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meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Who: Errybody left behind in the village.
What: Thunder and lightning, very very frightening. Plus, a few unwanted visitors...
When: June 19th - June 23rd. The main action will take place on the 21st and 22nd.
Where: All throughout Luceti village and the enclosure.
Summary: Here be all the deets you need.

Here is your village shenanigans catch-all post, Luceti. Goings on with the decoys may of course also happen here! Just make sure everything is coordinated with the group so everyone knows what's up with everyone else. You may use the linked mod post or this to hep facilitate said coordination.

Additionally, please do backdate to the 19th if you wish!
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21st, after Rudy's thread

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[Swimming in floodwaters is tiring and disorienting, even for a Turtle. On his way to Seventh Heaven for a quick cup of rejuvenating coffee, Don catches up with a small woman. Her kimono is soaked through and still being torn at by the wind; she looks like she might blow away any minute. Don moves close to her and shouts over the noise of the storm, making sure she knows he's there.]

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[She blinks up like a deer in the headlights, covered head-to-toe in rain water and hugging her arms close. She's actually taken pause in her worry to be thoroughly confused at what Don looks like--she's forgotten something, hasn't she? she thinks. But not important! Someone's calling to her and she'd be more than glad to reply.]

Oh, hello--! [She hugs closer to the wall, momentarily overtaken by wind and needing a moment to recuperate.] I-I don't think we should be out here!
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[He shakes his head, and angles himself, trying to shelter Sayo with his broad shoulders.]

Where are you going?
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A-ah--! I was on my way-- [WIND--oh thank you, sir] On my way to the restaurant! I work there! [She puts her hand over her mouth, brows furrowed.] Th-the weather's been much more awful than I thought--!
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I'll walk with you! [He bends his head against the weather and starts moving slowly in that direction.] I'm impressed, miss - most people wouldn't go to work in this.
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I was considering staying home--but I thought maybe people would need the workers to stay there, in case they're needing something in the middle of all this!! What with the rain and these higher waters--!
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Tell me about it! I've been fishing people out all morning!
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Oh, don't I know it! I was fished out of the river myself--it's a good thing, too, because I haven't really gotten around to learning how to swim...! [Come along now, mister turtle, we must get to shelter!]
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[... Yeah. Between this comment and Sayo seeming not quite all there mentally, Don has no regrets about what he's about to do.]

[When they reach the door of the restaurant, Don puts a hand on Sayo's back to help her over the threshold, and stealthily drops a charm against drowning into the pocket of her kimono. She needs it more than he does.]

[Or so he thinks.]

Wow. I almost forgot what it felt like to not be getting rained on.
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[Dude it's my job to forget things.


That feels much better! Are you alright--uh--[WHATSURNAME...]
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Donatello. [He's already nearly dry, but he squeezes some water out of his bandana.] I'm fine, but I wouldn't say no to some hot coffee. ... Warm coffee.

[Usually he disguises his inability to drink hot beverages by dawdling over them, but he doesn't have the time right now.]
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Ah! Donatello-san! I'm Sayo.

[oh wait]

What's coffee?
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[What, really.]

... A caffeinated beverage popular on my world. I think there's a machine for making it in the back.
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Well, if there's a machine, I'm sure I can figure it out! Let's go see.

[LA DEE DA Follow me turtle man.

What are you again? :|a]
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[... Okay. Don has never been in the kitchen before, but clearly the rules of the village are different today.]

[And yeah, "turtle man" is fine.]
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[Oh yes, people aren't usually allowed back here.


Now let's see—where would we keep coffee??

[Notice that she's checking a grouping of post-it notes in the kitchen; there are words in alphabetical order, and she trails her finger down to 'coffee' and clicks her tongue.]

Here we go! This cupboard over here. Silly me, forgetting something so simple...
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[That is somewhat strange behavior.]

Are you new here, Sayo?

[To working in the restaurant, he means. He thinks he's seen you here before, but it could have been a similar-looking woman.]
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Ah, no! Not at all!

I've been here for quite a while now--can't be too sure how long, but it's definitely been a while...
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[... Something is definitely wrong here.]

[Don pushes that thought aside.]

Can I help with anything?
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Help with anything? Ah, well... if you could re-show me how to make coffee, I'd really appreciate it.
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Ah... sure.

[He takes a moment to look over the machine - he's not familiar with this specific model - and then starts going through the steps of brewing coffee. He moves slowly and deliberately, letting Sayo watch.]
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[Not only does she watch, she whips out a little notebook and starts taking notes! After all, she'll need something to refer to when she makes coffee again, right?] Thank you so much! You've been too kind to me, sir.
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No problem. [He finds a mug while the coffee is brewing.] You'll be all right from here?
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Yes! I apologize for having taken up so much of your time...

Are you hungry? I could see if we have anything made you can eat. Since everyone's been so busy with this weather, they don't seem to be eating so their strength keeps up...
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No, thanks. Just the coffee, and then I'd better go back out.

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