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Event Log - A Very Harvest Moon Valentines Day

Who: You, and you, and especially you!
What: Love is more than just a game for two...
When: February 24th - February 28th
Where: All over Luceti
Summary: Residents of Luceti may find themselves bitten by the love bug again. Or the friendship bug. Either way, hope your game is strong.
Rating: up to PG-13, or take it off-comm please
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[Ew coffee, but she's been looking for Kakashi so she'll suck it up and enter the shop. When asked if she would like anything, she kind of makes a face at the person before shaking her head and looking around.

He's pretty easy to spot so she walks over and just takes her seat next to him/stands beside him.]

Why are you here of all places?
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[personal profile] ura_no_ura 2014-02-24 03:03 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Kakashi had just been... getting some coffee. (One can also order tea at the shop, Kushina-san. Or pastries. Or hot chocolate, if that's to your liking.) Here he was, sipping on coffee through the mask genjutsu'd onto his face, and out of nowhere, Kushina just marched in and...

Is she angry at him?

Did he forget to do something?

Kakashi looks up at her, putting down his book, feeling slightly flustered. ]

A-ah, Kushina-san. I wasn't aware you were looking for me...

[ Why is she looking for him...?

(Kushina-san looks very pretty today.) ]
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[Yeah but COFFEE.

Maybe it's the bun she's twisted on her head today instead of usually having it down? The weather was a bit nicer so she's taking advantage of it.

The smile should tell him that she's not mad at him though.]

I thought it would be easier just to track you down but you weren't home.

[Finally notices the book and is distracted from the reason she WAS looking for him.]

What are you reading?
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[personal profile] ura_no_ura 2014-02-26 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Oh shit. She noticed the book. That's definitely not good. Please don't notice the book, Kushina-san. Kakashi's not sure he wants to know what will happen if Kushina actually finds out the contents.

He closes the book. ]

Ah, it's just some book I found to pass the time. Is there something you needed? Is everything okay?

[ After all, Kushina did say that she was trying to track him down. Looking at her now, he finds his gaze lingering a bit on her face a little longer than usual, traveling down to the gentle slope of her jaw and the elegant curve of her neck, which is so rarely revealed when her hair is usually in the way. With her hair up like this though...

He hopes he's not staring. ]
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[She frowns as he closes it, trying to look under his hand at the title.]

Yeah, everything's fine. I wanted to ask if you've told Mikoto about being a proctor for the exam or whatever it's called.

[As she speaks, she reaches for his hand to try and pry it off the book. So she doesn't see him staring. If he won't tell her, she'll just figure it out for herself.

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[ Okay, this is strange, Kakashi doesn't remember a time when just a touch of the hand made him feel... the way he's feeling right now. A little flushed. Nervous. Excited? Definitely excited, because he thinks he'd like to maybe flip his hand around and hold her hand even though the logical side of him tells himself she's just trying to get a look at the book.

The book.


He does flip his hand around then and gives Kushina's hand a gentle squeeze (not lingering, though the soft, smallness of her hand in his own makes him want to hold it a little longer than usual) as his other hand slides the book away and tucks it into his pouch while he answers her question. ]

I spoke with Mikoto-san a few weeks ago about being a proctor for the exam, since she expressed interest... [ He lets go of Kushina's hand. ] Did you really track me down just to ask me that?

[ It seems like she could've just done that over the network... ]
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[She blinks at the squeeze and finally glances up at him, watching him put the book out of sight. Why? It's just a book. Minato liked reading too but he never hid what he was reading from Kushina even when she pulled it out of his hands to see.

Kakashi hides it. She opens her mouth to ask what he's reading again but beats her to the punch. There's a nod and then she looks a bit guilty.]

That's part of it.

[Her arms fold on top of the table.]
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[personal profile] ura_no_ura 2014-02-27 12:36 am (UTC)(link)
[ Kakashi hopes Kushina never, ever finds out the contents of the book. He's not sure if the coffee shop would survive her finding out. ]

What's the other part?
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[She would just really really REALLY disapprove. But Kakashi is in his thirties and can read porn if he wants to. Kushina will just scowl at him the whole time.]

I'm sorry.

[It's been a while since they talked about the Jounin exams, almost a month, but finally she couldn't take the guilt of shouting at someone she really cared for. It wasn't even his fault.]

For saying those things about Konoha, for saying it's no better. For calling the elders fools, too. If anybody ever insulted Whirlpool, I'd probably hit them so hard their ancestors felt it. But Konoha is my village too and Minato's and Naruto's.

[So she's been inwardly beating herself up over it.]

I'm still angry but it was never at you or the village. I think I'm just mad that the answer that's chosen for most problems is doing something terrible instead of solving it. So then there's new problems.
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[ Kakashi listens to Kushina's apology with some mild surprise. After their talk, he hadn't thought too much more about it -- or at least, he tried not to. He'd mostly set it all behind him, plunging himself into the work of putting together the alliance, as well as trying to get the jounin exams into some sort of order.

He doesn't understand what there is to apologize about. ]

You have no reason to apologize, Kushina-san. You had every right to be angry.

[ After all, Kakashi was, too. In his own way, even if he didn't outwardly show it. Furious, even. ]

We were lied to for a long time, and betrayed by the people we trusted. I think some of the things you said were absolutely justified. The elders, Danzou, and Sandaime were fools, and their decisions resulted in far too much sacrifice. If anything, they corrupted everything being a shinobi of Konohagakure stands for.
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I'm still sorry.

[Still angry. Furious, too. That the world is the way it is. If those new problems didn't come from others not being solved, there would be no war. There would be no coup. There would be no massacre.

People like Kakashi wouldn't have to kill others when they were still children.]

Someone has to be or things aren't going to change.

[Now that that's said, she takes a deep breath.]

How are things going with the exams?
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[personal profile] ura_no_ura 2014-02-27 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
[ Kushina changed the topic because it's difficult to dwell on the previous one. Kakashi understands this instinctively, and while he'll allow her to change the topic, he's not going to let her think that things will always remain the same. ]

Preparations for the exam are going well, and I've been finding allies who've agreed to help with the exam. But before we talk about that, I just want you to know, Kushina-san, that Naruto is going to change the ninja world. Things won't always stay the same.

[ He reaches out then, and takes her hand with his own. ]

I have faith in him.

[ He gives her hand another gentle squeeze of affirmation, though this time, his fingers linger just a little longer than usual. ]
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[She doesn't think too much about him holding her hand. She's done it plenty to him and it's no different from a hug.

Yes, she had changed the subject so they wouldn't have to talk about it anymore. He does a good job of bringing it back smoothly. It's probably meant to reassure her but she furrows her brow that, that sort of responsibility is placed on his shoulders. It isn't going to be easy.

He already had to deal with being a jinchuriki but Kakashi sounds like Minato, having such a sure faith in her son. Kushina would rather help him than just let him do all the work and just have faith.]

Thank you.

[She smiles anyway, still happy that Kakashi believes in Naruto so much. So she turns her hand over to squeeze his firmly.]
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[ Okay, that makes Kakashi's heart skip a beat and he's not sure he entirely understands why. He feels a little more flushed than normal, and is far too focused on the way Kushina's hand feels in his own. ]

A-ah, it's nothing to-- there's no need to thank me. I mean--

[ Awkward, suddenly, stumbling over his words, one hand coming up to rub at the back of his neck. ]

I'm his sensei.
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[Kushina is attuned to Kakashi's blushes but she doesn't say much about it since she at least has more tact than her son. His sputtering is rare though and she tilts her head, endeared to him even if he's ten years her senior now. Or so.

Since it's natural to pull away after that gesture, she does and just smiles at him, glad that he could be.]

And I'm glad you are.
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[personal profile] ura_no_ura 2014-03-05 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
[ Yeah, just an awkward laugh now as Kakashi moves to wrap his hand around his mug of somewhat cooling coffee. He's not exactly sure what's happening or why he feels like a schoolboy with a crush around Kushina (and starts to wonder if maybe his heart meter has jumped from white to purple). ]

Maa, I'm not sure if I really taught him that much. He's truly remarkable. Especially his drive to never give up. I think he gets that from you, Kushina-san.
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[Ah, Kushina's turn to be a little embarrassed.]

You can say stubborn.
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[personal profile] ura_no_ura 2014-03-07 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
Sometimes that stubbornness can be good, though. Giving up easily isn't a good thing.

[ Said lightly, teasing. ]
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No, it isn't.

[There's still sheepishness in her smile.]

Don't tell Minato that though. He must have gotten tired of how hard-headed I am when we had arguments.
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[personal profile] ura_no_ura 2014-03-08 04:52 pm (UTC)(link)
I guess it is kind of hard to win a fight against you, Kushina-san...

[ Laughs softly. ]
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Minato has only done it once.

[Strangely proud and sad because of the context.]

And Naruto never has. He tries really hard though like you say.
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[personal profile] ura_no_ura 2014-03-12 02:23 am (UTC)(link)
That's what I like about you both. You never give up.

[ It's really kind of inspiring, actually. ]
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[Rubs the back of her neck in embarrassment.]

I don't have anything specific in your case. I just like you.
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[ I just like you.

Oh gods, Kakashi can feel his cheeks flushing with the statement, and he suddenly feels like there are a million butterflies in his stomach, flying up into his chest. It's at that very moment that he realizes the worst possible fucking thing could have happened.

He's somehow developed a crush on Kushina-san.

(Sensei, please don't kill him.) ]
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[personal profile] ura_no_ura 2014-03-17 03:05 am (UTC)(link)
I-- ah--

Thanks, I guess.

[ Just all the awkward. ]

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