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2015 Valentine's Shindiggery

Who: All participants!
What: Valentine's Day Event in full swing!
When: Any time between February 28th and March 6th!
Where: All over Luceti :|b
Summary: See the mod-post for details!
Rating: Standard Log Rating please and thanks!

One last love event for the road! Make it count...!
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[So last year she kissed someone she didn't want to kiss EVER!!! and although it took a while, she realized her husband's student (ex... student) had a crush on her. This year, Kushina is way more weary of her surroundings and the people around her. Not to mention, what's up with that camera crew??? She might have punched one of those guys to break free of their oppressive filming and questions.

No, she definitely did.

So she's sneaking around corners and checking areas before she pops out. Even then, she keeps to the walls to try and stay out of sight. Tries. As always that bright red hair of hers is hard not to be noticed.

And she might bump into someone on accident as she darts from hiding spot to hiding spot.]
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[personal profile] niceguypose 2015-03-13 03:34 am (UTC)(link)

Ack! K- Kushina-san?!
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[personal profile] fervidity 2015-03-14 04:12 am (UTC)(link)
[SOMEHOW. PROBABLY NINJA MAGIC. Or just two Genius Ditz doing what they do best.

Kushina stumbles back with wide eyes. Upon seeing Lee, she relaxes a little. Only to tense up again.]

L-Lee! [seems safe so far]

Are you doing okay?

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[personal profile] niceguypose 2015-03-14 04:23 am (UTC)(link)

Lee does some quick, nervous nods.]

Y-yes, I... I feel very fine! But... Are you alright?!
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[A BIT OF RELIEF but she also felt fine last year so she's still unsure. He's acting normal. Or as normal as anybody should during Luceti's Valentines.]

I'm okay. [FOR NOW.]

As long as the camera crew doesn't find me. [Or Vegeta....]
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The camera crew...? Ah, those mysterious men! Are they after you for some reason?! [He really just has no idea what's going on right now.]
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[Ignorance is bliss, she wishes she didn't tho. Kushina does a quick look around to make sure they're not being filmed right now.]

Yeah, they keep asking me questions about my love life.

[It's very upsetting. For one, the only love life she has is one with Minato ok]

What's with asking embarrassing questions like that as soon as I walk out the door?
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Really? That- that does sound very embarrassing! And rude... [He winces as he thinks it over.]

Violating a noble lady's privacy like that - it's just wrong!
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A noble lady?

[Technically? Yes. Being the Hokage's wife and all but actually being treated like she's a noble? Naaah.

Even if she calls herself Kushina-sama sometimes. It's just for jokes.]

Violating anybody's privacy is wrong, ya know? I doubt anybody wants their lives pried into like that, right?
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OH I thought I got this one!

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Yes... You are one of the noblest ladies I know, Kushina-san!

[>Rock Lee >not being as formal possible?!]

You're right. It is wrong no matter what! The intimate secrets of our hearts... They must stay that way!!
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ITS OKAAAAY i'm slow as molasses 1/4

[personal profile] fervidity 2015-04-07 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)
[then call her KUSHINA-SAMA

f-for jokes]

Or if you want to tell a secret, it should only be when you're ready. Like when I kissed Vegeta──
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I-I didn't mean to say that!
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[Rock Lee releases a very shrill noise of surprise.]

Y-you and... Vegeta-san?! But.. but...!!
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No! I mean──! I didn't want to!
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[He will just make some muffled and confused noises against her hand. It's too much to process...]
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She will speak first and refute ALL ARGUMENTS.]

I-It was Valentines last year! I think it was the hot chocolate or something. It tasted fine but I did some weird things. But he was weirder, ya know?! He was nice! Vegeta was nice!! I didn't know he could be nice!

On purpose even!
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[ok fine he can talk

SL OW LY pulling her hand away]
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Kushina-san!! Please don't be hard on yourself!! The time of Valentines... It's an unbeatable curse! It makes such things happen! Once, I kissed Vegeta-senpai under the mistletoe!!

And... You are right that he is kind! I know that he must be in his heart of hearts!!
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or two of them

the only two that matter]

You kissed Vegeta, too?

[She's so sorry................]

How was it? You know, after.
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[but where's the lie]

After? Ah... He was quite angry and standoffish. But I suppose that is how he always is... And he could have also been that way from the time that the tunnel of love made me kiss his wife, or the time that I was his son... [What is Lee and that family.]
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wait wait wait]

You were his son and kissed his WIFE?
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[And you thought you had it bad, Kushina.]

Er... Yes! B-but... at different times!! I was Bulma-san's son after that... that incident happened!

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