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There'll be trouble when the kidz come out

Who: All remaining draftees
What: Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!
When: The 29th to 31st
Where: Vaskoth
Summary: Please read here for event information

On the 29th, the Malnosso announce over the radios that the power cap will be lifted to a full 100%. Carol broadcasts a message.

On the 30th, the Malnosso declare Vaskoth completely lost. Those with radio access will discover that the enclosure is to be bombed.

On the 31st, survivors will have one last chance to evacuate or try to find the cure. 3PM is do or die.
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29th and 30th

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[While Leonhardt got infected on the 28th, his own natural resistances thanks to his curse did prevent the onset of any symptoms for a time. Once he realized this was the case, he went ahead and went to the hospital and volunteered to allow them to research him to aid in finding a cure.

Said cure may not work on him, but if it could save others, then he'll deal with his hatred of doctors and hospitals for a time. Easier said than done with the fact that his curse is very out of control and he's barely keeping the violence under wraps. It's obviously not on the level of a runner, but he is definitely showing signs of agitation and impatience and snapping quickly at people. He'll calm down quickly enough and apologize and explain that he was like that before and it's normal for him and a side effect of his resistance to disease. Not quite it, but close enough.

Then once the power cap goes into effect and Leonhardt can tell his curse is temporarily broken because of that, he'll be escaping from the hospital before he sees the onset of symptoms and can harm any innocents. He knows with his last sane thoughts that death is the only way out of this for him and hopefully there is someone out there who isn't infected who will do the deed.]

[ooc: Killing him already claimed by Saleh and will happen on the 30th, open to anything else before that.]
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[With the power cap in effect, Saleh is obviously at a disadvantage. He's well on his way to the area where they'd be sent back to Luceti when the time comes. He's taking it slow and steady so as not to attract any cultists or infected runners or shamblers. Part of him is wishing he could find someone to stick with, to cover him in the event that something does happen. And he just may have found someone. At least, he hopes so.]

...Leonhardt? It's good to see you.
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[Unfortunately, Saleh is not in luck at finding someone to stick with when it comes to Leonhardt. He hasn't quite devolved to a shambler yet, but he definitely has lost his ability to think and speak. In fact, he doesn't even have his sword any longer.

He doesn't answer, instead he just very quickly moves closer to Saleh to attack him. He's still got most of his fine motor ability so he's very fast and agile, just lacking in the sense to use a weapon he's very skilled with. But he can still try to grab Saleh to attempt to bite him. That should make it obvious Leonhardt is too far gone now.]
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[Saleh very quickly realizes Leonhardt's condition and takes a few quick steps back.]

Great Dragon...

[He then turns and starts running for his own life. He already knows he can't outrun the infected man, so he tries to think of how to slow it down. Nothing comes to mind so far, so Saleh keeps running, heading towards the corner of a building.]
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[And it would be hard to say it came from Kain's bite since it's been long enough that Leonhardt should have devolved into a shambler by now from that bite.

But Leonhardt doesn't say anything in response. When Saleh steps back, Leonhardt keeps following him to attack and then will continue to pursue once the man starts running for his life. Unfortunately, Leonhardt's speed was quite good and it is increased so he is gaining very quickly and nearly caught up once Saleh reaches the corner of the building.

Hopefully Saleh will think of something fast. At this point, all Leonhardt can think about is his wish to maim the living person in front of him and pass the virus on to this uninfected person.]
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[Luckily an idea does dawn on Saleh as he reaches the corner. He positions himself against the wall around the corner, grips the end of his staff with both hands and swings it down towards Leonhardt's legs. Hopefully this will trip him up long enough to allow Saleh to gain a few more steps ahead of him.]
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[While Leonhardt does still have fine motor capabilities, he definitely isn't quite as good as he was before at dodging. The staff does trip him up and he stumbles for about a step and then quickly enough rights himself again.

Now he's close enough that he's going to jump over Saleh to land in front of the man and attempt to attack again once he turns around. Still within Leonhardt's capabilities as well because one skill he does have normally is to be able to jump to the top of a multiple story building (or the back of a large dragon).]
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[Although tripping Leonhardt up was successful (though not as much as Saleh had hoped), the first thing the sage notices is that his attack had broken his staff in two. He starts to run again, only to realize that the runner had jumped in front of him. Saleh stumbles backwards in surprise and horror, then throws the remaining piece of his staff at Leonhardt, though in his panic, the aim isn't as good as it could be. He turns tails and runs again. He's getting more exhausted and more terrified by the second, and he fears he'll pass out if he keeps this up. But he keeps it up regardless.]

['I won't give up...' he thinks to himself.]
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[Had Leonhardt had his normal mental ability he would have known that was a bad strategy. Of course normally he'd not attack someone outright except in self defense. He's depending on his immense speed and strength to maim and infect his target. And even if Saleh's aim had been true, a piece of broken staff sure isn't going to do much against a runner with Leonhardt's immense strength and durability.

If he were sane, he'd be begging to be killed. He did say that if he was infected he'd rather die than hurt anyone innocent, after all. And it isn't as if he is going to stop until Saleh is infected as well and quite maimed or Leonhardt himself is killed.

And Leonhardt's speed is definitely not dwindling quite yet. Now he's running towards Saleh and will attempt to tackle the man and get a bite in that way. Whatever it takes to infect all the living, Leonhardt will do it.]
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[Of course Saleh knew that a piece of broken staff wouldn't hurt Leonhardt much, but if he had to get rid of it anyway, he might as well try it anyway, right? Unfortunately Saleh lacks the means to kill anyone at this point, so he keeps on running, his long cape flapping behind him. He could feel the attacker getting closer and closer, and sure enough, he feels that sudden yank at the end of his cape. With a surprised cry, he rips his cape off and sidesteps the runner, attempting to throw the other end of the cape over Leonhardt's head.]
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[That is rather good timing on Saleh's part, as Leonhardt was getting dangerously close and about to try and bite when the cape comes over his head and he ends up biting fabric. Definitely quite gross to a runner like Leonhardt who wants living flesh.

And now he's entangled in the cloak and having some trouble getting out and that also blocks his ability to see. He's thrashing madly trying to free himself and not appearing to be overly successful so far. If anything, he's getting more entangled as he attempts to free himself. It looks like a great chance to either find a weapon or even just something that can be used to hit the runner in the head and knock him down.]
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[And Saleh does happen to glance over and spot a sword on the ground next to a cultist's corpse. Terrified at the thrashing runner, he picks up the sword. Gripping the hilt with both hands, he moves toward Leonhardt, pulling back the blade and desperately swinging it towards his neck at an awkward angle.]
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[It may be an awkward angle, but it isn't as if Leonhardt can see the sword coming towards his neck to dodge it. He's thrashing madly, yes, but his neck is overall in the same position. So Saleh's aim will be true and remove Leonhardt's head.

His wild trashing will stop soon after as his body and head fall to the ground, soaking the ground and Saleh's cape in his infected blood. He is definitely no longer a threat since he is now truly dead.]
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[Saleh stumbles forward with the momentum of his swing as he drops the blade to the ground and falls to his hands and knees. As he gasps for breath, he turns his head to see Leonhardt's headless body on the ground, his own cape soaked with blood, and the head rolling nearby.]

Great Dragon...what have I...?

[Decapitating the runner certainly wasn't his intention. He didn't even think it was possible for someone like him, with no sword training, to do that so easily. The human being's survival instinct is an amazing thing.]

[Saleh discreetly looks away from the body, gasping for air with rasping breaths, his trembling arms propping his upper body from the ground. He clutches his chest, his lungs are burning, his heart aching. He swallows hard, trying to relieve the dryness in his throat, though that had little effect.]

[Shuffling noises from nearby grab his attention. Saleh looks around and realizes that he needs to move again. So he stands, picking up the sword and quietly leaves, no longer able to look at the body or the bloody cape behind him.]