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Reunion and Time Traveling Finale

Who: Everyone!
What: The time-traveling group returns to find an invasion of newcomers.
When: November 20th and Onward
Where: Luceti enclosure
Summary: Who let all these New Feathers in here!? ...Wait, that guy's familiar...
Rating: May vary, as usual high ratings should be taken elsewhere

The adventure to the past is over; the villagers have all been sent home to their own time. But things are different. The changes of the past have echoed into the future. And the world has responded in the strangest way. Why are so many people here all of a sudden? And why are their memories such a mess?

Who really knows?


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[Thing is, someone is already in House 20. And they lived here at one point. She's in the kitchen washing dishes and even humming a little, like nothing is wrong at all. Hearing the door suddenly open though, she looks over in confusion at who has just decided to walk in without knocking or even saying they're home.


Upon seeing Lee with a pink apron (did he take that from her closet, it's Minato's!) she stops what she's doing. The faucet keeps running as she asks in a slow voice over the sound of running water:]

What the... Lee?
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[MAYBE HE FOUND IT THERE. But Lee freezes as he sees her, with a swiffer thrust over his shoulder.

What the Lee indeed.]

Ku- Kushina-san?! Is this really you?

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[She's kind of taken aback by that reaction even more than Lee in a pink apron with a... is that a duster?]


[MUCH CONFUSE. And she's not sure to laugh because of what he's wearing so she just points a little.]

... Is that Minato's apron?
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Ah...! [He quickly goes to untie it, while bowing apologetically.]

I am so sorry! I found it, and I did not realize... Please forgive me, Kushina-san! I don't want to say goodbye to you again!

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[Where did he even find it, other than their closet? She's still standing there, flabbergasted and speechless.]

No, it's-

[Of course it's alright. NBD. She doesn't know how he got it and he obviously didn't have evil intentions. She's just... really confused.

And that has a tendency to irritate her.]

I haven't said goodbye to anyone! What's going on!? Did you hit your head?!
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Only during training! [He rubs at his head nervously.] Of course, you didn't have a chance to say goodbye. That's how sad it was, Kushina-san!

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[He lucky she's not pissed off enough to punch him in the head and give MORE head trauma. The admittance of getting it during training probably saves him. Her clenched fist relaxes because she forces it to.]

... I think you hit your head too hard during training.

[Now she relaxes a bit more and walks over to pat his shoulder.]

In any case, if you want a pink apron I don't mind if you take Minato's. I can always get him another one.
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S-so... Minato-sama... He is back as well?! [He holds the apron out towards her.] I'm not worthy of it!

[Wearing his apron is the same as flaunting the Hokage cloak itself!]

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[M-Minato... sama... ?

What is this 'being back' business? WHAT IS IT. SHE'S SO LOST.

Pushes the apron back at him. He stole it he must REALLY want it.]

It's just an apron. I thought you might have liked green more than pink though.
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[He feels ashamed to touch it and tries to push it back, but meekly. He doesn't like directly opposing Kushina.]

I... I do prefer green! Pink can be such a pretty color... [He misses Sakura so dearly.] B-but green is the color of youth! This apron, it's fit only for the Hokage!

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[PUSHES BACK. Not meekly but not roughly either. Lee you're a smart man, not liking that sort of thing.

She grins. Lee wears green like Naruto wears orange so it was easy to figure.]

If that's true, you'll have to buy Naruto a pink apron in the future.
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[He reluctantly takes it.]

Ah... When he becomes Hokage?! I would knit it myself!

[personal profile] fervidity 2014-12-02 08:27 pm (UTC)(link)

Ooh, you knit? That's rare.

[Sounds a little teasing but also interested.]
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[His cheeks flush a bit, but he definitely seems to be taking his as a legit compliment.]

As a hardworking ninja, I have to learn as many rare abilities as possible! Ah... to be fair, I mostly know how to make jumpsuits. B-but I try to knit something like this as well!
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[IT COULD BE ONE. She doesn't mean it viciously, no matter what.

Jumpsuit... ah. Yeah, she supposed nobody would make something like that in their right mind. Unless they really liked the color green.]

I'm not sure how knitting will help you in a fight but when you do get a hole in your clothes, at least you'll be able to fix it, huh? And make pink aprons for future Orange Hokages.

So, are you here to visit Naruto? [Looking at that duster so curiously.]
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To be truthful, I... I came here to clean your house! [And a hesitant hope builds up in his voice.] Is... Naruto-kun truly here?
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... Heh?


W-Wait just a second! What in the world? Why are you coming over to clean my house? I mean, I appreciate it but I never asked you to do that!
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Ah... Well... I apologize! I did not know that you were home, s-so it would be a surprise! [He didn't think they'd be here so soon to be surprised by it, though.]
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[He doesn't need to apologize! Maybe she seemed angry because of her yelling but she was so shocked.

But she calms down, still looking at him strangely.]

You wanted to surprise us by cleaning the house?
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Y-yes! I thought that, when you came back, you would appreciate that it was cared for even without your presence! It... it seemed like a mission of youth!
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[This 'going away' again. The house was clean when she woke up but she never would have thought Lee had done it. Because she didn't leave and she kept the house clean anyway. Because shounen mom.]

I would.

[Appreciate that. A lot. Thing is, she doesn't think she left. Lee looks so earnest and like he really does believe she left and he cleaned the house so what does she even do.]

Er, thank you, Lee. For cleaning the house.

[Rubs the back of her head a little.]

Mission accomplished. A job well done.
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[Lee is not sure what has happened at all. But it seems like they've reached some kind of understanding, and he flushes at her compliments.]

Ah... Thank you, Kushina-san! It... it is my honor to honor your family in any way that I can!

[He balls his fists.]

I- I have missed you a lot!
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[Understanding that Lee has something wrong with his head and he can't help it. She'll contact Sakura later.

Surprises left and right with Lee. He had hugged her before too and mentioned that he missed his mother and said she reminded him of her. So after a short pause, she plops her hand on his head.]

Don't worry. I won't go anywhere from now on, okay? And I'll make sure I say goodbye next time. Promise.
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[But she'll never be able to reach Sakura!

Lee looks at her with a warm smile as she pats his head.]

Th... thank you, Kushina-san! I believe in you. [Just as he would in Naruto's word.] A-and I will do my best to help you whenever you need it! But... I can surprise you less if you would prefer that! [He's not exactly sure what happened, but why question the reality of this? The only point is that Kushina and the family are back, so he'll focus on that.]
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Her hand stays on his head, even ruffles it a little, and her cheeks have gotten a little pink because he says he believe in her. That's pretty nice.]

I'm a ninja so I should probably expect surprises from other ninja but... this is my home so I'd prefer not to be surprised in it too much. Even if it's cleaning. Naruto surprises me enough as it is, ya know?

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