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Reunion and Time Traveling Finale

Who: Everyone!
What: The time-traveling group returns to find an invasion of newcomers.
When: November 20th and Onward
Where: Luceti enclosure
Summary: Who let all these New Feathers in here!? ...Wait, that guy's familiar...
Rating: May vary, as usual high ratings should be taken elsewhere

The adventure to the past is over; the villagers have all been sent home to their own time. But things are different. The changes of the past have echoed into the future. And the world has responded in the strangest way. Why are so many people here all of a sudden? And why are their memories such a mess?

Who really knows?

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[Literally anywhere happens to be when Kushina spots him skipping on by when she's on a roof, looking out to the mountains pensively. After what Aang and Lee and Shikamaru told her she's been bothered. When she's bothered, she isolates herself in places people can't find her. But she can see other people walking by.

Like Masaomi.

Linda looks different. That is Linda, isn't it? The redhead (with her red hair growing from when it was cut) jumps down from the roof and lands silently behind him. Then she taps his shoulder -- the same trick she used during Ikki's birthday. When he finally looks the other way, she'll be wearing a small smile with mischief in her eyes.]

Good afternoon. Extra good for you it seems like.
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[ NEither of them notice her - or well, if Linda did, she didn't alert him. So he did jump a bit, but when he sees that it is, he ends up blinking once or twice. Oh! ]

Kushina-san! I'd have to say yes!

[ It's weird, though. How many people have returned... ]
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[Not that she thinks she's left. No matter how many people tell her. Though it did make her wonder about it.

Her smile widens a little more before her eyes trail to the pokemon.]

Does it have something to do with Linda? She looks different...
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Oh yeah, yeah. I guess you wouldn't have seen her before now!

[ Linda preens, attaching the bottom of her tail to the ground and then letting small lightning bolts roll down from her cheeks through her body, making loud sparks ]

She evolve recently. Or well, we decided she ought to.
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[Kushina can't help but grin a bit at Linda. They were pretty similar, Masaomi and Linda.]


[what is pokemon]

You mean like how a tadpole turns into a toad? Linda is too cute for that.
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Ooooh~! Oh, that's a good metaphor! I've never really thought of that one when it comes to explaining it to people who don't know as much about Pokémon! Yeah, more or less exactly that!

[ He claps his hands together, even, looking down at Linda, he grins back impishly at him before waving, go on, explaining, whatever. She is the cutest. And strongest ]

Mostly. See, most Pokémon evolve over time, ether because they get older, or they get exposed to different conditions.
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[Rubs the back of her neck a little, shy at the compliment. There were probably better but it's the best she could come up with. At least it works and she sort of understands the whole 'evolving.'

It's hard to picture Linda as a tadpole turning into a toad. Especially since this form was just as cute as the last.]

You said you decided to though, right? You can't really just decide to get older, you just do. Why did you two decide to turn her into a toa- er, evolve?

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[ He holds up three fingers ] Linda's currently a Raichu, by the way. [ He wiggles his index finger there ] And she was born asa Pichu [ And he wiggles his ringer finger ] and the form you'll recall more was her second form, Pikachu [ And then the middle finger wiggles too ]

[ Speaking of, were you about to call her a toad? Linda turns to her with a sharp mouse-glare. Suspsicious... ]

Pichu evolve into Pikachu based on the trust they have with their comrades and partners. For them, it's an emotional maturity thing. And then Pikachu evolve into a Raichu when then take the energy of a Thunder Stone. As for why we did when we did... well, we were waiting for the right moment.
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Okay. She's following along so far. Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu. Chu.]

It's nice that you decided together, as partners. That's what partners are supposed to do.

I would get mixed up with all those similar names though.
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Ahaha~ It's probably to show they're all related. Like Soren it's a Swellow now, but used to be a Taillow.

[ He twirls a finger to show that before shifting it to a thumbs up at Linda. Who doesn't respond, because she's still being suspicious ] But yeah, naturally, group effort.
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[More confusing names. It's like Minato's Name no Jutsu all over again. What a nightmare.

Linda pls.]


[Linda will a onigiri help? She has a few extra she planned to give to Naruto once she found him. And maybe some other people she ran into she liked. Just so happens, she likes Masaomi and Linda. She bends down to Linda's level and smiles.]

Hey, Linda. Hungry?

[Pulls out a delicious rice ball with sesame seeds and surprises inside, offering it to her. Peace offering.]

What about you, Masaomi? I have another one if you'd like. Shikamaru came over earlier so I made them.
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Shikamaru did, huh...? I haven't really seen him today, surprisingly. He was out the door early.

[ He tilts his head here and brushes his hands against this knees. He then nods, yeah, he wouldn't mind getting one of them. As for Linda, though, she takes it, and huffs a bit before popping it in her mouth. This better be good, right? ]
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[It's the best damn onigiri ever. Mom food style. There's either a plum, meat, or something fried inside. Whichever of Linda's choosing. Since Linda took hers, Kushina stands straight and holds one out to Masaomi, wrapped in a little checkered napkin to match her basket.]

Here you go.

[So he hadn't seen Shikamaru's state.]

You two are friends so keep an eye out for him when I can't, alright? [She remembers their talk about Masaomi making up for the humor Shikamaru lacked, and Shikamaru the wit. Like platonic soul mates.]

And make sure he eats plenty or I'll come over and make sure myself.
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[ Um...? He takes his, but he blinks at that statement. He kinda wants to give some sarcastic reply to it, but holds back on it, mostly through rolling the napkin in his palm a little.

Linda gets...! Plum. It works out. Not bad, not bad... ]

Eeeeeh. I daresay I see more of that guy than anyone else wants to. Why, he look thin to you?
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[Give her your worst, Masaomi. Naruto is her child.]

Like a skeleton.
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Jeez, that's a new one. Guess saving the world takes it out of you.

[ S h r ug ]
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... He what?
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Plays a role in saving this world. And he didn't tell you?
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Must have slipped his mind. It is full of plenty of other stuff.

[First Naruto and now Shikamaru, huh?

After a moment she ends up sighing and looking upwards. They talked about everything but the fact that he had a part in saving this world.

A wistful smile plays about her lips.]

I guess it really is time for the younger generation to surpass the previous.

[Even Linda was growing up.]
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[ Pfffthahah ] Are you really intent on sounding so old, Kushina-san?
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[personal profile] fervidity 2014-12-05 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)


Who's old?
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No one here, Kushina-san. In fact, it's hard to feel a generational gap, even.
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[It goes over her head a little he's calling her young. Furrows her brow and tilts her head a little.]

Aren't you around Naruto's age?
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I'm a bit over twenty here, but that's beside the point... the point is more so that a "generation" doesn't apply to use here in this world. Not really. I suppose there's three exceptions.
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[He's in his twenties? Her age? She put him in the same age group as all of Naruto's friends though.]

Those are... ?

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