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DRAFT - The Battle of Vaskoth

Who: Anyone on the draft
What: The Battle of Vaskoth! Zombie uprising!
When: 25th to 28th (a second log will follow)
Where: Vaskoth
Summary: Please read here for event information
Rating: Z for Zombies

On the 25th, Lucetians are ushered in to join an already growing army to repel the Cultists.

On the 26th, strange symptoms are reported. The first Runners appear and by nightfall, the hospital is lost.

On the 27th, the cultist horde is completely lost to the virus. They send no more reinforcements.

On the 28th, the situation is grim and an evacuation is called. But the battle is not over.

Notes: There will be two NPC threads. One for Specialist Davis and another for Carol.

If you like creating your own NPCs, then check out this spreadsheet and be sure to contribute! This was originally set up by Griff for the Kin'cora event. It's been revised as a semi-official tracking spreadsheet for characters created on the fly.
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[A bad feeling is exactly what Zoro should have. As Vash doesn't care who he bites so long as he gets to eat something. He's more than happy to sink his teeth into Zoro's flesh, not sparing any energy or force at tearing into it. He's hungry. With every ounce of super powered Plant strength available to him to rip a large chunk of Zoro's neck away and begins to chew.

At last. A meal.]
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Ergh! [He was blocking her, that was the important thing. One hand gripping the neck of Vash's coat, back to Nami, he thinks he can at least spare a moment for this. Vash looked distracted; hopefully he would stay that way a while longer. Zoro turns to look at Nami, right through his bitten neck--]

... sorry. [-- then suddenly plunges his sword up Vash's chin. Too dangerous. He had to end this, now.]
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[Vash was more than distracted by the smell and taste of Zoro's blood. He doesn't even struggle right away when his coat is grabbed. It's only when he's forced back from his second mouthful that he starts to growl, but before he can reach his hands up to claw once again at Zoro the world cuts out.

He crumples, dangling on Zoro's blade, with Zoro's own blood trickling out of the corners of his mouth.]
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[Too fast. That was too fast.

he's bitten

and Vash is

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[Maybe it's not too late. Maybe she can-- Nami sways on suddenly rubbery legs, but then stumbles foward jerkily to grab hold of Zoro, trying to drag him away from Vash. She can heal the bite, or burn it out, or-- something. Maybe it won't--

She won't look at Vash. Later, she'll throw up. But there's nothing she can do for him now, nothing at all, and what's more important is she holds on to her crewmate and stops him from going the same path.]
L-lemme see. Maybe I can get to it in time.
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[Zoro doesn't argue, just pulls the sword out as cleanly as he can. He lets Vash drop to the floor, slowly, feeling that maybe he should do more but not knowing what. His brain was flying in a million different directions. Numb. He was numb. Whether that was the wound taking effect or the just weight of the knowledge of what it would do to him, he couldn't be sure.

Zoro cracks a grin, somehow.]
Told you I'd give you something to practice on.
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I don't want something to practice on! Especially not you! [Not this. She yanks the collar of his shirt away roughly to expose the bite completely, breath catching at the sight of it. It's deep and revolting.

It's terrifying. She tries to stow the panic for now and summons handfuls of pure water to wash it out, and then she shoves a palm down across the wound and starts healing.

It'll be enough. It will.]
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Ah. [Shit, that stung, but he grit his teeth and bore it with a rough grimace. The actual healing felt better, warm, and it helped him zone out. Just a little.

Because despite his placid expression, there was a storm brewing in his head and the ideas emerging from it... well. Maybe best save those for later.]
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[She can already feel the sense of wrongness from the wound. Deep in the blood, just beyond the grasp of the magic-- and she tries. So hard. The injury practically vanishes under her fingertips, but Nami doesn't let go. Not even when it's clear there's nothing left to heal at all.

Maybe she's just imagining that taint because of rising paranoia. Nami closes her eyes. (Sees Vash die, all over again.) She's gone white.]

It'll be okay.
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[And, just like that, clarity. The kind that weighed on him in a way none of his training would ever prepare him for. But at least he knew what needed to be done now. He feels the scar on his neck, flesh soft where the skin had been ripped off. Puts a hand on her head, gently.]

We should move.
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[He's right. She also knows she used enough filial magic just then to attract shift hunters by the dozen, and who knows if they're infected or not--

She should have just let him kill Vash.

(How horrible a thought is that?)

That hand on her head gives rise to a sense of dread that she immediately quashes. Nami refuses to think about it. Everything will be fine. She'll make it fine by force of will if she has to.

She gets back to her feet, and glances at the wreckage of the gunman.


I'm sorry.

[But they have to look after the living now.

Bye, Vash.]