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The Good Die Young

Who: Henry Mills, Steve Rogers, James Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Kid Loki, others maybe.
What: When a child dies, something withers
When: March 28th, Late Afternoon
Where: The Terrace
Summary: Henry Became Heroic
Rating: 14+ there's child death going on so yeah

The gun shots, the blood, the death. Henry's known death and known murder, but he's never actually seen the act preformed. He watched cultist after cultist cutting people down in the streets. Watching a river of blood flow throughout as innocent people died. He was told to hang back. Stay with the healers. Be protected so his friends could do the fighting. He couldn't though. In his mind it wasn't right to just sit behind while the people he loved threw their lives on the line to protect everyone.

Even if people argued with him, told him to remain behind because he was just ten, he still ran out. He went into the battlefield following behind the other superheroes that he befriended, he made sure to keep back as far he could. Hiding when he could, making sure they didn't notice him. Henry knew for a fact the moment they spotted him they would try and take him back. But, they needed someone to watch their back.

The dust and rubble cloud his view, he squints into through the clouds of dirt, clutching his bow in hand. Where were they? Were they okay? That's all that's going on in his mind right now.
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Bucky has long since been rooted out of the nest he was shooting from, and at the moment he's sticking close to Steve, moving with him through the battle on the ground. They communicate in looks and sharp gestures, if that, long accustomed to fighting together. Even on the ground, Bucky hangs back to cover Steve while he gets where he needs to be. Bucky incapacitates whenever he can, but he won't hesitate to kill out of necessity.

The battle keeps him so focused, he doesn't think about how close they're moving to the edge as they try to skirt around to a better vantage point. He notices someone small as they move from one piece of cover to the next, and his pistol is raised before he realizes who it is.

Bucky swears under his breath, raises his pistol a little higher, and shoots an approaching cultist in the wing.

The second he gets his hands on that kid he's going to drag him back to the medics by the ear if he has to, Jesus Christ. Henry can't be here.

"Steve!" Bucky shouts over the din of the battle. There's a rush of air as a cultist passes overhead and keeps flying, but not without dropping something that lands at Bucky's feet. It's not exactly the right shape, and it glows faintly, but Bucky immediately thinks grenade and shit. If he kicks it one way or the other, it might catch Steve or Henry, so he dodges back--

The thing goes off like a sonic boom, throwing him further back than he intended. His vision swims, his ears ringing, and he's distinctly aware of his feet dangling in the air, over nothing. He scrambles desperately for purchase, nails digging into unyielding concrete so hard he might lose a few, but he doesn't care. He doesn't notice anything beyond the desperate terror of no no no not again.
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Steve is locked in a struggle with one of the cultists. At some point he dropped his shield and it skidded across the ground to lay a few feet away. But he'd also managed to un-arm the cultist, leaving them to deal with each other the goo old-fashioned way; with their bodies. The cultist lunges for Steve's throat and he ducks down and wraps his arm around his attacker's waist, pushing both of them to the ground.

They're on the ground, rolling around in a blur of hits and kicks when Steve hears Bucky call to him over the noise surrounding them. Distracted for a split moment, the cultist manages to roll them over and punch Steve in the jaw. He feels a trickle of blood slide down his chin that's tells him it's a good hit. But he doesn't feel any pain. Instead he manages to get a knee up and rams in into the cultist's sternum.

He makes it to his feet just in time to see the sonic boom go off. He's blow back a couple of steps but manages to see remain standing. He blinks rapidly to clear his vision and sees a figure go over the edge. His stomach drops as he dashes forward and looks over the edge. "Bucky!"

Steve instantly drops to his knees and leans over the edge, reaching for Bucky's hand. "Hand on!"
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Bucky reaches back, and this time his hand closes on Steve's arm. Steve grips him hard enough to bruise when he stars hauling him back up. He can't find anything to say just then while his heart restarts, but he doesn't really have to when it comes to Steve.

The relief, however, is short-lived. He hears Henry's voice, and realizes the cultists Steve had been fighting are still moving. Steve can't turn and fight, and Bucky has lost his sidearm somewhere in the chaos - he's not expecting the arrow that takes the Cultist down, but he knows where it came from. "Nice shot kid!"

As soon as Steve has him back on the edge, he realizes where his sidearm has gotten to. It's in the Cultist's hand, aimed at Henry. He doesn't think. They both move, one after the cultist and the other after Henry.

"Get down!"
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Steve doesn't have much time to think once Bucky is safely back on solid ground before he's on his feet and diving towards the cultist. It would have been easier had he used his shield to knock the gun away, but he'd discarded at some point during the earlier fight.

All he has to rely on now is his speed. His attention focuses completely on the cultist and Bucky's gun in their hand. He can hear Bucky's foot falls as he runs towards Henry, but he doesn't risk glancing over at them.

When he's finally only a few feet away, Steve can see the cultist's face set in a grim determination. He knows what's coming even as he forces himself to run faster. The shot it fired and a scream tears out of Steve's throat as he barrels into the cultist and tackles him to the ground. Too late. The words repeat themselves over and over in his mind even as he punches the cultist and knocks the gun to the side.
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"Henry - Henry!"

He drops to his knees beside the boy's body, his hand going to the wound first. He knows before he touches Henry that he's gone. He's seen a lot of quick, violent death, and that bullet tore right through the poor kid, left a hole in him that Bucky can feel under his hand (because he's applying pressure automatically like that means anything at all, before he makes himself stop.) Henry was dead before he hit the ground.

Bucky reaches over with the hand that's still clean and closes Henry's eyes.

He's almost grateful for the chaos around them - it means they don't have time to linger here, even if it's only the one Cultist left to deal with now. It means they just have to keep moving.

He glances at Steve, shakes his head once.
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Steve drowns out the sounds around him, deafening himself to Bucky's cries. He puts his total focus into dispatching the cultist, punching him over and over again until he finally stops struggling.

Henry is going to be okay. The gun went off but Bucky was able to get to him in time. He's going to look up and the both of them will be standing there and everything will be okay.

He shuts his eyes and focuses on regulating his breathing before he finally climbs slowly to his feet. Everything is fine. Slowly he becomes more aware of his surroundings and he can hear Bucky's voice calling out.

Everything is fine. Until it's not.

His eyes are drawn immediately to Henry's body, laying there looking so small. He would look like he's just sleeping if it wasn't for the wound in his chest where the blood is only just starting to dry up. He catches movement in the corner of his eye and turns to see Bucky shaking his head.

His knees don't give out and he doesn't begin to cry. He just stands there, completely blank. Unmoving.
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Bucky doesn't think about it, doesn't even feel it really. He makes himself lock it away somewhere that isn't here and now, when Steve looks like the bullet has torn a matching hole in his chest and another person he couldn't protect is laying dead in the middle of a war zone.

He leans down and gathers Henry's body into his arms carefully, like he's sleeping, like the stillness of death doesn't weigh him down in a way that makes it hard to breathe.

"Steve!" Bucky shouts his name sharply, hoping it'll snap him out of it. "Get your shield! We're taking him back to T7."
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He doesn't move at first. It doesn't even seem like he heard Bucky at all. His eyes track Henry's body as Bucky lifts him up, and only then does he seem to snap out of it.

No longer able to look at him, Steve turns away and hunts down his fallen shield. Only when he's secured it back on his arm does he look back in Bucky's direction. He tries to keep his eyes focused on his friend's face, ignoring how close he'd almost come to losing him again.

Footsteps sound in the distance, coming in the opposite direction. He signals Bucky to go on first. He can't very well help Steve fight while carrying Henry. "I'll be your back-up. Go!"
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Bucky doesn't need to be told twice. He goes, but he makes sure Steve is close behind. He isn't losing anyone else today. He can't.

He's not much use fighting while he's carrying Henry, but Steve covers them, and between the two of them and whatever help they receive on the way, they get back to safe territory in one piece. The healers find someplace they can put Henry down and spare a blanket to tuck around his body, which will eventually need to be buried or burnt.

Buried or burnt. He ruffled Henry's hair just the other day. Bucky feels numb from the inside out.

He makes himself look at Steve. "You should get looked over while we're here."
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Steve is leaning back against the opposite wall, staring out into space. It's as close to the body-to Henry-that he would get. Being any closer would mean having to see and come to terms with the fact that he's gone. That Steve failed another person he cared about.

He blinks slowly when Bucky speaks, coming back to himself. When his comment finally registers Steve shakes his head. "I'm fine. You should have them take a look at you. That was a nasty fall." And could have been even worse.