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Neji's Birthday!

Who: Konoha Shinobi and whomever else wants to come!
What: Birthday Party!
When: Backdated to July 1st to July 3rd
Where: Outside CH1
Summary: Hinata and Lee set up a party for Neji!
Rating: PG

July 1st and July 2nd

[The time since her arrival had passed by swiftly and before she knew it, Neji's birthday was swiftly approaching. In a rush to make sure that things were done correctly and perfectly for her older cousin, Hinata enlisted the assistance of Lee and Chouji. She knew that her cousin's teammate/best friend/greatest rival would want to lend his help and she didn't think that she could handle the food for the entire party on her own. Besides, she and the Akimichi had discussed cooking together. What better way to do that than for a party?

She'd spent two days of afternoon practice making one of the gifts for Neji, away from the floor where the rest of the shinobi lived. Lucky for her, Kiba lived on the top floor of their building and she'd been able to use the kitchen up there. The rest of the food and sweets had been prepared as normal on the fourth floor.]

July 3rd

[The party is well under way. There are plenty of things to do. Of course, this party is not like Masaomi's recent birthday party. Off to one side, Lee has set up a sparring area for those interested. Hinata is demonstrating tea ceremony with a high blush on her face the entire time, in a formal kimono. Chouji's setting up food on a long banquet table. There's a big table with lots of presents there already for the stoic Hyuuga shinobi.

There are also tables with lovely flowers from Raine-san's shop decorating the top for people to sit and talk.]

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[After the fiasco that is Naruto turning into a naked woman, she finally reappears to the party to find Neji and apologize.

A lot. Also clean up the food mess she made oops

But she finds Masaomi first and remembers him if only for all the flirting he had subjected her to. So she wonders if she wants to talk to him and take a bit more amusing flirting or actually find Neji.

She could use some entertainment, so she wanders over and smiles in a friendly (if not a little forced) way that is probably the OPPOSITE of the rage she originally appeared from.]

Hey there. Masaomi, right?
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Aaaaah, I'm honored you remembered me! [Which is good, because he does not immediately connect her voice. He turns to face her more proper like, his hand over his heart to go with the dramatics of the moment - his fingers even wiggling to imply a heart flutter

Oh, now he knows]
Good to see, Habenero-san.

[Because he didn't see her earlier--! ....Okay no, he totally did]
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[Who didn't though, really....

Her lips quirk up a little more at the nickname. Yep, leave it to this guy to cheer her up a little if only by calling her Habanero-san.]

I don't think I could forget you.

Nice to finally talk to you face-to-face.
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No, the pleasure's all mine. After all, the little pictures in those books do you no justice, particularly that hair of yours.

[With a little grin. He leans forward as he says it too, making a gesture to portray her long, straight locks. It's really long, and despite this seems well kept enough. She has to have pride in it]
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[BACK to A FOrCED SMILE but she's blushing a little. Because her hair.

Yes, lots and lots of pride in this hair of hers.]

Ahaha, well, thanks.

And you're just as flirtatious to a married woman as you were on the journal.
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Hey, if acknowledging a woman's beauty is flirting, then I'm going to have to get buried ten times over. [This is clearly some sort of a joke, because he snickers at it. At his own joke. If you don't get it, don't worry, no one does. Either way, he presses on:] That aside, though. I heard tale you brought some snacks?
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[Yeah she doesn't get it BUT MOVING ON

At the reminder Kushina flushes, hunching her shoulders and looking a bit broody now.]

Yeah, but I dropped them.

[Her poor treats....]
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Oh, but was it for five seconds?!

[FIVE SECOND RULE. Joke. He can do it]
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[Mun laughs but Kushina just looks confused.]

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You know, how it takes five seconds for the king of germs to say "We shall infest this food!" [This is spoken with a deep and rumbling tone for a moment before back to his own] and before that, it's all good!

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[She stares blankly for a bit longer.

Until she realizes; Oh. He's messing with her.]

Yeah? What about the Queen?
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Hmmm, that's a good question, actually. I haven't really given that much thought yet.

[ . . . She took a while there tho]
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[your humor is hard to get for a sorta dense woman MASAOMI

or anyone in general]

She's the one probably telling the King which food to infest.
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You know, I think you're right! She recognized how delicious your treats would have been to us all, and felt the need to taint them!
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They really weren't anything special...
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Please, Habanero-san! I'm sure they would be my favorite food: food prepared by a pretty lady.
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Now you're starting to sound like Minato, ya know.
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Your husband, right? I'm taking that one as a compliment.
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I was just saying! He says anything I make is his favorite food and now you're saying the same thing. [Sans the pretty lady but YOU KNOW] It's really nothing special, I'm sure there's people out there that can cook better than me. They were just little cake-things. I was late anyway so it had to be pretty easy to do.

I probably put too much frosting.
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Hey, I'll never know! Besides, if you ask this veteran, the more a women denies that her work is anything special, the more special it usually tends to be. Overconfidence is the enemy of success, as I'm sure some old fogey once said.
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[THAT SHUTS HER UP. Only to grumble incoherently for a moment.

He has a point.]

There's nothing wrong with confidence as long as you don't get an ego about it. That's just annoying.
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That's definitely true. I like confidence.
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I can tell.

So, confidence or courage? Which is better?
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[..Sheesh, philosophical. His expression sours just a little briefly, but he settles into a little smile]

Courage, obviously.

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Yes, yes it is

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Wow tomatos are awesome

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not when it's a nickname tho

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how about shrew them

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get out

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fine /flies away

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wings 2small4that

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ninja leaps away then

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ur not a ninja!!!

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h e h good ol' shika

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quite so he's a cool guy

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masaomi is pretty cool too 8)

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