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Live a life of no regrets, they said. One chance is all you got.

Who: Trafalgar Law, Uchiha Itachi, and company.
What: A wedding and reception
When: Jan 24, morning onwards
Where: Tsukino Shrine/ Seventh Heaven
Summary: A pirate and ninja get hitched.
Rating: Shouldn’t be higher than PG-13

It’s a sunny winter’s day at Tsukino Shrine, and the building and adjacent grounds are calm and serene. Even the many crows that call this area home are relatively quiet. All in all, a perfect morning to hold a wedding. Inside, the shrine’s been cleaned and seating set up for the guests on the tatami floor. The sacred fire is burning bright in its brazier behind the altar and the nuptial cups with the flask of sake are waiting.

The rings lie gleaming on a red cloth.

After the ceremony, everyone is invited down to Seventh Heaven for an informal reception. Decoration is simple, elegant. The grooms have kept things here as casual as possible – things are set up so people can easily mingle and talk. Lunch will be served, there will be music in the background, and there will be alcohol available for those who care to have something a little stronger than tea.

Afterwards, Law and Itachi will take leave to make preparations for their mission the next day. Unusual choice of honeymoon? Perhaps. But with February coming up it makes the perfect choice of getaway.
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Kushina will look for the groom and... groom after it's all over. When there's more time to talk to them and not be interrupted or rushed around to get to the ceremony and find her seat. The last time she had been to a wedding was her own and it was a private affair. Before that, it had been Mikoto's.

It doesn't escape her that now she's now at her friend's son's wedding. Sort of strange to think about since he was just a kid before Luceti. A happy kid with his mom and new younger brother. Now he was starting his own family. All she has for him is good thoughts.

Law's good mood draws Kushina to him for chats and to say her congratulations and watch him drink because only good things happen when someone drinks. For now though, she's found him when he doesn't have Itachi at his side.

"You look like you just got married," is her way of greeting, but she's smiling with red hair piled on her head and a dress for the occasion.
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It certainly could. Kushina knew how it felt.

"Probably because you did," she points out. The feel-good emotions going around were getting to her. Seeing people be so happy when deep down the situation wasn't happy at all is brightening and positive. Having something bright and positive could be good for this place. And it really gets to her.

Malnosso couldn't get them here.

Kushina has her own drink, although it's not alcoholic. She holds it up in cheers. "To feeling like getting married."
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Kushina takes her sip of her punch and it's fruity and sugary and not at all warming. But it does taste pretty good. As she's drinking, she follows his glance and spots the two.

As she lowers her cup, she grins as conspiratorially as Law had been winking and pulls something out of her pocket. It has green leaves and little berries and it had been used last month for lots of kissing. She had been saving it for tomorrow, as a prank for Minato's party but she could get a little practice in.

She swings it around as she says, "if they need help, I've got something."
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There's a half-shrug. Mostly she wants to see the reactions to the harmless plant because it had done a lot of damage last month. There was no reason to be afraid of it though, unless you were Kakashi -- who kissed not only her son but Minato as well along with all of Team 7. Not that she knows. But he's not around for her to prank so she'll use her devices for other, unsuspecting victims.

"People have been getting kinda funny when they see this stuff hanging around. It's silly." Even if the Shifted power is definitely gone by now.

"Is there a place a lot of people walk through? We can hang it up there and watch them freak out."
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As much as she disliked the Malnosso, this was a great set up for a good prank. She looks for said archway, and smiles to herself.


She hadn't planned setting it up without one of the groom's consent anyway. It's a good thing Law seems okay with it since she's not sure how Itachi would react to her pranking around at his wedding. She's not entirely devious.

"Now it's for pranks," she finishes, still smiling. It drops a little as she thinks why it's so aggravating to people. "The Malnosso are jerks for doing that last month and for everything else, but there's been worse things we've been put through," she points out as she makes a move to the archway.

"This time, I'd rather make something fun out of it rather than just get angry like I usually do. Hard to be mad at a nice wedding like this anyway."