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TERRACE Draft - Remaining Days

Who: All Draftees
What: All hell breaks loose
When: From the 27th to the 1st.
Summary: Information post here
Rating: Varies on thread, please mark explicit material.

This post covers the second to sixth day! Be sure to check the info post on the timeline to know what's up. At 2AM on the 27th, the attack will break out while most people are sleeping. Be sure to use the above info post for any plotting needs you might have. Enjoy!

Some random NPC quotes about the island itself.

Be sure to tag this post appropriately: [canon] character name
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Day 4 my heart already hurts knowing what will come

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[This draft was different than the previous one she had been on. Why?

Because Beat--her partner, her brother--was with her. With a pact made between them, she felt better and more able to fight. On the last draft she had fought alongside Shiki but it wasn't the same. Her partner is her partner and with him, everything was going well. Or as well as it could go.

But as they moved on, they got themselves into a fight worse than before.

The droids wouldn't stop coming and nor would the cultists. Her pins, being her only weapon, were being used up faster than she thought and what cure drinks she had she was saving for Beat. She was starting to get tired and, truth be told, she had been hit once or twice already by the droids. Nothing bone breaking but hard enough to leave parts of her sore and hurting. She forced herself to look and stay strong however, so her partner wouldn't worry about her and so she could continue to fight alongside him.

She takes out a force rounds pin and holds it out in front of her, firing bullets at what droids and cultists come at them before quickly turning to look at Beat who's a few feet behind her. She made sure to stay close enough to him this time.]

Beat, I can't make an opening! There are too many of them! [An opening to run, that is]
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this is going to be the end of me

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[Two pins were the only things he'd ever been able to use. Thankfully, though, he'd mastered them and that meant the droids were in for a world of hurt - flaming, fast paced hurt. But with only two pins, it meant the delay between them replenishing were too long. He relied on Rhyme and his skateboard to fill in the gaps, but there was only so much they could do and it was getting down to the wire.

He was sure they still had at least one of those dolls that Ribbons had given him before, but he wasn't sure. In all the chaos, he'd all but lost track of what they had and hadn't used.

Beat lets out a loud scream of frustration as he smashes his fist into another droid's face, pounding it repeatedly to force it to the ground even as it claws at him.

We gonna make it, Rhyme! You just hold tight! I'll get us outta here!
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itll be the end of us all ;A;

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[Her head snaps to the side when Beat screams to look at him, worried. She wants to believe him, she does believe him when he says they'll make it out of this. But to do that...

She quickly stuffs the pin into her pocket to replenish when she fires off the last bullet at a droid that goes down and pulls out another of the three she has left in her pocket, the thunderbolt pin. With it, she runs over to Beat and the droid he's wailing on and taps it's arm with the pin, pulling Beat away before a lightning bolt strikes it.]

We have to think of a plan, Beat! [Right now, they're strategy is try and fight their way out while defending themselves. And at the rate that things are going? They'll be entirely surrounded if they don't do something to seriously do some damage and make an opening.

Working at the crowd of enemies in different directions like they are now, they won't be able to do that, but if they combine what power they have at once in one direction, they just might pull it off.]