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WHO: Anyone who cares to come along/knows Ikki, it can be assumed there was some sort of journal invitation earlier that we just DIDN'T DO. And anyone who passes by the house and wants to know what's up, why not.
WHAT: Ikki's really belated eighth birthday party now that her entire family is back in the vicinity and more or less Okay with one another (and also all her missioned friends HI GUYS) and everyone you know...remembers one another. Awkward.
WHEN: Sunday, September 1st.
WHERE: House 56.
SUMMARY: Takes place at the ~new and improved~ Avatar house (or the outside of it, anyway). There are airbenders and cake, what more could you want.
RATING: I seriously doubt this will broach PG BUT WE'LL LET YOU KNOW?

So while there was a party thrown by Tenten and Naruto during the event for Ikki's eighth birthday party, pretty much no one in her actual family was there or remembered it was a thing (person or animal), nor did a lot of her friends. And now that everyone does remember, it's time to actually have a sort of celebration with, you know, memories! While a secret invasion isn't occurring (...probably, as far as they know, although the chance is always there but that aside)!

Since Aang and Ikki were probably pretty prominent in setting up, there are likely a lot of balloons and streamers, and most of the Avatar menagerie probably have bows or ribbons. The party is taking place in the backyard, where the animals (Appa included) can fit and join in. There's notably a trampoline in the backyard still, in addition to everything mentioned up in the wikipedia link - and a pool, if you want to go swimming.

Beyond that, there's also probably music and dancing, so it is pretty much your typical party, with a lot of animals thrown in for good measure because that's just how they roll.

So stop by and HAVE FUN. FEEL FREE AND ENCOURAGED to just throw up your character at the party anywhere, as per always, since the only topic thread Lucy is even sort of bothering with is a present table this time.
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[Aang is trying to make sure that this is one of the best birthdays that's ever been imagined. He has Appa flying overheard regularly, dropping down balloons and confetti. He worked hard inflating a bouncy castle that floats in the pool. And he has his own poolside entertainment set up.

Bubble-bending! He pulls out water from the pool in bubble form. With waterbending, he makes the bubbles really big or into different shapes, taking requests from those nearby. Any of the other Waterbenders are welcome to join him. And he has a bunch of containers of bubble-making solution nearby as well so that the non-benders can make their own bubbles.

He's wearing his air nomad nobes, but he'll strip down to his shorts whenever he wants to go for a swim - exposing the scar on his back. Occasionally, he kicks back to just mingle-bend with the others and enjoy the food. He's prepared a number of air nomad dishes as well that are on display. And also? While the music's playing, he'll gladly pull anyone and everyone into a dance!]
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[Guess who's taking one of those containers and making HUGE bubbles herself with some controlled wind jutsu


One of hers is floating over to his large bubbles! Collision imminent!]
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[Collision indeed! Aang looks towards the bubble that's in its path - it's one that's vaguely in the shape of a bear. Aang calls out to it.]

Bubblebear, watch out! ...Give the other bubble a hug!

[And with some waterbending motions, the bear-bubble does seem to grup Kushina's bubble, before they both pop.]

At least they got hugs...
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[That WAS COOL and also really cute. She's over here laughing a bit, unable to blow another bubble for now.]

I'd bet they were both happy. [If...bubbles had feelings.]

Sorry. I'll watch where I blow my bubbles.
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That's okay! I'm glad that our bubbles got to be happy. But if I do more waterbending, they should go around each other instead! We can even make some dance!
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Alright, let's try!

[Always up for something new and it sounds fun. A wind jutsu should control the way her bubble floats so she prepares to use it again.

HERE SHE GOES BLOWING A BIG BUBBLE. Once it comes off the wand, she's going through handseals and directing her wind to gently float it in circles and loops.]
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Alright! [And he waterbends one big bubble towards hers and has it do its own bobbing movements.] You've got some super neat tricks, Kushina!

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[Maybe a little awkward hey you're that guy I don't trust at all dancing?]
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[Something like that. Regardless of whatever Loki does with himself, Aang doesn't think it matters in a party setting. So he goes over and starts dancing near him, cheerily.]
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[Loki is more than happy to dance with Aang. He likes dancing, and isn't even all that picky about partners as long as there is fun to be had.]

Oh, do you think Ikki might like fireworks a bit later?
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[He nods as he kicks his legs through the air.]

I think she'll like fireworks anytime! You got even more of them?
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They're not all that difficult to make if one cheats with a bit of magic.

Or come to that, I could also just do a bit of a show for her with illusions. [That sounds even more fun, and he hasn't done that for anyone but Rogue. It's much more exhausting, but he also isn't expecting to do anything else with himself this day.]

Does she have a favorite story from your home realm?
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Illusions sound great! I'm not sure what her favoritest story is... She likes hearing stories about me and my friends' adventures. They're history for her, after all. But she also likes anything that has princesses and castles in the sky.

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A dragon? [He smiles as he makes a bear-bubble dance around nearby.] Sorry, Ikki, but even for the birthday girl, you're gonna have to do a special dance first.
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[He nod-bends.]

It's only fair.
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Okay! Just follow my moves, sweetheart. [And he starts to go through some movements.]
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[Tugging on her hair nervously in between some of her party-busy, Katara approaches Aang.]

Um. Hey, Aang.

[What, it's not like they've been avoiding each other since Lucetiville or anything.]
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[Of course they're not! Just like Aang isn't turning very quickly and nervously to face him, some surrounding bubbles popping around him.]

Katara. Hey!

[He's been trying to realize whether or not he imagined referring to her as a "forever girl" back at the dance.]
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[And of course their granddaughter's birthday party is the perfect place to talk about all the things they're not saying! Like the kiss the may or may not have shared at that same dance???

Not to worry, Katara has no plans of talking about any of this. Ever.]

I was wondering... I mean... [Come on, Katara, take a breath. Why did this seem like a good idea again?] Wouldyouliketodance?
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[Clearly it's the ideal scene to talk about all the things they're definitely not going to talk about. Like... that kiss, yes. Another memory of a kiss involving a different Katara.

Now there's certainly a shade of red across his cheeks as he tries to function in the face of that question. He does look around quickly, as if to confirm she wasn't actually asking someone near him.]

Me? With... with you? You and me... dancing? Like - like both of us?
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[But this time, Aang halts himself before his foot is fully in his mouth. He blinks and settles into a smile, and he nods.]

That is, Katara... I'd love to.
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[Katara felt herself blushing.]

Um. Okay.

[She held her hand out to him.]

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