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Zompania Draft - Draftees only, days 1-3.5

Who: All Draftees
What: This is your death. Followed by your time-traveling life and desperate bomb hunting.
When: From May 22 to May 20 to early May 23 (days 1-4)
Where: Zompania
Summary: Information post here
Rating: Varies on thread, please mark explicit material.

This post is for the draftee-only portion of the Zompania draft--the day 3 death, time travel to day 1, and then the events until the arrival of the reinforcements. Be sure to use the above info post for any plotting needs you might have. Enjoy!

Please note that there is a specific top-level comment thread for:

All other threading, from day 1 until the reinforcements arrive, should be conducted as normal.

Be sure to tag this post appropriately: [canon] character name
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Day 4, post Shift Hunter

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[It had happened quickly, one moment he was mobile, the next he was thudding against the street with the fresh burn of sensation ripping up his leg. He'd expected a thrashing to follow, but Jack swooped in instead, bashing the Shift Hunter enough to knock its attention on a new target. Jack.

Not one to stand by idle when something threatened, Eugene struggled to his feet, remembering how he'd walked with pain far worse than this. In short order the Shift Hunter had been dispatched between the two of them, though Jack bore the brunt of the fight. It was only after, when Jack swayed that Eugene felt alarm prickle its way through the pumping haze of adrenaline.]

Oh, god...

[He hadn't noticed Jack's injuries, hadn't even given a thought to anything more severe than a bite or a scratch. It was lucky he managed to catch Jack before he crumpled, trying to support him but his leg buckled under the additional weight. They'd come so far, done so well, this wasn't happening...]
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[Everything hurt. Everything throbbed, and stung, and screamed, and only the panic and determination of fighting had held Jack together. With the shift hunter dead, a poisoned knife in his neck above the point where its head had been severed entirely, he started to actually appreciate the reality of that phrase.

Everything hurting. Everything worse than hurting, that was the entire world, and the only mercy was how the wounds started to numb a little as Eugene sank with him, as his clothes grew sticky with blood pulsing out of the deep gouges from teeth and claws. the numbness let Eugene in, and he squinted up at him between tight, pain-tinged breaths as they settled on the ground, a rictus of a grin twisted tight onto his face as he pulled tight against his chest.]

Hah- god- we did it. Right? Did it in.
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Yeah, yeah, it's dead.

[A quick look over his shoulder confirmed that, the pool of blood and severed head enough evidence for him. Hopefully it wasn't like a cockroach... Shaking his head, he refocused his attention on Jack, mouth dry because he recognized that look of pain all too well]

Hey, look here, eyes on me. Where are you hurt?

[Where... wasn't he hurt, was a better question-- the amount of blood... it couldn't be good. His own injuries forgotten, he quickly worked to apply pressure to the worst of the wounds after setting Jack on his back]
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I just- oh, god-

[He lifted his head to look down at himself, trembling with the effort, and felt an icy panic wrap tighter around him when he actually saw the tears, the blood seeping from some wounds, pulsing from others. It was agony when Eugene pressed down on the deepest of them, a deep gouging bite into the meat of his shoulder, one that had come after he'd stuck the thing with a knife that apparently really had been poisoned. Enough to slow it down, at least, enough to lift the sword in his good arm and chop and chop until he'd gone clean through spine.

But the bite had been enough to hit something important, apparently. He guessed. He wasn't sure, the world was spinning and off-key and he was so drenched he found himself shivering as he remained on the ground, fine tremors that shook his arms and drove his breaths quicker, never quite able to catch up to the air hunger clawing inside his chest.

He tried to keep his eyes on Eugene, though. Like he'd been asked. Like he needed to.]
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[This was very, very bad. Jack had a look the likes he'd seen on men who were terrified, and with good reason. These bites were deep and the blood was dark. His own panic might be showing when the blood simply wouldn't stop, felt it ooze sticky and hot against his hands.]

You're gonna be fine. We'll grab a medic. Till then, eyes on me.

[he reached to grab for Jack's hand, finding it and giving a squeeze. Firm and sure.]

Gotta admit, that was some action. Looks like all that training did you some good!

[A distraction, to keep him from thinking about how bad it could be. Not just for Jack's benefit, but his own]

Just don't quit your day job, alright?
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What day job-?

[He laughs, hoarse and breathless, sound cut short in a tight wince when even that slight movement pulls something else in him that tears a jagged bolt of pain through him. He's left panting through it even after it passes, fingers unsteady as he tried to return Eugene's grasp. And he knows there are medics around, somewhere, but it's not close. They'd been split off from anyone else neatly by the party hunting them.

There was no tickle in his throat, no fever, but the thought was otherwise terribly familiar. Soft and enveloping, like coming home. And it grew into a certainty as the oxygen leeched out of the air and sick chills begin to cluster into wracking bursts of hard, unmistakable trembling. A hard swallow to steel himself, and he tried to untangle his hand from Eugene's, to pry up the edge of the one pinning his shoulder to the ground.]

Gene- Gene, hey. Give me your other hand. Left one.
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Y'know, where you come and help me part time.

[Shifting his attention, he took a quick look round, swallowing hard before he yelled for a medic. He hadn't spied anymore cultists or... or Shift Hunters, so he was going to risk making some noise. What were the signs of shock? He just remembered that sleep was bad...]

Wha-- oh. Sure, but...

[Applying pressure really wasn't making a difference, that much was sinking in, so he did as asked, shushing Jack to keep him from jostling anything else. Not before he took another look around to see if anyone was coming or had heard him. His voice hoarse from overuse, he still called for a medic, the urgency in his voice unable to be concealed.]

Look, I know it hurts like hell, but you're gonna be alright.
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[Of course he was being reassuring. That was what they did, and with the recognition of it Jack felt a sick, giddy laugh bubble up in his throat. He wasn't deaf. He could hear the shrill in his voice when he yelled for a medic, once and then again. He could feel how clumsy his own hands were when he fumbled off the ring pasted to his finger with blood and worked it onto Eugene's fingertip, looking up at him pale and with fear sneaking around every border of his expression not locked into quavery determination. And his voice was hoarse, and breathy, but he forced it as steady as he could.

Some things you had to do while you could.]

I, Jack Holden, take you, Eugene Woods, to be my husband-
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[Incomprehension filtered through his brain like pinpricks, or was that fear of something being realized that he was still in the very thorough process of denying? This wasn't how it was supposed to-- there was going to be a party, friends, food, a proper ceremony...]

O-of course you do, Jack. Totally never letting you live this down, you dummy-- I mean this is... not the....

[Adrenaline was making his hands shake, not fear, but he felt that band slide over his finger. Too small for him, and that's what finally broke through the denial and he quieted, listened, steeled his jaw to do the right thing. His voice had an airy quality to it, tight, because it was hard to breathe.]

I, Eugene Woods, take you, Jack Holden, to be my husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health...
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[Even with the pain, and the fear, and how terrible that look is on Eugene's features, a shivery, overwhelmed smile overtakes Jack's features to hear those words. He curls closer, half-burying his face in Eugene's side, echoing the words hurriedly as he feels a cold, thick tightness closing around his throat.]

-better, worse, sickness, health, richer, poorer, better, worse-

[It's too much all at once, and he rasps for breath greedily, trying not to be sick, to black out, to do anything that will make him less here with Eugene and let in the darkness creeping up the corners of his vision.]

To- to love- and to cherish- [The words themselves were the only thing left to cling to, just those words, half-incomprehensible as his shivering lurched heavy, desperate things between lulls of complete stillness and everything going drowsy and dim.] -amen- forever amen-
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[The urgency he felt coming from Jack was almost more than he could bear, but this... it wasn't about him, this was about Jack because things were too real too fast and he wasn't ready but he had to be. They both had to be. The irony being Eugene never thought Jack would be putting himself in danger over his having a leg, but here it was.]

For better and worse, sickness and health...

[He reached up to hold the side of Jack's face, rubbing his thumb along his cheekbone under his eye. He wouldn't lose contact with his eyes, wouldn't give Jack even a moment's doubt that he was being left behind. Where was a damn medic?]

Richer and poorer. Always and forever.

[He couldn't bring himself to discuss death parting them, it was too soon and too real, too much.]

I love you, Jack. Don't worry. [He pressed the ring Jack had put on him tight against his finger, to make certain he didn't lose it] I'll hang on to this. C-come back to me soon, alright? [Shit, his voice wavered, his heart pounding fast enough to support them both]
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Yeah. Yeah- love you, Gene- [He tried to swallow, head heavy against Eugene's hand, eyes half-lidded and trying desperately to keep focus on the wavering shape of his face. Breath rasped tighter, harder to catch, and he tried to force a deep inhalation that sucked and rattled deep in his chest.] -love-

[And then there wasn't any air, only heavy and thick in his throat and he choked out a desperate, lurching cough, voiceless for the lack of air in it. What came up instead was blood, red blood and thick pink foam and he fought to clear it, rolling into Eugene and clinging with quivering, stiff fingers as cough after cough convulsed through him, nothing coming up but blood and nothing going back down but the remnants of what had come up.

But with the breathlessness, after the panic had wound so tight he thought he would shatter, came a calm that rushed over him smooth as a wave. The fear began to fade after a little while, and the cold with it, and any thought of fighting with that. His chest moved as it cared to and he let it, jerking numbly though breath after wet, reflexive, increasingly slow attempt at breath, grip curling and uncurling in unconscious rhythm against Eugene's chest.]
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When would he wake up? When would this be one of those terrible nightmares, night terrors that had him clutching at Jack and getting a tired mumble and clumsy headpat? Instead, he worked to smooth Jack's brow as he coughed-- as he choked on his own blood in his arms and he was helpless to stop this. ]

Shh, it's okay. I know, you don't have to tell me. I've known for what feels like forever, now. That's never going to stop, it might change, but only for better things. Y-you just relax, alright? Not gonna leave your side, so-- [He squeezed Jack's hand, licking his lips as he tried to wet his mouth. He didn't stop talking, just soft reassurances, peppered with i love yous and of how proud he was of how brave he is... All the while feeling his own heart nearly stop when he saw the blood, how it didn't get better, how Jack was getting progressively, rapidly weaker in his arms.]

I love you, and I will hold on to you till you tell me to let go...

[Which would come before he was ready for it, when the convulsions and blood and struggling suddenly just... stopped. When the grip he held on Jack's hand wasn't reciprocated and the spark of emotion in Jack's eyes was gone. He had to suck in a breath-- too loud by his ears, and trembling on the way out. He couldn't get enough air in, his throat was tight and everything blurred, muffled. And he knew he was alone.]

[He didn't recognize the sound he made after that, a mixture between a keen, a sob, and groan. In order to stop it he pressed a kiss to Jack's forehead. Closing Jack's eyes with one hand he positioned him into something less haphazard, more... more sleep-like.]

Don't hurt anymore, love. I-I won't waste this.