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Can you do the cranberry sauce?

Who: Everybody! Everybody!
What: The Big Feast!
When: Thursday, November 27
Where: The Battle Dome
Summary: The whole village is invited for a giant celebratory feast at the Battle Dome! Food, festivities, and fun for all. As a side note, Rapunzel would have posted to the journal about this a few days ago to invite everyone and ask for help, so if you want to handwave your character volunteering/talking to her about it, that's perfectly fine!
Rating: T for Tryptophan

Thanks to the help of Luceti's wonderful residents, the feast was ready more or less on time. The Battle Dome had been programmed to look like an old-fashioned great hall, table wall to wall and covered with all sorts of dishes. You want mashed potatoes and gravy? There are mountains. Yams? Got you covered, bro. Baked bean casserole? Naturally! And since Rapunzel is still sort of new to this holiday to herself, some more unusual dishes may have shown up as well. She tried. And don't forget dessert! There's almost as many desserts as regular dishes, from pies to cakes to breads to pudding, so hopefully you saved some room! To drink, there's a variety of punch, spiced pumpkin drinks, and ciders with a hard option for those so inclined.

The hall has been decorated with all sorts of festive touches that the decorating team put up, completing the pleasant harvest-themed atmosphere. So take a seat, eat all you can, enjoy the music and try not to fall asleep too early!
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[At Kushina's reply, Minato gives her a small, lopsided smile as if to say she's most probably right, but being an inquisitive man, he wants to know the real reason.]

May we know why, though, Saori-san?
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[She is not telling anyone about the incident with the crystals. That's their private affair. But there's another easy answer that has nothing to do with romance.]

Because the change in timelines has him on edge. It does me too.