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Saturday BBQ

Who: Anyone Uzumaki, Namikaze, Hyuuga, or that they want to bring with them for any reason.
What: BBQ
When: Starting at noon on August 3rd.
Where: Uzumaki Household
Summary: Kushina and Nagato were planning a get together for the family and Nagato finally pinned down a time when both he and Konan were free around their schedules.
Rating: PG?

Nagato has a grill ready for the party, though he himself wasn't exactly the best person to be manning it. Instead he'd made sure to have a huge stockpile of things ready.

Admittedly, him choosing meant that the options were a little weird, so there was chicken, steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, tomatoes, pineapple, mushrooms, and, for some unfathomable reason, apples ready to be tossed on the grill.

Drinks were a bit more normal, various sodas set up on a table, juice, and a neat array of liquor put aside in the kitchen so none of the under-agers would be tempted.

There was desserts and finger snacks too, so, if nothing else, no one could accuse him of not having given everyone a variety...
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[Kushina will have brought her own ingredients too like bell peppers and Naruto's favorite veggies (carrots, asparagus, sweet potatoes, corn)

There was going be no shortage of food here and if anyone leaves hungry, it's their own fault. But they can just take the leftovers too.

She even has a nice little apron that she ties on and nudges her way into Nagato's spot by the grill the start, setting her things down loudly.]

You're not cooking today, Nagato. That's my job.
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[It was a style of cooking, in ways. Except she's sure he takes it over the top with the 'blackening' part.

Kushina snatches up that fork with a lopsided smile and begins her work, listening to the sizzles and having a wave of smells hit her nose and anybody else hanging around.]

It's not hard. All you have to do is pay attention and flip a lot if you're nervous. It's better to slow cook it than try and get it as done as soon as possible. The meat just tastes a lot better. It's all about practice and having a good sense of time if you don't have a buzzer.

But we can't be identical in everything, I guess.
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[Her eyes follow his and land on Minato and Konan. Her smile grows too, turning fond.

It's unsaid that she loves her husband but Konan was also a close friend of hers since she and Nagato got together.

She laughs to herself and flips a burger.]

Yeah, that's another thing we have in common besides our hair.

[Kushina was one of the MOST impatient people ever.]
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That's because I never lose at a game. Even ones like this.

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[Maybe she has pretty good luck with the husband she has. The child that was born to them. The family she has.

She feels pretty lucky.

Until he says that. DAMN U BRO]

Nagato. You better not.
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[FOLDING HER ARMS and then she remembers. Konan is going to have a baby. Nagato is going to have a baby.

If he's going to mess with hers then--]

I guess not.

I wonder who's going to be the first person to give your kid candy, then.
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[suddenly thinking of another baby like that though, the way she took care of Naruto and held him in her arms and how much she can miss it sometimes but how proud she is of her son anyway

so her grin isn't so much teasing anymore or mischievous but more heartfelt]

... I can't wait.

I'm really happy for you, Nagato.
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Plenty of that.

[since she had her own kid too. it was just a bit different, when it wasn't your own child]

If you ever need a babysitter, you know you can come to me. [and right back to teasing]

You know, if you and Konan want another...
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[BLUSH nagato stahp]

Naruto was a handful. If I had another one like him, I'd probably lose my mind, ya know?

[Doesn't stop her from wishing though, or missing.

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[Yeah, just like her. She felt bad for their parents now. Still, Naruto was Naruto and there's nothing she would change about him even if he picked up a lot of his mother's side.

A laughs slips past her lips, mischievous.]

No. You can't even handle an adult like me.

[She shoots him a grin and then turns back to the bbq. After checking on everything, her free hand pats his shoulder reassuringly.]

It'll be fine. You're a good big brother, you'll be a great dad.
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[Her turn to blush but at least she's preoccupied with cooking.

HOW DOES SHE HANDLE COMPLIMENTS especially from her big brother who teased her, growing up]

I thought I was too energetic.
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[AWWwwww. Being loved for being herself, that's a really nice sentiment.

She looks touched at his words, and it proves that he really would be a caring and considerate caretaker.

And that his heart is just as big.

She finishes the first plate of food and hands it readily to Nagato, with a bright smile on her face.]

Remember when we used to bicker?

I miss those days.
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[She punches his shoulder lightly with her own laugh.]

We'll be bickering again in no time.

[Her eyes trail over to Konan significantly. She'll want to spend plenty of time with a new baby.]

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