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DRAFT - The Battle of Vaskoth

Who: Anyone on the draft
What: The Battle of Vaskoth! Zombie uprising!
When: 25th to 28th (a second log will follow)
Where: Vaskoth
Summary: Please read here for event information
Rating: Z for Zombies

On the 25th, Lucetians are ushered in to join an already growing army to repel the Cultists.

On the 26th, strange symptoms are reported. The first Runners appear and by nightfall, the hospital is lost.

On the 27th, the cultist horde is completely lost to the virus. They send no more reinforcements.

On the 28th, the situation is grim and an evacuation is called. But the battle is not over.

Notes: There will be two NPC threads. One for Specialist Davis and another for Carol.

If you like creating your own NPCs, then check out this spreadsheet and be sure to contribute! This was originally set up by Griff for the Kin'cora event. It's been revised as a semi-official tracking spreadsheet for characters created on the fly.
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28th [killing times][closed thread]

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[It hasn't been his cleverness that got him out of the locked room in the hospital. His mind was long gone after all.

That feverish feeling he had, those strange cravings for food...they got the best of him eventually, and really, he had tried to fight it back. To keep his sanity, to protect his mind from whatever was taking his body.

But it took his mind anyway. It took away his ability to speak, his ability to think straight, it took away everything Loki held so very dear. After all, what was a tiny god of mischief without his brilliant mind, or the words that came from his mouth?

But now, now he had regained strength, speed and all those other handy, nifty things that might be of help when it came to sate a very unhealthy appetite for flesh. And he escaped that wretched hospital to venture into the city, hoping to find that one thing he is craving right now.]
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28th [killing times][closed thread]

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[When she'd heard what had happened, Saori fought like a maniac to reach the hospital. Strength born of fury and desperation coursed through her veins as she cleaved a bloody swath through the infected. Having to put down Moro the day before had left her in a dark mood, but she'd not been close to the wolf god. The younger Loki, however? She'd shared laughter and jokes, invited him to her home, and even shared bread with him during this battle. When she'd heard he'd become ill with this blood frenzy, that stoked an unquenchable flame in her heart.

Where-ever she stalked, she left greasy stains in her wake, blasts of lightning incinerating infected whenever they dared bar her passage. The call from the older Loki, requesting that she help him hunt for his younger self, hadn't been surprising. Together the chances of catching him were better than alone, and as disturbing as the thought was, as she'd seen with Moro he may

They'd caught his scent after some hunting, and were following on his trail together. Saori, in her borrowed armor and carrying a sword, said nothing, waiting for Loki to speak first.]
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28th [killing times][closed thread]

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[Yesterday was a horrible day. Today seems determined to be worse. Loki has progressed from angry to simply coldly grim.]

I should have given him mercy sooner.

[He summons a dagger into his hand, the other holding up a ball of light that tugs in the direction of the only other Jotun in the enclosure.]
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28th [killing times][closed thread]

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[Saori's voice is firm, hard even for her. She's not about to ask him to kill his child self.]

You should not have had to. It...would be to much.

[She followed the orb, her blade flashing out to strike down a shambling corpse that lunged for her.]

We need to find him.
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28th [killing times][closed thread]

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[Well, Loki would be aware of two deities looking for him if he wasn't undead and wasn't busy with assaulting an unfortunate, lost villager that had crossed his path. Because even undead gods of mischief had to eat and all this woman did was screaming at him, probably because he decided to sit on top of her.

And being a mere child did not mean he was not strong. Not at all, he slammed one hand in her face, her screams reduced to muffled noises and after that it was finally time to feast.

Finally. And he even managed a grin before he bit down.]
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28th [killing times][closed thread]

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[With a casual flick of his hand, Loki sets the corpse on fire, just to be certain. He continues to follow the little ball of light with almost single-minded intensity, for the most part trusting Saori completely to their defense.

They round a corner, and--

There is something intensely disturbing about watching oneself eating the face of a screaming woman.

His eyes widen. Rather than attack immediately - he knows that he will be fast, and strong, and it will take more than a thrown dagger - he casts a wall of flame to block off the street behind his younger self, cutting off that potential avenue of escape.]
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28th [killing times][closed thread] (Warning for some gruesome shit?)

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[Saori stops, her eyes wide, not entirely sure of what she's seeing. The little Loki she'd played with and set up traps with not even two days before was...eating a woman's face. She bit back the urge to retch as she watched him chew, blood oozing down his lips, teeth crunching down on bone. She'd seen worse, she reminded herself, and she leveled her blade.

This was just another infected now, it wasn't her bff-in-training. Loki's flame-wall gave her pause but she nodded to the Asgardian and took a step closer, her armored feet crunching softly. Better to end this quickly than draw it out.

It must be done.]

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[killing times][closed thread] (Warning for some gruesome shit!)

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[The noise that came from Loki's mouth was far from human when he noticed the two newcomers. His face crunched up into something that could be a frown, a very undead frown.

The woman was still producing faint gurgling noises and for a short moment Loki could feel every muscle tense inside his body. So much to eat, so little time. Finally he raises one bloodied gloved hand, fingers curling slightly.

For a moment its quiet (or almost quiet, since the woman is still producing sounds), after that he moves to slam one arm right into said woman's chest, pleased to feel how warm her flesh was. When he pulls his arm back his hand is full of blood, bone and something that resembled a lung.

After that he gets up, stuffing the flesh into his mouth as if it is somekind of morbid, bloody sandwich.]
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[killing times][closed thread] (Warning for some gruesome shit!)

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[Loki's lips fix into a thin line, expression gone into a mask.

Well, they always called us monster. Without even seeing this. He doesn't want to see this. There are a lot of rather terrible things stuck in his head already, but this is a new and thoroughly unwanted one.

He takes a moment to extend the wall around to behind them - he can drop it if they need to escape, but this needs to be finished now - and then summons a dagger to each hand.

One of those daggers, he flips, then throws, inhumanly fast and strong, aiming for a throat shot at his younger self.

This is combat where he does not want to close in, at all. He does not want this to be him.]
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[killing times][closed thread] (Warning for some gruesome shit!)

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[OOC: I'll reply first, after this Ax will strike the final blow c: Then Loki and Saori can have feels and bitty!loki shall be dead. PS: I leave it up to you if bitty!Loki can leave a scratch/bruise.]

[Loki straightens fully, the look in his eyes surprisingly full of malicious intent. Everything else about him looks pale and terribly dead. He is still chewing on the woman's flesh, slow and thoughtfully. But he sees the knives. And they piss him off.

He produces a loud growl and huffs, spinning on his feet to avoid the knives. He manages to avoid one of them, but the other one hits him in the chest. Loki howls and dashes to the side, disappears into an alley and reappears again as he jumps from a roof, landing behind Saori and very intent on attacking his older self, movements fast and direct.

No one should have the nerve to interrupt him during a meal.]
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[killing times][closed thread] (Warning for some gruesome shit!) 1/2

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[Saori whirls into action the instant she felt the infected Loki land behind her. Her reflexes, honed by centuries of training, won't allow him to reach his next victim. Her heart pounding in her ears, adrenaline flooding her body, and fear of an infected adult Loki guiding her arm, Saori struck.

Swift as the noonday sun, the storm god slammed one armored foot into Loki's back, driving him to the ground and keeping him from running. She followed up with a twist of her waist and a single powerful strike and neatly removing his head. Electricity flared along her blade, cauterizing as it went to prevent his infectious blood from escaping.

It was done. She'd killed her friend to protect his twisted older self.]

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[killing times][closed thread] (Warning for some gruesome shit!) 2/2

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[Collapsing to her knees, Saori dropped her sword to the ground with a clatter, her hands grasping the edges of her temples as a low moan of despair escaped her lips. She shook her head violently, hair flying wildly, and her voice echoed through the din of battle. A blood-curdling shriek followed as she lost her ability to contain her emotions. Why couldn't it have been the older one? a voice in her head whispered as tears welled up in her eyes.

She'd killed before. Men, women, and children had died in her storms, but...never a friend. And never to save someone she wasn't sure she even liked. This...what was this twisted mockery of a world. Her voice choked, coming out in ragged gasps as she just sat there, body shaking with unrestrained emotion.]
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[killing times][closed thread] (Warning for some gruesome shit!) 2/2

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[Younger Loki's attack shatters an illusion. Loki himself reappears to the side, another dagger at the ready, though that turns out to be unnecessary. Saori does the deed.

Loki vanishes the dagger in his hand, uses a bit of magic to retrieve the other two and vanishes them as well. It gives Saori a few seconds of privacy.

Something about seeing someone mourning his younger self so loudly makes him distinctly uncomfortable. He knows that no one would feel that way, were it him. And while he feels upset as well, he doesn't feel comfortable showing such emotion around someone else. Not like this. Not when for him it is far more complicated, just like his rather strained relationship with the Younger Loki.

Loki's lips are set in a thin line, his face pale, but he otherwise feels calm.]

Lady Saori, I must request that you move.
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[killing times][closed thread]

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[Saori responds numbly, picking up her sword and flicking it into it's scabbard as she rises. She turns to face Loki, her eyes still wet, but control after her initial outburst returning. She slipped easily back into the mask of calm, but her face was despondent and cold.] sorry.

[Stiffly, she takes a few steps closer to him. He...was undoubtedly bothered, watching his younger self lose his mind like that and then cut down. Whether or not she'd done the right thing she had no doubts about, but that didn't make it any less loathsome. A child. A friend. And in front of himself. She didn't really wish that the one standing there had been infected, but that thought persisted.

Why the child?

She bit back any harsh words she might have had, and turned away, her eyes glancing across her handiwork. There was nothing but cold, now.]

He felt no pain.
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[killing times][closed thread]

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I think it fair to say he was no longer there.

[Flame ignites over his hand and he casts it down onto the body of his younger self.

As he watches it burn, his throat works, swallowing against a strange surge of sickness. The wounds on his back, ever raw, itch and pull. It is all of a piece, these things. A thousand cuts large and small inflicted on them by their captors, trying to carve them into something useful and tractable.

And he knows his younger self will return, so there is nothing final about this (though with magic there is nothing final, either) but when the boy returns something will have been taken from him as well. He thinks about twine through his lips, the thin dribble of blood from a freshly broken nose, mocking laughter, the thousand other things the world has taken from him, from them because they have had the poor taste to be born Loki.]


[The word is not directed at Saori, but at something indefinable, oppressive, ever-present. The muscles of his jaw work. The air around Loki grows heavy and cold, his eyes fixed on the leaping flames.



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[killing times][closed thread]

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[Saori takes a step back to stand beside Loki, her eyes glazed over dispassionately. Watching the flames lick away at the boy's body brings back memories of things long forgotten, and she makes a note to remove them. For an instant, she hesitates, feeling a desire to offer something to the Asgardian beside her. She settled for putting a hand on his shoulder. He deserved some measure of kindness, for his loss.

She flinched back slightly at his anger, but didn't retract her hand just yet. Shaking her head, she pushed away any unkind thoughts, his words true enough. The child was gone before she'd done the deed. It wasn't her fault. Or Loki's. It had been necessary. A kindness. The proper thing to do. Grieving would not help, and he would return. Her slender arm slid off his shoulder, arm clenching into a fist. Just as with Moro, this has been necessary.]

I am sorry you had to see that.

[Saori's voice came out stiff and cold, and she pushed her emotions back into a corner, and let the dark wind blow within her mind. Her anger was a cold thing, and it was growing as well...]
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[killing times][closed thread]

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[His shoulder is stiff under her hand, but he makes no move to shrug her off, simply watching the flames as if hypnotized.]

I have seen worse.

[He finally looks at her, eyes cold and hard.]

If the lady will forgive me, it may be better if I am alone now. If you will be all right.
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[killing times][closed thread]

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[Saori returns his gaze, and nods in reply. Her jaw tensed, and her features remained rigid as she buckled on her helmet once again. There was a distinctly frosty look in her eyes, not at all directed at him. When she spoke, her words came out brittle and iron-hard, the softer side of her mind shut away to make room for the swell of frozen rage beneath.]

I will be well when I have crushed these things beneath my boot. Go, become the scouring wind. Burn every one you find. A fitting pyre, I should think.

[Without another word she turns and leaves, giving the Asgardian his space. They both needed to let out their fury in some way...]
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[killing times][closed thread]

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[He calls a dagger to his hand and vanishes.

No matter how many mindless creatures he kills, it won't be the blood he truly wants. He can only work himself into exhaustion.]
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