The kiss caught him a little off guard. Just a little, though, and when he was about to kiss back, she pulled away. Unfair, Kushina, unfair. Next time, he'll make things even.

    Upon asking her question, however, Minato grins.]

    Certainly. [A beat.] But I think you're slowly getting the hang of it.
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-06 04:02 am (UTC)(link)

    [Her eyes light up a little too and she seems to realize her balance has gotten a lot better when she's focusing on Minato and not her wings so much.]

    Well, I bet you're already a professional at it.
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    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-06 04:11 am (UTC)(link)
    [He sheepishly smiles at her as he shakes his head a little. Professional would be too big a word.]

    Like you, I'm also getting the hang of it.
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-06 04:29 am (UTC)(link)
    [But not unbelievable. He's always really good at whatever he does, according to Kushina.]

    Yeah right. I bet you can do all sorts of cool tricks already.
    derpivity: (hi ladies)

    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-06 07:22 am (UTC)(link)
    [While it may be true that he can perform some basic tricks, he still feels he's getting the hang of all this. Flying is very different, after all.]

    They're all still very basic. I'm sure given time, I can get a better hang of this.
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-06 08:08 am (UTC)(link)
    [HA she knew it. she knows him so well. meanwhile she's probably picking this up faster than most people who just got their own wings, not that she knows this. genius ditz -- keeping her balance was a chore but she's flying unlike some others, most likely.]

    I wonder if you can incorporate your flashing move with the wings.
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    [personal profile] derpivity 2013-06-06 11:54 am (UTC)(link)
    [Well, if someone knows him inside and out, it would be Kushina, after all. And really, judging from how she's handling herself, she looks like she's flying just fine.]

    I tried it a while ago and I think I can move even faster.
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    [personal profile] fervidity 2013-06-07 04:53 am (UTC)(link)
    [Always one step ahead. She looks a bit excited, wings fluttering.]

    Show me?