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meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Who: Errybody left behind in the village.
What: Thunder and lightning, very very frightening. Plus, a few unwanted visitors...
When: June 19th - June 23rd. The main action will take place on the 21st and 22nd.
Where: All throughout Luceti village and the enclosure.
Summary: Here be all the deets you need.

Here is your village shenanigans catch-all post, Luceti. Goings on with the decoys may of course also happen here! Just make sure everything is coordinated with the group so everyone knows what's up with everyone else. You may use the linked mod post or this to hep facilitate said coordination.

Additionally, please do backdate to the 19th if you wish!
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Storms weren't uncommon in District Eleven, and whenever a storm rolled out, everyone was needed to help manage the trees and other crops and clear things up after. Even if she's small, even if she's young, even if Peeta wants her to stay safe, Rue can't stay hidden any longer. Armed with a raincoat, flashlight, and a small hacksaw, Rue goes out into the village to see if anyone needs help and to take care of any branches that could be a problem.

She's struggling with a large fallen branch blocking the pathway when she sees Helios. She calls out to him, her voice being lost in the wind. Her second cry is also lost, so she abandoned the branches and goes over to him, giving his sleeve a tug.

"Helios! Can you help me clear the road?"
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Helios honestly couldn't see why Rue was out here like this all alone and with a simple raincoat and nothing more. His eyes widen slightly with surprise at her tugging on his sleeve he also might hunch a little when she does that. Sorry Rue he's been on edge for the entire storm and yesterday's events didn't really help. He'll look down at her with a frown, and a concerned look.

"Rue? Wh-what on earth are you doing out here?" The bubble he has around himself to keep the water out will expand around the two of them. There, that's better at least a little bit. No more wet! He looks over towards the fallen branches blocking the road and he'll look up noting the dangerous swaying of the trees above them.

"Ah. Y-yes of course." Anything he can do to help.
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A little smile lights up her face as the water stops splashing onto her due to the barrier. She holds onto Helios' sleeve and practically pulls him over to the large branch.

"I tried dragging it away myself, but it's too heavy for me! If we work together, we should be able to move it, then once the weather is better, it can be chopped up for firewood or other things."
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Helios will follow with that tugging unable to keep the smile off his features.

"Alright. I'll see what I can do." Though the darkness might blot out his features Helios does look a little worn. He's used so much magic in the last few days. If he doesn't get sick from all this overexertion it'll be a miracle, truly.

"Maybe a little magic could help, hm?" It'd be easier to cut it up with his wind magic than try to move it all together as one piece.
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"That could help! But... are you okay? You look really tired," Rue replies, looking up at his face. She reaches up to touch her hand against his forehead, quickly jerking it back when she feels how cold it is. "Oh, you're really cold! You've been out in the rain for too long."
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Oh gods Rue. Helios pulls away when she touches his forehead, almost like he's being scalded. He'll look down at her with an expression of worry and mild surprise before it turns soft. He laughs and shakes his head, "I-I'll be alright Rue. There's, um, n-no need to worry." The coldness won't go away but he'd never admit to that. He can take care of himself, usually, he might be pushing himself slightly more than usual but the town needed someone to help and, well, Helios would do that.

"Better get started then, before the storm gets any worse. And you are going to go back inside and stay warm. I-I don't think Katniss would appreciate you getting sick." Because he knows by now how protective the other is over Rue. He can't say he blames her in a place like this.
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"You should come in too! We can have cookies! There's all sorts of them in the house, Peeta baked them." And with Katniss gone, she can't fuss about Helios being over. That said, Rue will crouch down by the large branch and grab onto it. The wind howls about them as it picks up, pushing at them and rattling at the trees. The light fills with light as lightning flashes and a heavy boom fills the air.

Under the boom of thunder is a piercing crack as a nearby tree, finally at its limits, breaks and falls toward the two.

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Helios smiles at the offer about to reply with a polite decline when that loud crack reverberates through the air. Another flash of lightning shows the tree now hurling down directly above the little girl. So many things pointed to the tree being at its limit and he should have known something like this could have happened. He knew it was swaying too badly to be stable. Gods he should have known better, before he even has a chance to think he's rushing forward the barrier to keep the rain off of him collapsing as its replaced with one that will effectively keep the tree above their heads. "Rue!"

It's only out of sheer power that it hasn't broken through. He'll look back down at her as in his race to get their in time he might have accidentally pushed her to the side. The tree creaks and groans above them the branches swaying in the wind. "A-Are you alright?"
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Rue gives a shriek of surprise at the sudden boom above them, remembering the sharp booms of the cannon in the arena. A boom for each fallen tribute... but it's not a cannon but thunder, and then she's falling as Helios pushes her out of the way. She hits the ground, yelping in pain as she hands on some rocks and broken branches, but it's nothing bad.

"I'm fine!" She calls out, getting back to her feet and seeing the tree above them, held up only by Helios' barrier. "Maybe we should get out of here. Let's go back inside want wait out the storm."
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The tree gives another loud creak as it falls a little bit more through the barrier. Helios winces sagging slightly with the effort. "I-I apologize for that." He'll look back up at the tree with a frown.

"Y-Yes we, um, w-we should." How is he going to do that with this hanging above their heads?
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Rue looks up at the tree, then at Helios. She offers her hand out to him and gives him her best reassuring smile.

"Move to a safer area, then take my hand and I'll pull you out of the way and the tree can fall."
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22nd auighs that's the second time I've done that Dx

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Helios looks back at Rue with a small sad smile. "It-It's alright Rue. I-I can do it. Y-You just get to safety, hm?" He'll back away a little then, moving from underneath the tree to somewhere closer towards Rue. It'll creak again and then fall a bit more.
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"Helios!" Rue cries out, taking a step back as the tree slips slightly. She keeps her hand out, urging for him to take it. "You can't keep up the barrier forever! You already look tired! Take my hand!"
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Another snap as the tree begins to bend and collapse in the middle. He'll flinch and move back more. His hand will brush against Rue's in that instant and then the barrier gives way and the tree falls directly towards them.
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Rue reacts swiftly, throwing herself aside and out of the path of the tree. In that moment, she forgets about Helios as she tries to save herself, tumbling on the ground as she hits it.