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Neji's Birthday!

Who: Konoha Shinobi and whomever else wants to come!
What: Birthday Party!
When: Backdated to July 1st to July 3rd
Where: Outside CH1
Summary: Hinata and Lee set up a party for Neji!
Rating: PG

July 1st and July 2nd

[The time since her arrival had passed by swiftly and before she knew it, Neji's birthday was swiftly approaching. In a rush to make sure that things were done correctly and perfectly for her older cousin, Hinata enlisted the assistance of Lee and Chouji. She knew that her cousin's teammate/best friend/greatest rival would want to lend his help and she didn't think that she could handle the food for the entire party on her own. Besides, she and the Akimichi had discussed cooking together. What better way to do that than for a party?

She'd spent two days of afternoon practice making one of the gifts for Neji, away from the floor where the rest of the shinobi lived. Lucky for her, Kiba lived on the top floor of their building and she'd been able to use the kitchen up there. The rest of the food and sweets had been prepared as normal on the fourth floor.]

July 3rd

[The party is well under way. There are plenty of things to do. Of course, this party is not like Masaomi's recent birthday party. Off to one side, Lee has set up a sparring area for those interested. Hinata is demonstrating tea ceremony with a high blush on her face the entire time, in a formal kimono. Chouji's setting up food on a long banquet table. There's a big table with lots of presents there already for the stoic Hyuuga shinobi.

There are also tables with lovely flowers from Raine-san's shop decorating the top for people to sit and talk.]

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ASS. [Eyes widened, he uses his free hand to cover his nose, voice coming out nasally.] Don't bring naked women into this!
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istfg u 2 1/3??

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[Kushina is a bit late for whatever reason and is smiling nervously at the few guests she doesn't know. She makes her way over to Naruto and Shikamaru -- people she DOES know. Except she's arrived when they're fighting again and frowns a bit.

Especially because it's over food. Time to break it up. Her hands tighten around the food she's brought for the occasion.

Boys, get along a little, it's a party for someone else. Really, this is just--]
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2/3 yse

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She's so shocked at the sight, the plate of food she had been holding, bringing a little some n' som to the party, falls to the ground and makes a mess around her feet. The beautiful (and probably delicious) treats no longer edible because she has a retarded perverted son that just transformed into a naked woman with only wisps of smoke covering her naughty bits.

And those are quickly disappearing.

Hey boys, you feel that? That's murderous intent coming from nearby and steadily growing. If you don't feel it, well you'll know who where it's coming from once you finish reading this sentence.]

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Yeah, well maybe you should've-!

[Oh. Oh no. Pausing mid-sentence to look around because he knows that voice.

And he knows what is coming. This is no longer about fighting over food it's about survival, and he's grabbing Shikamaru and moving behind him.]

A-ah..haha-! Mom!
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[TUGGING TO GET HIS ARM BACK BECAUSE LIKE HELL HE EXPECTS THAT WILL STOP HER. He lowers his voice to a level probably only Naruto can catch, speaking in a rushed and irritated manner while trying to move out of the way.]

What're using me as a human shield for?! Lose the boobs so we can run, dumbass!

[He knows you know nothing about how moms work, but you've been beaten up by enough angry women he'd THINK YOU'D KNOW BETTER BY NOW....
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[Ditching the boobs as suggested, Naruto is back to his normal self. Before running though he's making more hand seals before three or four clones pop out an run in front of them.

DISTRACTION! Hopefully they can keep Kushina occupied enough for them to escape her wrath.]
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After Naruto decided to use him as a human shield and then going to Shikamaru when the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero finally arrives and sees him as a naughty young woman, Minato approaches his wife to try and calm her down.]

Aha... Kushina, maybe I can talk to Naruto instead. Get him to apologize to Neji and Hinata and to everyone here. [We don't need to result to violence. Let Dad lecture and scold him instead!]
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[The entirety of Kushina's shock at seeing what her son had done is replaced with utter outrage. And when Kushina is on her path of righteous punishment it's best to not get in her way. So Shikamaru and Minato are making a very, very wrong choices in the matter. She storms right past Naruto's human shield and his guardian angel with a fierce scowl and without a backward glance. Her eyes have zeroed right back on her target.


All three/four clones get poisonous glares and she shoves past them. With those narrowed, hard eyes, her cheeks are probably also a permanent shade of red now whenever she's around these people that saw her SON TRANSFORM INTO A NAKED GIRL AT A NICE PARTY.

She wants to bury her face in her hands so nobody can see her face and so she can't see the looks on the faces of everyone, but she's no coward. Instead, her hand flashes out to grip Naruto's (the real one) whiskered cheek hard and tug him close so she can hiss;]

You're coming with me. Right now.

[Then she whirls on Minato, face not softened in the slightest.]

You too.

[And now Naruto is being dragged to a door by his jacket.

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[Give him a gold star, because he sure did try.]

[The clones didn't work and before he knows it, MOM IS ON HIM and he's screeching because it hurts.]


[FAREWELL FRIENDS. There's just more flailing and screeching as he gets dragged out of the room.]
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She hurries them out a little faster and slams open the door with her shoulder. MINATO WHERE ARE YOU]
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[Yeah, he did try. Sorry, son. Maybe later this evening, he can calm your mom by some good old-fashioned seduction no jutsu. Only this time, no clouds or turning into a woman. Just him, his hotness and his charming smile. B)

Well, Minato doesn't have much of a choice but see his son being pinched and be dragged. He gives a sigh-- (because there's really no reasoning out with a very enraged Uzumaki Kushina, The Red Hot-Blooded Habanero, and Minato knows this; he really just wants to try and save his son's life and help) --but blinks when his wife turns to him.

You too.


Um, Kushina...

[Though he'll open that door for her, anyway!]
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[It's not quite so loud but he's still whining as she pulls him along because it actually does hurt.

At least he manages to shoot his Dad an apologetic look for a split second SORRY DAD BUT I THINK YOU'RE IN TROUBLE TOO SOMEHOW.]

You can let go now y'know!

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/flops in bed

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i feel u /tucks u in

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hope u all had a good sleep!

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i did :v

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gooood 83

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bbramencakes ;3;

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Somewhere off in the Team 10 thread this commotion does not escape his notice. HE LIVED. HE SURVIVES ANOTHER DAY, WA-HOO.

Though he actually feels bad though that got so out of hand. Talk about troublesome. He'll probably try and find Naruto again later after it all done. And much, much longer after that (so as to not test his luck), Kushina too.]
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[She's in a CONSIDERABLY better mood when Shikamaru finally seeks her out and she's nibbling on some of her own snacks and keeping a close watch on Naruto. It's better this way.

Though she's fairly certain he won't be using that jutsu around her (or this party) any time soon.

The approach of someone alerts her and her shoulders stiffen, turning to face the newcomer. Seeing it's Shikamaru, her lips quirk in some semblance of a smile after swallowing her bite.

It's not his fault, right? Right???]
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[...RIGHT. Well he gives a semi-casual, semi-awkward wave as he approaches, keeping it friendly.]

Hey. Sorry about before...

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I'm sorry. A little sorry. Sort of sorry. ...Not really sorry.

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[And here comes Chouji, completely disregarding the naked female Naruto clinging to his teammate. No, his attention is still held by what Shikamaru just did. The last piece.]
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Chouji. [Ahaha... this is a nervous grin.] Nice to see you, buddy. Now's not a good time.

[Somehow he managed to lose the cling naked girl, otherwise known as Naruto, but the red-headed devil is fast-approaching. YOU SEE HIS DILEMMA.]

Can we do this later? After you've finished the next batch, which you can have all to yourself, would be good.
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threadjacks for great team 10 justice!

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[IT'S PROBABLY GOOD that this kind of ruckus isn't happening in a party she organized. GOOD FOR EVERYONE but especially to her. Seeing her teammates starting something, though, Ino steps in.]

Now you guys, let's be reasonable here. It's bad enough Naruto's crashing the party as it is. It's not like that's really the last piece.

[..... IS IT??]
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Aaargh, you beat me to it, Justine!

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A good time would have been before you ate it.

[Dilemma? What dilemma? Chouji is blind to dilemmas right now.

Some distractions do still work, though, at least temporarily. He sounds a bit suspicious when he asks...]
The entire next batch?

[Chouji mostly ignores Ino's intervention. Really, she ought to know better than to expect her teammates to be reasonable. He only answers the very last part of what she says.]

It better not be!
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sorry not sorry :3c also i almost typed 'justine' instead of 'justice' lmao

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Oh, come on, I'm sure there's a piece or two lying around somewhere.

[She glances at her other teammate.]

Right, Shikamaru?

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[NOT... REALLY... He's pretty Naruto got those before he got there. >>; For that reason he's just going to skip to answering Chouji's question.]

...Whole batch! All yours.
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Obviously none of us should be sorry for ANY of this.

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There are no more. Shikamaru just ate the last piece!

[And back to Shikamaru...]

A whole batch now? Not tomorrow, or sometime in the future?

[Obviously a naked female Naruto was enough chaos for this party. Maybe his teammates can talk Chouji out of causing more.]
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so so true lmfao

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[Ino knows there isn't more, and since trying to convince Chouji otherwise, didn't work, she'll try some other means.]

You guys better not making a fuss here.
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I thought there was going to be another one. It was billed as an all-you-can-eat thing, anyways, and it's early in the party.


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