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Ninja Birthdays

Who: Uzumaki Naruto and ANYONE
What: Birthday party!
When: Afternoon of October 10th
Where: Uzumaki House
Summary: Luceti's Noisiest Ninja™ is turning seventeen.
Rating: N for Naruto. idk PG i guess

[It's October 10th and birthday preparations in the Uzumaki household have been finalized. Since Naruto had invited the whole village and there's no way that many people could fit inside their house, they opted for making the back garden party-ready instead.

Picnic tables have been set up outside, decorated with confetti. There are separate ones that hold all the food and drinks, and the entire garden has been decorated with balloons and streamers.]

[ooc: As it says, this is an open log for Naruto's party. Even if you didn't reply to his announcement feel free to show up, since everyone got invited. Make your own threads and go crazy :v]

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[Why was he trying to run away from her? He was in her bed after all. Besides, everyone knew that she was the best looking and the strongest girl in their age range.

Annoyed now, she sat up, her jacket falling open to expose her flat stomach and barely covered chest.]

You're Menma. Did you bump your head or something?
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[What is with Naruto and making so much noise in the morning? (and at night apparently too with his bickering with Luffy) Kushina is already awake and working on Naruto's breakfast ramen when the commotion starts. She had decided to let him sleep in a little since it was his special day.

Besides, the smell of ramen would wake him up sooner or later.

So she's marching to his room again (she does this a lot), this time also grabbing a spatula on her way to ward off whoever has woken up under his bed THIS time on his BIRTHDAY of all days. A spatula is deadly in her hands.

But let's be real, a spoon would be deadly in Kushina's hands.

The door doesn't so much slam open as bang loudly against the wall as she opens it, with her hand tight around the spatula in the other.

There's nobody under the bed but there is someone on it. And it looks a LOT like half-dressed Hinata.

Of course, a mother can only come to one conclusion.]

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[it never is with these two lbr]

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[Yes, well. Minato's used to you guys' "inside voices." But this time, it's different. He heard the words neither and dressed in one sentence so he knows this is important and not their usual yelling around the house while he's trying to read. Teleporting right beside Naruto's open door, Minato arrives in a flash.]


[Naruto in his shirt and boxers. Hinata wearing a skimpy, revealing outfit. The two of them inside Naruto's room. Unlike Kushina, he approaches this with a calm head and a lopsided smile even if he's sweating.

Oh dear, is their son really growing up?? He doesn't think his first with Kushina was around this age.]

Naruto, care to explain this?
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[She knew he would turn up sooner or later. He's right. This isn't the usual yelling that happens in the house. It shows in the redness of Kushina's face either from anger or embarrassment or just yelling too much. Or a combination of the three.

All Kushina can really do is turn to give Minato a pointed look. This is a boy thing. This is a thing Minato and Naruto have to talk about because she doesn't know about... this sort of thing that boys go through. Or how to handle it. She's a woman.

So she'll grab the other one in the room, Hinata, by the wrist and tug her towards the door, fuming the whole time and not saying a word.

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el buenooooo

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[He never thought he'll have to give the talk this soon. Not that he complains about it, of course. Naruto's a grown young man now and, of course, sooner or later, this will happen. It's just that prior to arriving at this place, their son is only a few hours old, so to give the talk now.

Minato watches Kushina drag Hinata away from the ~crime scene~ with a lopsided smile. More sweat beads trickle down his face once it's only he and Naruto in the room. DON'T LEAVE HIM HERE, KUSHINA. KASHDLASK.

Clearing his throat, he gradually approaches his son.]

Naruto, it's alright. It's just us now. Tell me what happened. I'm sure you had Hinata's consent in this, am I right? [Well, he knows for sure his son will engage in such an act wherein they both desired it but he wants that to come from Naruto himself. Because this kind of thing should be shared between two people in love.]
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I know you wouldn't. I just want to hear it come from you.

[He keeps a smile on for Naruto to know his dad's not judging him or getting angry at all. He believes his son is telling the truth. He knows Naruto in the span of months he's with his son. He knows he's as bad as Kushina when it comes to lying.

Taking a seat on Naruto's bed, Minato pats the space next to him calmly so his disgruntled and embarrassed son can sit.]

So, you're telling me she's already there when you woke up a while ago? Sort of how Shino arrived, with less bugs, if I'm not mistaken?
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They must really like you.

[He chuckles a little, finding all this slightly amusing now because of all the misunderstanding. Placing a hand on his son's back, he stops to give him a smile.]

In any case, I suppose this is all just a simple misunderstanding. It's hard not to think of what we initially thought, though, Naruto, you should understand. You were only in your sleeping garments while Hinata is also wearing little.

[He takes a breathe and lets it out calmly.]

All I'm saying is that we were worried. I'm sure your mom almost had a heart attack seeing our son in a bed with a girl.

[Minato pats his son's back, then just rests his hand on Naruto's shoulder.]

Next time, when you find yourself in a compromising position, try not to panic and then ask for my help, alright?


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'M just wishing my Menma a happy birthday, Kushina-san.

[No need to piss off her future mother-in-law, after all.]
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[Too late she's already pretty peeved at this image she's being subjected to. Her son and Hinata barely clothed in his bed.

Can you really blame her for jumping to conclusions? Besides, dat temper.]

You can do that at the party, ya know?!
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[Oh, yeah, she actually did forget about Kushina's temper. How? It's a mystery.]

I went to bed in my own and then woke up next to Menma. 'Snot my fault, okay? Besides, he's so cute when he's ruffled. I couldn't help it.
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[Naruto is always cute but that's besides the point.

But Hinata's new directness baffles Kushina because what she knows of Hinata is that she's pretty dang shy.

Something else catches her attention too. Her eyes narrow suspiciously.]

... Menma?
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[Well, this isn't the Hinata you're used to, Kushina. Sorry, not sorry.]

Menma, your son. Your only child. His name's Menma. Has been for the last 17 years as far as I know.
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[She's got to be pulling her leg. Hinata never seemed like the pranking sort though. Just polite and sweet and very thoughtful. So Kushina is even more confused than before by this sudden 180 in personality.]

No, Hinata. My son's name is Naruto. Minato and I chose it.

[Hasn't been with him the past 17 years though, AHA.

Too late, she wonders if this is an experiment done by the Malnosso. Her anger subsides but doesn't fade. Now it's directed at the Malnosso. But why weren't they all affected as per usual?

She reaches forward and places her hand on Hinata's forehead, knowing that they did something to her memory JUST like before. Gone is the image of her and Naruto together in bed.]

What else do you remember?
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[Give it up, lover boy. Your name is Menma for the time being. =P]
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[Oh, but it is. And she'll fight anyone over it. Even you.]