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Rock Lee's Birthtime of Youth

Who: Rock Lee, his fellow ninja youths, and practically anyone in the village. Anyone.
What: Rock Lee's birthday.
When: Throughout November 27th
Where: The Battle Dome.
Summary: It's Rock Lee's birthday, he should not be allowed near Battle Dome controls.
Rating: Y for Youthful

Today is Rock Lee's birthday. It's hard to say which, however, considering that he has already turned 18 physically and 19 mentally. Regardless, a birthday party was arranged with the help of Lee's friends. Tenten spread some invitations via paper shuriken, while others received notes in their journals. Pretty much anyone who's spoken to Lee, even briefly, has been invited to the birthday party. He even distributed a set of mystery invitations to random strangers, so nearly anyone can show up.

As for details of the party? It's a celebration of youth, in a distinctively Lee-esque way. The Battle Dome simulation takes on the form of Konoha's ninja academy - which isn't too different from a standard school despite the ninja-ing taught within its halls. Some of it has been modified by Lee messing with the controls, however. Specifically, he managed to program in an entire obstacle course, with hurdles to jump, walls to climb and hidden pits to avoid, along with any other generic non-lethal obstacles that come to mind. If you make it into the main room, a wide-open one that is very much like the one in which Rock Lee once kicked Sasuke Uchiha in the face, that is where most of the gathering occurs. The food tables are set up there, and guests are encouraged to challenge each other to battles. There are even a few sparring rings in the room for guests to duke it out within. A simulated version of Maito Gai will also appear in a variety of places, but this programmed version is only capable of giving a thumbs up and saying "Nice job!" after random and often mundane accomplishments.

For the first half of the party? Rock Lee is as energetic as ever. He's really having a blast. But he always seems to be looking around for someone else, someone who never shows. At around the halfway point? He excuses himself from the Battle Dome, and is gone for quite some time. When he finally returns, he is no longer the birthday boy he once was. Rather, he is much more depressed and even more teary-eyed than usual. Avoiding the shenanigans around him, Lee secludes himself in an obscure corner, where he quietly plucks the petals off of flowers. Who knows what he could have found that could have had such an effect?
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[Kushina actually can't resist a challenge so after she places Lee's present on his table she walks by the course and pauses.

Aw, looks fun. WHY NOT.

She's getting ready to start, bending down and staring ahead determinedly at the wall she has to scale and the hurdles and hopefully her hair doesn't get caught in anything...]