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A shiny new era is tip-toeing nearer...

Who: Tyr, Leia Organa, Aang, Zuko, Nara Shikamaru, Remy LeBeau, Sheena Fujibayashi, Korra, Tharja, Han Solo, Vash, eventually Theobald and a special guest
What: On a mission to bring Theobald back from the dark side. Contrary to popular belief, they do not have cookies.
When: from October 30th until morale improves
Where: Up the river, across the sea, and into Theobald's lair base
Summary: Tyr gathers his merry band of men and women to take on what will hopefully be peaceful negotiation!
Rating: Varied

See the mission as detailed here and here ICly, and here OOCly. More sub-threads to come as the mission progresses through characters' efforts!

For quick reference, the characters have been selected for the following roles.

Negotiation: Leia, Aang
Stealth: Zuko, Shikamaru, Remy, Sheena
Combat: Korra, Tharja, Han Solo, Vash
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November 9th - Theobald's base

[personal profile] thirdparty 2014-11-12 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
When Theobald learned he had intruders, he'd allowed them to approach. He was not a wholly unreasonable man and though there were many who were eager to simply gut the newcomers, he'd deigned to greet them himself. So he took flight to meet them well before they arrived at the encampment. With him were a few other hugely winged companions who stood behind him to be menacing sentinels to match this strange party who'd come out to meet them. One rebel for every one of Tyr's companions that had arrived.

"You have all traveled a great distance," he said in a booming voice that would one day become the most fearsome of sounds on a battlefield. "But you have done so in vain! Go! Go and crawl back to your masters. I have no words to trade with you."
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[personal profile] savedtheworld 2014-11-12 02:13 am (UTC)(link)
Aang had never meant The General in person on the battlefield. But after all his years in Luceti, he'd heard of him a number of times from a number of people. Most of the time it was a feared enemy, the embodiment of someone who sought only total death and could not be reasoned with... a bigger bogeyman than even the Fire Lord himself.

Most recently, he'd heard of him as a brother and as a caring individual. As someone who should still have good in him.

When he hears that booming voice, there is some fear that rises in him. What if they're too late? No, they can't be. Not with how strongly Julia believes. Aang frowns as he looks towards Theo and holds his hands out in front of him placatingly, his staff having been left back on the boat.

"Please, Mister Theobald! We've come all this way just to speak with you. Won't you please honor us with just one conversation?" He didn't want the other teams to have to intervene. If he could do his job right and make this go peacefully, it could be the most significant victory he could hope for in this world.
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[personal profile] thirdparty 2014-11-12 10:43 am (UTC)(link)
Theobald was a huge man, muscled and thick so that he powered over this group of men and women who came to see him. He was hugely muscled and this became even more apparent when he crossed his two thick arms in front of him. Similarly, his two wings rested like a cloak about his shoulders. His eyes settled on the boy and he snorted in derision, looking for all the world as though he was insulted.

"Am I to treat with a child?" He asked loudly for the benefit of his companions. "Have the others come to hate me so much that they send scrawny whelps to speak for them?" He advanced a pace and glared down at Aang. "What could we possibly speak of, boy? Have you ever killed? Have you tasted death for yourself? I don't smell the stench of blood on you. Not like some of your companions here."
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[personal profile] savedtheworld 2014-11-13 04:19 am (UTC)(link)
He was tall and imposing alright; even the Boulder would look like a shrimp next to him. He holds back a wince as the man glares him down. It doesn't feel good at all to be shamed for being merciful. But he stands his grown and tries to speak with conviction.

"You're only right in some ways, sir. It's true that I have never killed. But I- I still do know what it's like to die. And even if it wasn't in this world, I've talked to a lot of people who have died here." And if he can continue, he'll add on, "The thing is sir, is that on my world I'm what's called the Avatar. It's my duty to maintain balance in my world and to be the bridge between people and spirits."
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[personal profile] thirdparty 2014-11-13 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
"Does this look to be your world?" He asked mockingly. "Do you even know what the spirits are?"
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[personal profile] savedtheworld 2014-11-13 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
"N-no. It doesn't. But that doesn't mean I can't understand or help it. And... I do know about the spirits here. The filial ones... like Kipinn, and Nala."
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[personal profile] thirdparty 2014-11-13 09:47 pm (UTC)(link)
"You give them names, but you do not know them. I sense their taint on you. But have you felt their will? Have you ever felt them dominate mind and soul, so that you became one?" His question was pointed and crucial. This experience was of the utmost importance.
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[personal profile] savedtheworld 2014-11-13 10:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Aang tries his best to stand his ground and stare him down, even as his voice shakes a little against Theo's imposing nature. "I- I honestly don't know if I could say that we were one... but one time, Kipinn was inside me. He made my wings grow to be like yours, and I felt his powers, and I think his will was guiding me."
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[personal profile] thirdparty 2014-11-13 10:12 pm (UTC)(link)
He nodded, seemingly satisfied by that. "Through you, the Spirit had form once more. Kipinn was as he should be. Yet he was diminished and you deign to use his power still. A bridge between man and spirit? Bah! You are little more than a jailer and a fool."
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[personal profile] borntorebel 2014-11-13 10:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Leia steps forward, placing a hand on Aang's shoulder to let him know that she's there. She's unarmed, but after facing Palpatine, she feels ready to face anyone head-on. Her face is friendly, but her perfect posture shows how prepared she is.

"Not everyone here is as unburdened by the weight of death as Aang is, that is true." Her voice is steady and strong. "However, there are those who've come to help everyone on this world, no matter who they are."
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Aang feels some more strength with Leia's support, as he tries to go on against that last fact. He knows so little about what the spirits think or want, that he's not sure how to take Theo's criticism.

"She's right," He nods to acknowledge her words. "And... and maybe I am a fool. I didn't understand everything that was happening at the time when Kipinn was in me. But I still want to learn. I want to understand the spirits and do what I can to help. Do you think that you could tell us... more, sir?"
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[personal profile] thirdparty 2014-11-13 11:09 pm (UTC)(link)
He looked to Leia and glared at her at first, but seemed to accept her words for what they are. Where the General was a man of complete conviction and did not suffer argument, Theobald was less certain. He grimaced and seemed to pause before he gave an answer.

"You offer help and to learn. Do you mean to say you would like to become one of us? We know the only true solution to this world's endless cycle. If that is what you wish to learn, then you are free to become one of my own."
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[personal profile] borntorebel 2014-11-13 11:15 pm (UTC)(link)
"While I can see the generosity in your offer, I must decline it. I have spoken to many people in the short time of my...captivity and all have expressed a desire to return to their respective homes." She can recall nearly every conversation, with those past and present in Luceti, that she's had and that has been the general consensus time and time again.

"That is what I wish to assist in. Your 'true solution' is something I could never agree to nor wish on anyone else."
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[personal profile] savedtheworld 2014-11-13 11:20 pm (UTC)(link)
He shakes his head softly as he stands beside Leia. "I- I can't say that I want to become one of your own, either. I just want us all to talk and try to straighten this out. What you have in mind... How can you be sure that it's the only true solution?" He tries to be calm in his words. He knows he has to be careful in not setting the not-yet-General off.
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[personal profile] thirdparty 2014-11-14 12:08 am (UTC)(link)
He snorted as he looked from woman to boy. "What you speak of is futile. Return to your homes? And what then? Be drawn back again? You condemn yourself to becoming a disease, ever going from one world to another, destroying this one and the one from whence you came. Your selfishness disgusts me. I have forsaken my homeworld as lost and I forsake my name to be a general to these people. I do it all selflessly and without complaint. And I will go to whatever means needed to see it done, no matter what friend or kin stand in my way."
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[personal profile] borntorebel 2014-11-14 12:17 am (UTC)(link)
"What you speak of is giving up hope. Once hope is lost, everything else is inconsequential. And I've not yet begun to let sorrow and despair rule me. I will not start now."

She's used to impossible odds and winning. This is just another instance.

"It is not selfishness. My place is in my home, helping to rebuild and giving freedom to those who've not had it in over twenty years. I won't allow this place to suck all the purpose of my life and wear me down. You speak of forsaking your world and your name. What is it then that you have left?"
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[personal profile] savedtheworld 2014-11-14 12:46 am (UTC)(link)
Things were feeling more tense, and he tried to remember everything Shikamaru had told him about the General.

"It can't be selfish when we have people back when we can help," he states more quietly than Leia. He's not sure if her argument is too impassioned, but he knows that Katara would have gone even further in not dealing his definition of 'selfishness.' Once more he tried to pick his words carefully, "I understand that you consider this to be a great sacrifice. But... but this plan of yours. How far do you think it will get you in the future?"
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[personal profile] thirdparty 2014-11-14 12:54 am (UTC)(link)
"Enough," he growled. "Do you think I haven't heard Tyr tell me this a hundred times? The future will bring this world to a grave. You desolated this great land and tore it from its rightful owners. If this planet is to die, then you will all die with us."

These words made the soldiers behind him clench their weapons tighter, seeming eager for a good fight. They were the veterans of the General's forces and were the elite of the elite. Men and women craved battle with a bloodthirsty ferocity.

Theobald remained calm despite his harsh words. "Go back to your masters! Tell them that war will come and this world will never be conquered."
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[personal profile] borntorebel 2014-11-14 01:24 am (UTC)(link)
Leia holds up her empty hands. She doesn't step forward and she doesn't say anything as she slowly removes feathers from the deep green wings on her back. After the first few, she stops, dry heaving from the pain and sudden dizziness.

"Do you think that I would ask for something like this," it's the first words she's spoken that wasn't calm this entire time, "to happen to me? I would like to find a way to help everyone involved in this conflict, without fighting."

She won't lay down and die either.

"Do you turn yourselves into tyrants trying to protect this world? That is what happens when you kill innocent people to make a point. I've seen tyranny and there will always be those who oppose it."
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[personal profile] savedtheworld 2014-11-14 01:44 am (UTC)(link)
A quiet panic started to set in. Had he failed already? Theobald... the General was declaring war. Leia was ripping out her own feathers. He turned to her with a gasp. "Leia!" And he quickly went to try to support her.

But he also looked towards Theobald. "It's not that simple, Mister Theobald. It can't be. Not when we're the ones who're pulled here and get these wings stuck on us. Not everyone here is a conqueror." He hesitates before adding,"And not everyone is even from this time. Me and Leia... all of us here. We're from years ahead of you. And we know that whatever you're doing... it's not making whatever's inside this planet happy."
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[personal profile] thirdparty 2014-11-14 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
He seemed to hesitate. It was not the rhetoric of tyrants or conquerors that swayed him. In truth, such conversation fell upon deaf ears, because that was the part of him that could not be reasoned with. But the man that still lived inside him faltered and for a moment, he went from the murderous General to being a man with eyes remarkably similar to his sister's eyes.

"No one can breach time," he said in a hushed kind of awe. Yet he did not disbelieve them because there was certainly something that felt different about them. "It has been attempted and it has always failed."
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[personal profile] borntorebel 2014-11-14 01:55 am (UTC)(link)
Leia sees the change, the hesitation, and uses it. "The one you call Romaeus, that we call John, has succeeded. He subjected us to many uncomfortable Shifts within the Luceti enclosure during his experimentation period. But he's managed it. We've been in the past for over a month now." She snorts under her breath. "I miss the library and the Battle Dome most of all."
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[personal profile] savedtheworld 2014-11-14 02:32 am (UTC)(link)
Aang had looked into Julia's eyes when he asked her about her brother, Theobald. So Aang notices this change in his features, his own eyes widening slightly. Could it really be possible?

"In a place like this, nothing can stay impossible forever." Not even ending. "Even if it's failed in the past, years and years from now, Romaeus has made it possible. So that's why we're here. I can try to prove it to you if you want..." he did manage to receive a gift that can potentially be valuable, tucked in a fold of his robes: Shikamaru's cell phone.

"But the point is, we've all suffered so much in the future from the war that you're about to start, and new people still come in all the time. I might not know a lot about whatever's inside this planet, but I don't think it's gotten much closer to being balanced or satisfied."
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[personal profile] thirdparty 2014-11-15 12:17 pm (UTC)(link)
He knew Romaeus to be a clever man, but even that seemed to be beyond his skill. Theobald had waited ages for some clever and scientific means to end the cycle, but nothing had been sufficient. He was skeptical of it and something inside him brewed to rail against them, but some calmer measurement of a man stilled him.

"This world is suffering," he said with a colder hatred that did not belong to the man. But he seemed to soften again. "Give me your proof."
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[personal profile] borntorebel 2014-11-15 03:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Leia breathes a bit easier when she sees that setting herself up as a slightly antagonistic foe has worked out in their favor. It was a gamble, as was the fact that she pulled out enough of the feathers from her wings to hurt and make her slightly ill. She can feel Han's eyes glaring at her and can only imagine the sort of things he'll say and do once they make it out of here.

Because they will.

Aang's made that possible. And she's really very proud of him for doing so.

"Everyone is suffering here," she says softly as she stands again, ignoring the anger and hate in their opposition's voice. She has no clue what the boy's proof is, but she's no doubt that it will help.

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