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Timey-Wimey Nonsense Part 1

Who: Everyone!
What: The Time Travel Trip 2014
Where: Luceti before it was cool Luceti
Summary: The residents are dragged into the past thanks to John's latest Shift. More information is here and here, and, ICly, here.
Rating: Varied

It's early morning in the quiet enclosure that will someday become Luceti. The sun is rising, birds are chirping in that annoyingly cheery way that makes you want to shoot them out of the trees, and the residents are beginning to wake up. Most of them are heading to work, either to farm, or to build, or to work the shops, or even just to prepare a nice breakfast for their families and neighbours. Everyone has something to do.

And then, out of nowhere, a couple hundred strangers show up in the middle of the woods.

At first there is confusion, and no shortage of caution, from the neighbours; newcomers are common enough, but usually they are announced beforehand, and never in such great numbers. The leaders of the town are called in to ask questions. The newcomers are free to explore, but any aggression will be met in kind; if need be, the Filial of the past will defend their homes. They're hoping it won't come to that, however. You're stuck with one another for a long time, after all.

Thankfully, there is one man who might be able to bring the natives and newcomers together: Tyr.

...And the other guy, maybe. We'll see.

((mingle and explore at will! further questions can be redirected to either of the posts linked above. NPCs will be available for plotty stuff soon.))
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[The best pranks are the ones that aren't harmful. It'll add a nice bit of character to the village provided they don't accidentally plant some kind of carnivorous death tree.]

/Something simple, but silly I think. Maybe a smiley face?/
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[Gosh let's hope not!]

A smiley face? Yes...I think that would work. It would definitely catch attention.
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/We'll have to space it out a bit so the roots don't tangle and choke each other out. Maybe we can find some fruit trees, make it silly and functional./

[There's a sharp tug on the line and Ginia's attention quickly snaps back to fishing. She begins another dance of reeling in and knowing when to give slack before finally hauling up a grumpy catfish.]
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Well there's an ample supply of fruits. I'm sure we can find something.

[And hey! Catfish! Saori looks at it with amusement before casting her own line back out.]

Well that's two. A good start, at least.
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/Clearly the shoe is bringing us luck./

[Ginia removes the hook from the catfish and transports it to the crate. Sorry catfish, you had a nice life and now you'll be a nice meal.]
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[And...they'll spend a little while fishing up dinner before heading home? Because the mun is totally tapped for ideas.]