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It's my birthday and I'll pretend it's not if I want to

Who: Hatake Kakashi, Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and anyone who wants to party crash
What: It's Kakashi's 31st birthday celebration. He doesn't know it's about to happen.
When: Sunday, September 15
Where: The Uzumaki House
Summary: In which Kakashi turns 31 years old and they celebrate his birthday. Even though he normally doesn't do so.
Rating: Probably PG

[ Come over for dinner, she said, like she always does, and Kakashi thought, why not, might as well, it's just dinner.

Today after all, isn't anything special. It's just another day, like the one before it, and the one after it. There's no reason why this dinner would be any different from the ones they'd had before. Kushina-san makes a bunch of nice dishes, Kakashi comes over, and they all eat and laugh and talk together while Naruto does his best to try and catch Kakashi with his mask down (he never seems to succeed, somehow). So this dinner should be the same as the ones that came before it, right?

Kakashi does stop off and pick up a nice bottle of plum wine on his way there, though. Plum wine's usually a bit too sweet for his own tastes but Sensei and Kushina seem to like sweet things, and it's rude to not bring anything over especially when someone's cooking you dinner. So here he is, standing on the porch of his sensei's house with the bottle of plum wine in a paper bag in his arms. He raises a hand and knocks. ]
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[Hopefully this all went without a hitch (if it didn't you can be sure Kushina will be in the middle of it to fix it in her own way) and she's just glad to have people important to Kakashi here for him on his birthday.

Because... well --

That's what he deserves.

She'll probably be hovering around everywhere making sure everyone gets cake and is happy. And Naruto isn't causing trouble because Naruto. But you might catch her alone in the kitchen, cleaning away dishes etc, so if you want a chat or something...]
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[She's smiling though while putting away dishes and glances up, looking over her shoulder when she hears someone enters the kitchen.]

Hey, birthday boy! I thought you might be Minato or Naruto coming to ask about food again.

Did you have a nice time?