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Reunion and Time Traveling Finale

Who: Everyone!
What: The time-traveling group returns to find an invasion of newcomers.
When: November 20th and Onward
Where: Luceti enclosure
Summary: Who let all these New Feathers in here!? ...Wait, that guy's familiar...
Rating: May vary, as usual high ratings should be taken elsewhere

The adventure to the past is over; the villagers have all been sent home to their own time. But things are different. The changes of the past have echoed into the future. And the world has responded in the strangest way. Why are so many people here all of a sudden? And why are their memories such a mess?

Who really knows?

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[While Aang is spending time at the fountain, busy with the guide and tearing up, a woman with red hair walks over silently. Some sort of brown pie shows up right in front of the guide, blocking his view

Soon after, a voice pipes up cheerfully.]

What do you think, Aang? I'm still good at them, right?

['Them' being a pretty dirty mud pie.]
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[He blinks back his tears for a moment, looking over the mud pie with a connoisseur's eye.]

Yeah, it's pretty good. [Then he blinks again as he recognizes the voice, and he smiles so brightly as some tears come peeking back.] Kushina!! [He might rush into a hug. Hope he doesn't accidentally splatter the mud pie between them in the process.]

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[Pretty good? Aw...]


[She's a NINJA! Though she's shocked, she holds it out to the side so their fronts don't get filthy.

Then she laughs softly and pats his little bald head with her free hand.]

It's nice to see you too! What are you doing over here by yourself?
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[Good job, Kushina. He chuckles bashfully with the headpat- you know, he's actually taller than you, Kushina.]

Oh, I was just catching up on the journals! And... and figuring out everything that's changed in the world! [After a bit more warm hugging, he'll pull back.]

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Everything that's changed? Luceti looks the same as it always does. Peaceful, pretty quiet as long as Vegeta isn't around... or Naruto isn't being a brat. Maybe it's history. That could be interesting but she can't stick her nose in a book long enough to get anything out of it.]

Anything interesting?

[She tosses the pie up gently, juggling it with one hand.]
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[And he'll only get taller and foxier in time! He smiles obliviously at her as he goes on.]

Well, a bunch of us went on a special mission, before you came back. And... and it looks like it worked, in the best way possible! Everything's all... peaceful!

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It's always been pretty peaceful, hasn't it?

[More peaceful than the world she's from. And... Naruto had to go back to make that world peaceful like this one too.

The pie juggling stops and she looks troubled. Where would she come back from? The store? So she could get lost in the aisles sometimes but never long enough to worry anybody!]

Besides Vegeta being annoying sometimes and picking fights.

[Something feels... weird.]
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Well... Yeah. [He raises a confused eyebrow.] And the war and stuff. You remember that, right?

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Eh? War?

[Pie. Lowers. Slowly. And now she's raising a confused eyebrow too.]

There was a war... in Konoha. Not here though.
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O...kay, so you don't remember that. [He frowns and strokes at his hairy chin.]

Is it because we timebended?
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[Timebended. No. That sounds like Minato's Space Time Jutsu and whenever he talks about it her eyes glaze over.

So she stares at the hairy chin instead.]

Hey, Aang... since when have you grown facial hair? And are you taller?

[Raises a hand to her forehead.]
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Maybe! It's been a long time, and people say I'm a growing monk! But the facial hair... that's all recent! It started growing while I was away.
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You're definitely taller.

[She has to look up a little. There's a small laugh.]

A growing boy, a growing monk.

[Suddenly she grabs a longer piece of her hair and sticks it between her upper lip and nose.]

Yeah, me too. While I was 'away'.
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[He laughs sheepishly.]

That's... that's looking real good, Kushina! I bet Minato has nice things to say about it all the time!
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[She chuckles, pretends to shave it, and lets her hair drop back down normally.]

It suits you a lot more.

[Remember when he said he liked her short hair. She's returning the gesture.]
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[He chuckles at her little gesture, and then he mimes sweeping the hairs away with an invisible broom. And he blushes at her compliment.]

Thanks! You really think so? D-do you think that... girls will like it?
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Am I not a girl?
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You're a mom, but... moms are girls too!! [He says as if reaching a groundbreaking discovery.] Right?!
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Of course they are! And I like it, so there's your answer.
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Th-thanks! [He scratches at his chin.] Now I've got the most professional opinion there is... Maybe I'll keep it!
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... What am I a professional at exactly?
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Um... at being a girl?
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I thought you meant at facial hair...

[NOT SO MUCH. TOMBOY HERE. She's getting better though at being more feminine at least.]

I'm pretty bad at being a girl, actually. Or acting girly I should say.
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[The tomboy mom. Momboy.]

But you're nice and pretty! That's good enough for me. I don't think I act manly a lot either, but I don't let that stop me!
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Well, thanks!


You're sweet, Aang. I'm sure plenty of girls like you already even without the facial hair.

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