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Can you do the cranberry sauce?

Who: Everybody! Everybody!
What: The Big Feast!
When: Thursday, November 27
Where: The Battle Dome
Summary: The whole village is invited for a giant celebratory feast at the Battle Dome! Food, festivities, and fun for all. As a side note, Rapunzel would have posted to the journal about this a few days ago to invite everyone and ask for help, so if you want to handwave your character volunteering/talking to her about it, that's perfectly fine!
Rating: T for Tryptophan

Thanks to the help of Luceti's wonderful residents, the feast was ready more or less on time. The Battle Dome had been programmed to look like an old-fashioned great hall, table wall to wall and covered with all sorts of dishes. You want mashed potatoes and gravy? There are mountains. Yams? Got you covered, bro. Baked bean casserole? Naturally! And since Rapunzel is still sort of new to this holiday to herself, some more unusual dishes may have shown up as well. She tried. And don't forget dessert! There's almost as many desserts as regular dishes, from pies to cakes to breads to pudding, so hopefully you saved some room! To drink, there's a variety of punch, spiced pumpkin drinks, and ciders with a hard option for those so inclined.

The hall has been decorated with all sorts of festive touches that the decorating team put up, completing the pleasant harvest-themed atmosphere. So take a seat, eat all you can, enjoy the music and try not to fall asleep too early!
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[more wounds than the physical ones]

No kidding, you're more aggressive. More like violent.

[she grumbles it.]

What stunt?! You're keeping me locked to this stupid beam, Vegeta!!

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Swinging me around like a rag doll, that's what! [Trying to get out of the chains was actually really fun for him, but the swinging around part? Nope.]

Maybe I should leave you there until you rot. Good luck getting those off. If you can manage to find Kakarot, he might be able to free you, but good luck there as well. I haven't seen him in days. [How very Goku of him to NOT EVER BE AROUND.]
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[WUSS it's like a roller coaster]

Because you won't let me go!! [She's getting pissed off too and his new, WORSE SOMEHOW attitude isn't making it any better. They've made progress and this is FLUSHING IT ALL DOWN THE TOILET.]

Who the hell is Kakarot?
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[He's actually surprised that she doesn't know Goku, only because the man manages to make friends everywhere. Even with worms. He'll never forget that.]

How unfortunate. Guess you'll be stuck up here for a while.

[STARTS TO FLOAT BACK DOWN TO THE GROUND NOW he knows if he stays up there and argues with her he'll lose his temper more than he already has and at least he's learned hurting her isn't going to get him anywhere so PUBLIC HUMILIATION SEEMS FITTING]
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[She knows GOKU. Not KAKAROT. Carrot was a name she picked with Naruto for their relative's new baby. Goku got along fine with Naruto so he was cool. And he ate a lot.

At first she stares at him floating down, stunned.]



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[Sensing her chakra explode like that and her scream is enough to cast a satisfied smile across his lips. He continues to float down until his feet tap onto the floor, and with a heavy exhale his hair turns back from the brilliant yellow to his black hair, the electricity dying off as he powers down completely.]

[AND THEN HE PRETENDS HE DOESN'T EVEN HEAR HER. WALKS TO THE TABLE, GRABS THE PLATE OF FOOD SHE MADE HIM, AND SITS DOWN AND EATS IT. It tastes great. If Kushina made some of this food, he's noting that it's amazing and he'll never get to eat her cooking ever again after this. Too bad, but oh well.]
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[So that was interesting. A shouting match and a stupid fight and...Stars Above did Kushina have a voice on her. Bellowing and carrying on like that, Saori figured that she'd somehow been shifted into a bull moose.

And of course Vegeta's being a butthead, so here she comes to save the day. Or at least Kushina's stomach from certain starvation!

Floating on up there, she faces her newly returned friend with a wry expression. Because seriously, you're tied up there like that...gosh.]

Kushina, would you like me to get you down?

[Rhetorical question, of course, because she's already reaching for those energy bands and counteracting them with some simple countermagic. Just give it a sec, cuz she wants you to just hang there and stare at her and hopefully CALM THE HELL DOWN AND STOP SCREAMING]
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[The whole time Kushina has been shouting and cursing about Vegeta and dumb Saiyan princes and whatnot. When Saori shows she suddenly stops and blushes. Especially when she spots that wry look.

Look, it's not her fault. Really.]


[She says it anyway.

Her body goes a bit lax and her head droops. Saori could make a little storm cloud appear above her head and it would fit the image. There's only a little head raise as she watches Saori release her.]

Is everyone alright down there?
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Everyone's fine. Maybe a little deaf, but fine.

[Little clouds do appear, but under Kushina's feet so she doesn't drop to the floor. The spellcraft takes only a moment, dissipating and diffusing the ki, and leaving Kushina free. Saori hovers close, and her fingers reach up to...flick Kushina on the forehead.]

Stars, Kushina. What's gotten into you?
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skip me ofc until they actually get in range of him and/or shout at him haha

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[He glances up at the two of them talking. Great. He's going to get all the blame and going to have to hear about it later from Saori if she completely buys Kushina's side of the story. Maybe she will, maybe she won't, he's sure he'll at least end up talking to her about it somehow. Well, she can remove Kushina from her prison up above- he doesn't care. He grumpily eats the rest of his plate of food, moving onto another plate.

Ignoring both of them for now.]
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[Kushina winces at the mention of deafness, then at the forehead flick, reaching up to touch her forehead and using her chakra (what's left of it) to remain centered on those clouds. She feels like a child getting scolded and if she was younger she might go into a rant about how it's all HIS fault.]

I'm sorry. I lost my temper.

[She doesn't. Losing her temper is not anything new though. They both did but she's not going to apologize for Vegeta's sake. He can do it himself, but she's not going to put the blame entirely on his shoulders. Her eyes stay on the gathering of people and everyone seems to be fine so she can relax. Meanwhile she rubs her wrists a little, flexing her hands.]

He gets on my last nerve and I don't have many to even begin with.
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He can be a thoroughly frustrating individual, I agree.

[Saori isn’t going to play around about that, but she knows what happened, she’d watched the whole affair from the moment the Saiyan barged into the room. She’d felt how angry he’d been, and she can’t quite help but blame Kushina more. Not entirely, but in her mind the whole thing had been egged on by her. He should be better about controlling his temper…but she understands why he is the way he is, now more than ever.]

Don’t worry about the other people, dear. I’d have stopped him if he got too angry. And I’d have called you down the same way, if other guests were in danger.

[The clouds begin to lower, taking Kushina and Saori down towards the floor and the tables, well away from Vegeta. She’s not going to put them anywhere near one another for at least another hour, though she won’t say anything if he comes her way. If he has something to say that’s just words, he can say it.]

I won’t lecture you, Kushina. You know better than that. But I will say that I won’t be willing to intervene, if it happens again.
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[Saori doesn't need to lecture her. Having a deity being the one to get her down and seeing all of that has her embarrassed enough. Having Saori flick her forehead and ask her what's gotten into her is enough.

She's still pissed at Vegeta though. So she's a bit quiet and stolid, staring at the display of food they had all worked together to make and share and celebrate.

A long sigh and she rubs the back of her head. With nothing else to say when she feels the way she does, she can only muster a:]

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[Saori jerks her head towards a table at the back of the room, tugging slightly on Kushina's hand. Come follow friend, let's sit down.]

I didn't even know you were back, dear.

[What a way to find out, too.]
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[Like she has any other choice but to follow! But sitting down is good, yes. Calming down, yes.

Ah, another person saying that. It's Saori too. Even Vegeta had mentioned that she came back. So she says the only thing she can with everything that's happened and how she feels about what she's heard. From everyone.

She keeps rubbing the back of her head.]

I didn't know I left.
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You didn't?

[The goddess frowns and takes a seat when they reach the tables.]

This is going to get really confusing, figuring out who has and hasn't returned and who never left...
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[A small shake of the head at her first question and then she seats herself next to Saori.]

Yeah, it would be. I don't know if there's any sense to it though. Makes more sense just to enjoy the time you get to spend with the friends you make here, ya know?

[Even Vegeta said she was glad she was back. Granted, it was just so he could rile her up since that's his hobby or something.

She frowns at the table a little.]

Is Vegeta still angry?
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[Saori looks down at her hands, folding them together and sparing a glance at Vegeta from across the room. At this distance it was difficult to say, but then...]

Probably. He's slow to cool down, not...terribly unlike a certain ninja I know.

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[He looks annoyed, but not nearly as bad as he did before. Eating has helped. He's on his 4th plate of food and it's pretty good so that made him a little happy.]
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what the balls meng

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[Kushina doesn't look at him so she doesn't run the risk of getting pissed all over again. She just sighs a little, blushes at Saori's comparison.

Kind of sucks to be compared to that guy, but she blushes and grumbles a little.]

... I didn't mean to. Especially not here in front of everyone.

[He just pushes all the wrong buttons. He literally has his fingers pressing down on ALL THE BAD BUTTONS.

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WHY do you not have an EATING icon?!

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[Waving a hand, a couple of plates of food start to float their way. Because they should eat too. She'll let grumpypants calm his but down more before doing anything with him.]

No, I know. Your temper is...oh, what is it Minato said? Legendary?

[Yes that's the word.]

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[Floating food. Kushina stares a little and cautiously grabs said plate as it floats by and sets it in front of her.

It's a good thing she's hasn't taken a bite of anything yet but she sputters. Blushes. Minatooooo...!]

It did give me the nickname The Red Hot-Blooded Habanero.
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[Picking up a deviled egg, Saori smirks and takes a bite while Kushina twitches there, chewing thoughtfully. That fist,]

So, you're an angry pepper then. That makes perfect sense, you know.

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[Tomato crushing FIST.

She pauses, lowering her tomato fist. Yeah, she was.]

Yeah. It does, doesn't it?
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You should have seen her when she was still little.

[Aaaand Minato pipes in so smoothly. Because well, he's just smooth like that. Don't think he didn't see all that fighting earlier, though. He just thought of not intervening when he has a lot of faith in his wife. That, and well, he thinks Vegeta deserves to experience the wrath of the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero first hand.

With his own plate of food, he gives everyone a smile.]

May I join?

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