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Luceti Valley - The Second Log

Who: Everyone
What: The second part of the experiment. Things begin to unravel.
When: August 7th - August 10th
Where: Luceti itself
Summary: Check out the mod post for more. This covers Day 6-9!
Rating: Varies with thread. Please move explicit stuff to appointments post with appropriate warnings.

Luceti Valley continued in its own merry little way. The rich got richer, the poor got poorer. A new tax hike had ensured increasing animosity between both groups, despite the protests of the every charitable Lord Mayor. But on the sixth day, something happens and people begin to notice things are unusual. Idle thoughts that if thought about too much is bound to get you a visit to the police station for an hour or so. Or worse, it may just get you committed.

Meanwhile, the asylum continues to gain more and more patients. Those that are trapped there will find escaping difficult, but there may be more to this place than they first assumed...

On the tenth, battle breaks out across Luceti Valley. People begin to exhibit powers and abilities they didn't know they had. The police begin rounding up these people to lock up. If they resist, its bound to come to blows. Even though no one has regained their memories of their true self yet, it becomes apparent that some trickery is afoot, even if they might not know the source or why.

Note: This is the second log! There will be a third and final event log for the aftermath. There will also be two separate logs specifically for finding John and defeating Zompano. For those of you that signed up, we'll be randomizing the results and replying to the selected characters later tonight. In the meantime, keep enjoying the event! If you have questions, direct them here.
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[With the tax hike, the strange dreams, and everything else Kushina has been a bit more cagey than her usual busy-body self. Although by no means does she stay inside, she's out in the garden pulling weeds or watering or doing SOMETHING to distract herself from strange thoughts.

Or memories.

She's covered in soil as she kneels near a flower bed in front of their house, hair pulled up in a sloppy bun that is obviously there for function than look. She has dirt smeared across her nose as she works, not noticing the footsteps nearing her because she's so lost in her dreams -- nightmares really -- and what they could mean.

Then she can feel something, a flicker of a familiar presence. She doesn't know how she knows, like it's a sixth sense, but she looks up to see what it could possibly be.]

Kakashi. [There is one thing that doesn't change in her dreams, the familial relationship she has with Kakashi. Like her own little brother, so she slowly smiles in greeting and moves to stand.]

Minato didn't say anything about you coming to visit today. How's it going?
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[ This slow descent into madness has put Kakashi on edge, and he's not even sure why he thought it was a good idea to come visit his brother and sister-in-law until he actually stepped foot on their property and caught his first glimpse of Kushina. For the first time in the past forty-eight hours, Kakashi feels like this is right, and sees the shimmering of the world around him, in all of its strange not-realness, resolve into something stable and firm.

When Kakashi steps out from under the shade of the house's awning, his eyes are slightly hooded, smudges of dark circles ringing underneath his mismatched gaze. He hadn't slept well at all the previous night, and can still see far too clearly falling rocks. Though he kept telling himself that it was just a dream, it felt so real. Unlike everything else around him.

Kushina-san, at least, feels real too, which is a relief for Kakashi, who'd spent most of the day trying to convince himself that this will all pass and that he isn't actually losing his mind.

There's an urge to smile, to tell Kushina that everything is just fine when it really isn't, when his whole world feels like it's been made out of construction paper or something just as flimsy. He even does that, eyes curving into little crescents, but maybe it's a little too slow. ]

Same as always.

[ Old habits die hard, apparently. ]

I just thought I'd come by and pay a visit. How are you?

[ ...shouldn't he be at school, teaching or coaching a football team or whatever it is that he normally does during the day? ]
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[Yeah, shouldn't he? He also shouldn't look so haggard with those dark circles under his eyes and the tired slouch (worse than usual) of his shoulders.

He looks horrible.

Kushina looks at Kakashi in consternation -- he shouldn't be looking like that. Her dreams are forgotten and she's more concerned with Kakashi because something is clearly wrong.

When he says 'same as always' Kushina gives him a hard stare but nothing else.

But now she's glad he's taking the break from his job to have some time for himself if he looks like this. She's glad he decided to come here.

With a shovel in hand, her clothes covered in soil, her shoes muddy, she deliberately doesn't answer his question at first because she doesn't want to worry Kakashi with her troubles. They weren't even a big deal, just nightmares.

That's all. Very vivid nightmares, but still just nightmares. So she looks down at her clothes and shovel. Then she holds it out with a small smile.]

Filthy. Do you want to help?
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[ Normally, Kakashi wouldn't have any sort of interest whatsoever getting down in the dirt and gardening or whatever. He doesn't exactly have a very green thumb and can only just barely manage to keep the one plant on his desk at school alive when he remembers to water it. But spending time tending to living, growing things alongside Kushina instead of running the same images of falling rocks through his mind seems like it might actually... be kind of nice.

He's not any good at the whole gardening thing, though, so Kushina's going to have to show him the ropes.

Pushing his sleeves up his forearms, Kakashi gives a slight shrug of the shoulders, then reaches out and takes the offered smile, the corners of his eyes softening slightly. ]

I'm not very good at this... You'll have to show me how.

[ And with that, he takes a step towards her. He doesn't mind getting a bit dirty. It's nothing water won't wash off. ]
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[There's a better look. Sure, those dark circles don't leave but Kushina can see a true smile from one that's hiding a secret. Kakashi is allowed to have his secrets but she hopes he knows if he needs to get something off his chest, just to talk and gain insight, she's there.

For now, she'll get his mind off whatever has bothered him and why he's keeping the secret. Since that's all she can really do right now.]

There's nothing hard about it. You'll do fine. Just do what I do.

[With dirt under her fingernails, she reaches for a clump of weeds and pulls hard, grunting a bit with the force. Then she shows them to Kakashi.]

You're tough enough to pull some weeds, right?
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I think I can manage somehow.

[ Kakashi's eyes -- both of them -- scrunch up with his smile under his glasses, and for once it's not feigned, as he crouches down next to Kushina and sets down the shovel, then grabs one of the weeds at the base and tugs. It comes out of the ground rather easily, without too much effort. He must've had a particularly easy one.

Being here with Kushina is calming, even if what they're doing is rather mundane and kind of messy. He feels a little less out of place, a little less like he's losing his shit. ]

So you want me to just pull all the weeds?
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[She nudges his arm a little as she watched him pull his first weed.]

Yep. See? Easy. Just don't pull any vegetables or flowers out. They're the ones with stuff hanging off the green leaves.

[While Kakashi pulls weeds, Kushina opens up a bag of fertilizer and grabs that shovel Kakashi had set aside. After pulling out a overflowing shovel, she sprinkles it around the weedless dirt now.]

You like vegetables, right? I'm going to give some to Naruto but there's plenty for you, too. Besides, he doesn't even like them very much. He's a grown adult and sometimes he acts like a child, ya know?
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Maa, I guess he wants to stay a kid at heart.

[ Kakashi shrugs a little and settles down into the role of pulling weeds. It would probably be easier to do with gardening gloves, especially the ones that are a bit prickly. The calluses on his fingers though, seem to help a bit. (Why does he have calluses on his fingers? He's a school teacher.) ]

Even if he has kids of his own.

[ He pulls out a particularly stubborn weed with a bit of a yank. ]

I think Barnaby and I would enjoy the vegetables if you have any to spare.
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[She sends Kakashi a knowing glance for the comment though. Yeah, he has kids of his own but Naruto is the biggest kid ever. Kushina still makes his plates when he comes over and feeds him and is always worried even if he has Tenten.]

Sure! Take your pick.

[She gestures to the vegetables on display around the weed he's pulling while scooping out more fertilizer.]

I think the tomatoes should be about ready. But I've got some carrots too somewhere in here.

[She starts digging through the green, trying to find the right stalk. Her brow furrows steadily because where in the HECK are her carrots in all these weeds.]

Somewhere...ya know...
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[ Kakashi was just pulling at the weeds when he grabs what looks like a weed (or so he thinks) accidentally and gives it a big yank. To his surprise, there's something attached to the weed that looks suspiciously like a carrot.


He's not sure if he was suppose to do that. ]

...ah, would that happen to be this?
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[Well! Luckily for him she was going to pull one out anyway so she's not too mad. She just takes it from his hand with a small frown that almost cracks into a smile.]

Hey, I said to pull the weeds, remember?

[Then she dusts the dirt off the bright orange vegetable and that smile shines through.]

Since you picked it, what do you think? Do you want this one? Choose a few more you think might be good. If you check the stalks, that's usually a good hint for a good carrot.

[Since Kushina takes meticulous care of her garden though (as shown by her dirt covered clothes and not a care in the world about it) they would all be good choices.]

What does Barnaby like?
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Hmmm, well, I guess he likes carrots as much as anyone.

[ Carrots are delicious, and maybe Kakashi was sheepish for a moment there when Kushina scolded him lightly, but at least he'd gotten lucky that he'd picked a carrot she meant to pull in the first place. He's not sure what she means by checking the stalks, so for a moment, he pauses in his weeding and accidental-carrot-picking. ]

I guess that one's as good as any. Bell peppers would be nice too, if you have any. Ah, and we can always use some fresh herbs.
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Hopefully not as much as Naruto.

[He pretty much hates them.

Kushina smiles and nods. She has plenty of good healthy things around here. The overgrowing weeds (which is actually just a few, in reality) would be gone soon enough with Kakashi's help and they can go through everything.]

Alright, for helping me you can have all the bell peppers and herbs you need. Food always tastes a little different with homegrown ingredients in it, ya know?