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Can you do the cranberry sauce?

Who: Everybody! Everybody!
What: The Big Feast!
When: Thursday, November 27
Where: The Battle Dome
Summary: The whole village is invited for a giant celebratory feast at the Battle Dome! Food, festivities, and fun for all. As a side note, Rapunzel would have posted to the journal about this a few days ago to invite everyone and ask for help, so if you want to handwave your character volunteering/talking to her about it, that's perfectly fine!
Rating: T for Tryptophan

Thanks to the help of Luceti's wonderful residents, the feast was ready more or less on time. The Battle Dome had been programmed to look like an old-fashioned great hall, table wall to wall and covered with all sorts of dishes. You want mashed potatoes and gravy? There are mountains. Yams? Got you covered, bro. Baked bean casserole? Naturally! And since Rapunzel is still sort of new to this holiday to herself, some more unusual dishes may have shown up as well. She tried. And don't forget dessert! There's almost as many desserts as regular dishes, from pies to cakes to breads to pudding, so hopefully you saved some room! To drink, there's a variety of punch, spiced pumpkin drinks, and ciders with a hard option for those so inclined.

The hall has been decorated with all sorts of festive touches that the decorating team put up, completing the pleasant harvest-themed atmosphere. So take a seat, eat all you can, enjoy the music and try not to fall asleep too early!
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[Rock Lee has been running himself ragged to make sure that this dinner comes together well! Running to and fro to help with every department. Programming the simulation - he just needed an occasional reminder not to program in enemy AIs - and using what he's learned at Seventh Heaven to prepare some of the food for the festivity. And he's even been speeding around, setting up decorations and whatnot. All without signs of breaking a sweat! Rapunzel's back, so he's intent on making sure this special celebratory feast is as special as possible.

And then, once it's time to eat... he waits on people. Lee rushes over to various people in order to ask them:]

Excuse me! What can I get for you? Do you have any comments or complaints?!

[Or in the proverbial B option, after all the food has been eaten, Lee will be going around poking people in the shoulder, in order to collect interest for starting a sparring ring in one corner of the hall!

Also it's his birthday.]
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[Tanyuu had chosen to take some of the decorating duties on herself when the idea of festival had come up. She had been through her share of them during her years in Luceti but she hadn't ceased enjoying them yet. How could she? The liveliness was intoxicating after a life spent in so much silence.
One could find her in the Battle Dome for several days before the 27th, often constructing decorations from a chair. At times she might pull someone aside in a friendly manner to help her hand others. Still one may catch her balancing on her crutch for some.

On the day itself, Tanyuu would help set up the food. One may catch her leaning on her crutch now and then as she brings out new plates and such. She always seems to be in a bright mood regardless, chattering with whoever takes the time to make conversation with her.

One thing to note is her intrigue with more western styles of dishes. The deviled eggs in particular interest her.

And at some point in the evening she'll step outside for a smoke. Because it's just rude to smoke inside, okay.]
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[Ralph's around, and you can bet he'll be doing his fair share of pigging out. First he helps out with the decorations - being nine feet tall, he doesn't exactly need any kind of ladder, but his size will cause him to accidentally crush some decorations every now and then.]


[Otherwise, yes, he can be found during the feast, fully relishing the chance to eat like a king. Watch the big guy down lots and lots of food, even the odd dishes.

And finally, as things wind down, he's lying beached on the ground somewhere, in food coma mode.]
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[Before the feast, Beast can be found climbing walls or employing a ladder to apply Rapunzel's selected decor all over the Battle Dome. Thankfully, at seven-and-a-half feet he can reach most places, because he sure doesn't know how to use that ladder properly. Somebody should give him a hand before he hurts himself.

During the feast, he will be sitting at a table doing what he's always done at big gatherings in Luceti: eating. This isn't a holiday he celebrates at home, but he can always be thankful for good food! Maybe you're sitting next to him. Maybe he wants a dish down your way. Maybe he's forgotten his manners and you are a little concerned with his habits...

And after that, Beast takes it easy and settles his meal by catching up - he has yet to see everyone since he's returned, after all, and over a year of being gone? Much has changed.]
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[He has never heard of this Thanksgiving thing, but Zuko wasn't about to complain about a holiday where all you did was eat good food. Sounds pretty great to him. And everyone has this guy to thank for all the fresh turkey that's on the table. Even though he's still recovering, Zuko had been tired of resting and went hunting. Though he had enough strength to do so, he did make sure not to push himself too hard. Eley's presence certainly made it easier.

He had managed to get enough birds to feed everyone, having lucked out in finding a huge flock of turkeys not far from the village. He also managed to get a couple ducks, Though he did have to recruit some help to prepare all of that meat. Thanks for that Sokka.

A bit exhausted from all of the hunting, Zuko is here, but Eley will probably do more talking than him.

Also, having heard something about Indians and pilgrims for this holiday, Zuko has made a turkey feather headdress for the occasion as well. Having seen a picture of one in the library, he thought it was pretty cool. And might as well put all those feathers from the turkeys to use.]

((OOC: Note that Eley and Zuko might be switching back and forth to expect replies from one or the other or both!))
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[Before everyone arrives, Saori is hard at work helping in the kitchens, more than willing to lend a hand in preparing the feast. There might, after all, be hungry Snorlaxs and Saiyans around...which means that they'll need all the food they can get. Thanksgiving is not really a holiday she celebrates, but she's aware enough of it to have a basic understanding of how it all works. The foods are different from what she usually prepares in her own kitchens, but they seem like a good mashup that she can't resist taking a little sniff or sneaking a bite to try some particularly curious thing (Cranberry sauce, stuffing, etc) before the actual meal starts.

During the feeding frenzy she's sampling little bits and pieces of everything, not pigging out but certainly not eating slowly either. With a cup of cider and an entire pitcher of water that seems to refill itself, she's drinking to her hearts content too. If something is out of reach, a little gust of wind might just pick it up and bring it to her, and her plate seems to have an unusually high number of deviled eggs on it. People around her will be talked to, of course...but as the food coma begins to settle, coupled with the seasonal lethargy that hits her every winter, Saori might fall asleep at the table, very possibly mid sentence.

After the feast itself, Saori is more of a floater, moving from table to table to eat little bits and talk with friends about anything and everything. She seems brighter than usual, completely at ease and clearly enjoying the atmosphere, while movement keeps her awake and alert. Large meals like this bring out the best in her, and the fact that there's a seemingly endless supply of deviled eggs certainly doesn't hurt either.]
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[Jade has a number of reasons not to be here. He's not exactly one for celebrations or sentiment in general. And he's tried to distance himself from Rapunzel ever since a shift made them family members - and other complicated events occurred, such as her saving his life.

Despite that, Jade does make a brief appearance during the dinner. He eats a simple meal from the various offerings and strikes up conversation with those around him. Evidently, this event is simply an excuse to rub elbows with some of his citizens and look into a lot of the oddities occurring in Luceti. How many new arrivals are around? How many remember only the altered timeline of Luceti? Could this gravy be a little less flat?

All burning questions, to be sure. Once he's had his fill of food and information, he'll be ready to skulk out as mysteriously as he had appeared.]
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[You know, she really likes you humans, but your inefficiency in the way of partying is sort of disturbing to her. While all you tall people are reaching for ladders and hanging streamers one at a time, a certain tiny pastel horse is riding about what can only be described as nineteenth-century artillery. Once she reaches a particularly bare spot on the wall, she'll fire the cannon, and with a boom loud enough to wake the dead, you'll be quite pleased to find the wall now covered in streamers, balloons, and a healthy helping of glitter.

During the feast, Pinkie will be helping herself to everything sweet she can find, from sweet potatoes, to sweet corn to-- oooh, is that candy spaghetti? This party is amazing.]
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[Guess who missed the memo about there being a Thanksgiving feast in the Battle Dome, the most sacred of training grounds. As he walks in and finds the festivities, his face scrunches in irritation.



This is MY chamber, what do you think you're doing EATING in it?! Go stuff your faces somewhere else!

[He's barging in on you and your friends who are enjoying a lovely turkey/ham/whatever they eat dinner. He wants to train and he's just going to have to deal with the fact that for this one day he's not going to be able to.]


[HE GAVE IN and he's still a Saiyan and he still likes to eat so. He's putting that sword away that he's got and grabbing food. He can really put it away too, and that's obvious by how fast he's eating. The sheer size of servings he's gorging on is definitely out of this world, and it looks like he's not stopping for anything.

At least he's not being messy about it. A prince has to be sort of graceful, right?]


[Oh look, he's going for his 6th serving of food. See that last bit of your favorite dish? His hand is traveling towards it and he's going to take the last portion.]


[Unlike most fighters, after eating almost everything in sight and sporting a full stomach, a Saiyan is ready to fight- and now that he's fed he'd like to fight someone. He looks like he's ready for a brawl, that is why he came here today. Well, to train. But if he can get a match in, that'd be great too.

People who have a large ki/chi/chakra/anima/energy are prime targets for him, trying to sense strong fighters since it looks like everyone's here for the festivities.]
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[ Oh top of the decorations provided by the battle dome there will be a constant flurry of falling leaves around the entire hall. They're, yellow, browns, reds and oranges and they disappear once they hit the floor. It's a little magic Helios decided to use to spice things up a bit as he was part of decorating duty . Otherwise he'll be setting some delicious pumpkin, cream cheese filled, cupcakes down at one of the many long tables lined with food. Lots of pies and lots of pumpkin spiced things all made by the variety of residents now gathering at the battle dome.

Pumpkin, pumpkin everywhere! He'll be mingling about the area walking up to those he knows and those he doesn't and tapping them lightly on the shoulder with a cordial and happy smile. ]
How is everything?
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[Wan Shi Tong is here. ... To observe. Have a creepy 20 foot tall owl standing in the corner, practically looming over one of the tables as he watches people eat and mingle... or yell at things like Vegeta over there.

The Knowledge Spirit is here gathering knowledge, about more of these strange human holidays. They just keep getting weirder and weirder.

Feel free to approach this stoically perplexed spirit who stares at you with dark judging eyes. Spirits don't need to eat, so there's no reason for him to partake. Or so he thinks. He's still reeling from all that candy he injested during Halloween. His little Knowledge Seeking Fox is at least looking happy enough. That one has taken it upon himself to swipe a turkey leg, and is gnawing on it happily. ... The traitor.]
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[Before the party, Link can be found here and there, helping with the decorations. Okay, he's occasionally getting distracted - all these new people, all these familiar faces - but he'll be on task. Mostly.]

[And then during the party, he's on entertainment duty! He can be found playing music, switching between the ocarina and the guitar as necessary. Of course, he'll also be stuffing his face with as much food as humanely possible in his breaks.]

[...Okay, so it's mostly desserts.]
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[The teenage monk (who, again, has been getting taller and now has a small beard) is here ad eager to help! Before the feast he alternates between helping to set up decorations and helping with the food. He'll be riding a small ball of air up the wall to help set up some high-up decorations.

Once it's time to eat, he'll be taking his seat and helping himself to some vegetarian dishes, many of which he prepared himself. He'll be quick to talk to any friends, sometimes through a mouthful of food.

Then, after the food, he decides to put on some entertainment. He finds himself a corner and shows off some airbending tricks for anyone who wants to see. Mostly it'll be the marble trick and variations thereof.]
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[Sayo has of course volunteered herself to help with the food! She can make rice and fish for people (some things never change), and of course stewed vegetables and the like. She also spends her time stirring things and making sure the supplies are plentiful enough. Ultimately, though, she's mostly found intensely studying every dish, because she's not sure what most of these consist of.

What on earth is this one??

She stands there with her head tilted, thoughtful.

It could be anything.

Are those supposed to be noodles? It's at least colorful. Hmm.]
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[This is a kind of weird scene: Nicholas D. Wolfwood, back from the land of the dead, he thinks. It's been rough, trying to adjust to his new yet old life — he's done a lot of goddamn soul searching, a lot of silent moments where he's trying to sort out his thoughts. For one thing, he may never see his wife again. For another, he's missed at least two years of Noah's life. But lingering on that right now, when he's got his son back?

That would be a sin, in his mind. So he sucks it up and deals with it, and forces himself to move forward, because that's what Noah deserves and what Milly wants. He swaps out carrying around his Punisher on his shoulders, and instead, he can be seen carrying around his son. Noah is a quiet boy, focused on studying everyone else — looks a lot like his dad, skin tanned and hair black, though his eyes are far bluer than his father's.

Wolfwood is just relieved that Noah seems to be taking to him. The first few days had been full of dread and uncertainty, never knowing if he'd be some stranger in the boy's eyes for forever. He's not really sure what Noah does and doesn't remember of his stay with his old family (does he remember? he's so quiet, but he has things he enjoys more than others; does he just not want to say anything? kids who are nearly three should be talking more...)

They spend a lot of the time at the food, and Wolfwood is constantly passing up sweets for Noah to chew on. He doesn't particularly mind that the boy's hands are getting sticky, and therefore is messing up his hair. He's not sure what they're feasting about, but if it's newcomers, he's totally allowed to be in the group. Even if he's from years ago. Yup.]
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It's dancing time!

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[Deadpool will be leading some dances, and you might not have a choice of going on the dance floor, a few unwilling participants might be bodily moved on to the dance floor. There are times when you want things nice and orderly, for everything else, there is Deadpool.]

Get yourselves on the dance floor, if you're pretty head out to the dance floor, if you're witty head out to the dance floor! If you're on the fence and sort of in that that looks like fun, but I'm not a great dancer, do it anyway, or else!

[Clearly the best person to be in charge of dancing. There are a variety of dances that he is going to be doing. The time warp, gangnam style, macarana, locomotion, jumping on it, jump around, 1-2 step, the twist, as well as a variety of others. ]
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[One of those odd dishes? Pancakes. Really light, fluffy ones! Considering it was Cloche's best dish (aka the only one she really knows how to make damn well) and she wanted to help, well... she had made more than enough! A couple of different types of syrups, as well as jams and butter were made available as well. Cloche, before any of the festivities really get into full swing, is definitely around and eating most of the sweet stuff (though she has some... non-sweet stuff on her plate.)]

[Afterward, Cloche is going to be helping out with music by singing! She'll be trying to keep it upbeat, with a few slower songs on occasion for those ~special moments~ that will likely pop up. She does take some breaks for Link to do his thing as well so she can get herself some punch and to visit with friends and familiar faces.]
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[Karla hasn't thought about what she would do with herself today, or even tomorrow, considering the plans she had made to duel with her brother and die from it.]

[Even now, she's still thinking about that as she browses over the table filled with such extravagant foods. Then she shakes it off. Why is she thinking about that anyway? Since she's still alive, she might as well make the most of it.]

Oh well...

[She remarks to herself as she begins gathering a variety of foods onto her plate.]
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[For years, Rei had avoided these sorts of gatherings. She didn't really like the idea of going to a place to celebrate with this many people, and she didn't really care about the meaning of this particular holiday. But this year? With the war never dealt with, the events between her and Fenimore, in addition the various other little triumphs that'd come her way, Rei has more than enough to be thankful for and she knows it.

Dressed in white, a classy dress with red trim, the young woman enters the party like a completely different person than the first time she'd attended a party in Luceti. She's tried to dress up, changing out of her priests robes and attempting to put on an air of elegance. She has nobody she'd want to impress of course, given her current state of attachment, but it's meant to be a change. Something new, something she feels like she'll want to remember.

Rei takes a spot out of the way, content not to socialize while she eats unless socialized with, but she's got a plate filled with a small assortment of most things. A glass of some spiced drink not far from her hand, Rei watches the lively atmosphere with a sort of cheerful detachment. Even if she isn't putting herself out there, she's still a part of this, and that's enough to make her happy.

Smiling, she waves at people she knows, and strangers too. Anyone who sits nearby can fully expect a conversation as the congenial atmosphere takes root in even the most closed off of young ladies. As the evening progresses, friends and companions will receive a tap on the shoulder and a warm greeting too. Tomorrow she'll probably be back to her icy self, but today she's thankful to be here in this weird little town with it's weird little people.]
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[ Haruhi no doubt assisted with the decorations of the like of this party, but she herself...? No, she was mostly uninvolved with the actual hosting of it. Really, she should be, but something's got her pensive. There's a lot to be thankful for - so many people returning, a lot of them familiar to her even if some of her closest ones aren't back - but the mood is different. Something is off about how some people hold themselves, and while she's gotten very, very used to this world, it feels like other people who should be used to it as she is aren't, or are seeing it for the first time all over again.

Maaaybe she's thinking too hard on it. Either way, she's not going out of her way to dance or to may merry, but she'll hardly oppose someone pulling her into either. Or hell, just gently tapping it. Or seeing someone else who needs it more than her. Her dress is simple and red, and she knows she has a fair bit to be glad for here in the end, and it's not like se's opposed. The night just feel more reflective to her than anything.

Still. Food. Dance. She's here for it. Socializing. ]
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[ Rin did a lot of cooking for this, of course he did. He helped with the prep work, made sure stuff in order, helped out people who might need help, and so if you want a thread in that capacity, there's that. In light of this, he does come to the festivities---

Well between this, some of the stuff at the end of the journey to the past, his canon update, working many over-shifts at Seventh Heaven to account for all the new people, and other things, he's kinda run himself ragged. So he comes into the feast planning to socialize and eat and ends up just falling asleep in some corner of the room. Wake him up if you want, he's probably drooling a bit and he sleeps with his eyes open so he might look creepy too ]
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[ If you run into Masaomi Kida here, he's going to have a smile on his face as he buzzes between every table, every person, every food, and generally tries to talk with everyone. Flirt with every woman. Dance with people who'll have him. There's a number of topics but one which might come up more than he thinks is:

"Maaaah, did we really need to go for this rustic atmosphere?"

... Okay so the vibe isn't his favorite. Sue him.

Still, it's a party, he's glad for this new future, it's nice to see some people again, why not. Let's have at, folks. ]
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[Feasts weren't particularly familiar events to Terra, but that didn't stop him from agreeing to go with Ven when he had brought it up. His abrupt return to Luceti had left him in search of something to take his mind off of the morbid events that had occurred back home, and he started falling back into the habit of training -- though now he would sometimes take it to the extreme of training until he was too tired to think straight.

But a feast, a joyous reason to be around people and whatever entertainment they could muster in the growing cold... Well, he would take it. He could almost imagine Aqua chiding him for overworking himself and possibly worrying his friends with his behavior.

But while Aqua might chide Terra, Ven's eered more on the side of concern. It's been strange seeing Terra act so troubled. Sure, he'd throw himself into his training before, but this was taking it to the next level! The fact that Terra was so willing to tag along was enough to bring a smile to his face, but just in case, Ven opted to take a little extra initiative.

So, as they made their big entrance, Ven waved to the crowd, trying to get their attention. What Terra needed was some new friends to help make him feel at home, and Ven wasn't about to rest until he succeeded.]

[ooc: Joint thread with Terra ([personal profile] erodingearth! Come get yer healthy dose of Keyderp!]
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[Grune can be found going here and there (and here and there and here and there...she keeps forgetting where she's going), doing her best to make sure everyone is having a good time. Some of the desserts are hers, as well as a few of the decorations--although she needed a bit of help finishing up both.

When she finally sits down to eat, she has a little bit of everything. It's all so delicious and everyone worked so hard. She can't leave anyone's food out!]
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[Sophie has, for the most part, recovered her equilibrium after being reunited with her absent friends. She's a little quieter than usual, but that still doesn't stop her from scampering about and attempting to wheedle all the dessert from everyone she even vaguely knows. Better hope people are firm or her guardians catch her at it, or there's going to be a big bellyache for a little girl in the near future.]

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