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Who: House 44 bros and their friends/family (basically anyone is invited to come)
What: Ugly sweater Christmas party! (Ugly sweaters are not mandatory but are welcome)
When: December 20th
Where: House 44
Summary: A party with hideous sweaters, good food and good company.
Rating: PG!

time for joy and time for cheer )

((ooc; Let's just pretend Helios made an announcement for this and everyone is invited! People can make open top-level comments and tag around as you see fit~)
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Who: Everybody! Everybody!
What: The Big Feast!
When: Thursday, November 27
Where: The Battle Dome
Summary: The whole village is invited for a giant celebratory feast at the Battle Dome! Food, festivities, and fun for all. As a side note, Rapunzel would have posted to the journal about this a few days ago to invite everyone and ask for help, so if you want to handwave your character volunteering/talking to her about it, that's perfectly fine!
Rating: T for Tryptophan
Ah, cranberry sauce a la Bart. )
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Who: Everyone!
What: The time-traveling group returns to find an invasion of newcomers.
When: November 20th and Onward
Where: Luceti enclosure
Summary: Who let all these New Feathers in here!? ...Wait, that guy's familiar...
Rating: May vary, as usual high ratings should be taken elsewhere

The adventure to the past is over; the villagers have all been sent home to their own time. But things are different. The changes of the past have echoed into the future. And the world has responded in the strangest way. Why are so many people here all of a sudden? And why are their memories such a mess?

Who really knows?
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Who: Everyone!
What: The Time Travel Trip 2014
Where: Luceti before it was cool Luceti
Summary: The residents are dragged into the past thanks to John's latest Shift. More information is here and here, and, ICly, here.
Rating: Varied

Set your clocks for nostalgia time )
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Who: Anyone who wants/is forced to come
What: Speed Dating!
When: Today (Saturday) afternoon-ish
Where: The Rec Center
Summary: Details here, Roster here!
Rating: PG/13/T/R/god I don't know there's too many people

[Much like last year, the rec center is decorated and freshly cleaned, with a plethora set up throughout the main floor. Each set includes a small table and two chairs facing each other. Along with number plates to help direct people to their partners, there is a small pile of coloured paper cards, stacked down, and pencils on every table.

Further back there is a collection of couches forming a lounging circle, as well as a couple of tables with drinks and snacks all set up and ready to be eaten. And yes, the fantastic rainbow cookies from the year before have made a reappearance. No doubt they'll disappear just as fast. The lounge area has a recycled sign from last year that says, "If you find yourself on a turn without a date, come hang out!", and this year, a new weird-looking potato man is hanging on the wall. ...But whatever.

All in all, the whole place looks ready for a big event, and when enough people have gathered - and the clock ticks to the agreed starting time - Teddy and Billy step forward to get things moving at last.]

Love makes the world go round )
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Who: Anyone who volunteered
What: A very special mission that will fill you with a youthly sense of purpose. Or something.
When: July 20th - July 24th
Where: The enclosure of Pagoda
Summary: Mission detailed here. There are survivors to help and buildings to repair, and plenty more to keep the volunteers on their toes.
Rating: PG-13 for reasons

Direct further questions here!
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What: Potluck mentioned here
When: Saturday the 14th
Where: Welcome Center~
Summary: Helios thought throwing a potluck get together for the entire enclosure would be a good thing.
Rating: PG unless it goes horribly wrong!
Today was the perfect day for a town gathering. )

((ooc; as with all large gatherings just make your own top level comment and comment around~))
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Who: All Draftees
What: This is your death. Followed by your time-traveling life and desperate bomb hunting.
When: From May 22 to May 20 to early May 23 (days 1-4)
Where: Zompania
Summary: Information post here
Rating: Varies on thread, please mark explicit material.

This post is for the draftee-only portion of the Zompania draft--the day 3 death, time travel to day 1, and then the events until the arrival of the reinforcements. Be sure to use the above info post for any plotting needs you might have. Enjoy!

Please note that there is a specific top-level comment thread for:

All other threading, from day 1 until the reinforcements arrive, should be conducted as normal.

Be sure to tag this post appropriately: [canon] character name


May. 20th, 2014 05:18 am
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Who: Red, Red's pokémon, and everyone that got invited which is anybody Red knows. ANYBODY.. also dude if you just wanna wander on in because food and people and a soothing flower smell go right ahead. Also it's Helios ([personal profile] folklorist) and Saori's ([personal profile] windandrain) castle place.
What: CAKE. please mingle. i guess. or talk about cake.
When: April 24th (divine backdating)
Where: House #44 which is actually a 4 story tower. Cool beans.
Summary: Helios said about hey why not invite people to celebrate Venusaur's evolution with cake. And so Red did. All he did was invite people.
Rating: C for cake (unlikely to be anything beyond U??)

red didn't mean to invite people like i wasn't gonna do this )
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Who: Rei and close CR
What: Rei’s 18th Birthday
When: April 17th
Where: Tsukino Shrine and House 3
Summary: Rei has a birthday, and she doesn’t really know what to make of it. Minako and Ami, however, have other plans, and organize a small get-together.
Rating: PG because birthday? If this changes, I’ll update.

Even if she doesn’t want one... )
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Who: Everyone who wants to be here!
What: Total Recall 2014
When: The first week of the event, roughly April 9th-16th, give or take a few days depending on your character's timeline.
Where: All over Luceti, presumably
Summary: Chaos! Madness! Unreasonable happenings! You know the drill. Alternatively: characters wake up and sigh because god, not this again.
Rating: Varied. Anything frisky goes to appointments as per usual, chums.

Due to the size and variation of this event, it's probably best to have several logs for it to avoid one getting overcrowded and broken. Feel free to have your characters post their own entries, of course, if you'd prefer- you're more than welcome! This is for people who like to consolidate. Another log ought to be posted around the 16th for round 2.
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Who: Fairly open! Raine is targeting varying levels of CR, be it student or friend or otherwise, but anyone casually visiting the tea house or even just crossing her path at the time is welcome to get roped in also.
What: Shard of Loneliness + Heart of Chaos plot!
When: Friday, April 4th! (Though some befores/afters are also welcome)
Where: Around Luceti / Celsius Tear (Tea Shop)
Summary: Seems like Raine isn't feeling or acting like her usual self today... are you sure you don't want to stay for tea?
Rating: idk!

all the lonely people where do they all belong )

*threadjacking and making your own sections is welcome! Also the weather is overcast/stormy.
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Who: Helios + magic bros, brosis and anyone interested in magic!
What: Magic club meeting~
When: Backdated to Saturday March 29th
Where: Outskirts of town
Summary: Another meeting for people to talk, experiment and show off them powers
Rating: PG
Come one come all )
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Who: Helios and YOU
What: Celebrating good times
When: Today all day
Where: The new cafe where Cloud Nine used to be.
Summary: Helios is celebrating his 4 years of being in Luceti with food and a good time.
Rating: PG
Sit down for a bite to eat )

((ooc: Anyone can start their own top comment tag/mingle with other people. There aren't going to be any specific top level comments so just have fun with it~))
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Who: Anyone! (Teachers, students, newcomers welcome, anyone who might be at the battle dome around 1-3 pm, etc)
What: School and other related activities!
When: November 11th-28th (week 1 11th-14th; week 2 18th-21st, week 3 25th-28th)
(Classes run from 9 AM-roughly 2:30 PM, and feel free to include before and after-school activities)
Where: School / Battle dome
Summary: It's been a quiet few weeks in Luceti, but school is still in session! Check out the OOC post if you want to plot details!
Rating: A+

i will not throw my eraser at the students )

As always, you're not limited to the headers! These are just some suggestions as to what's going on, but they aren't the be-all-and-end-all of what can be played with! Chat with each other, set up things! It's meant to be for CR! Also, please add your character to the roster here if they're attending, and please update if there are any changes! Thanks!
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Who: Everybody
What: Lucetians reverted back to level one!
When: Well. Now. Right away. It ends on the 25th, so chop chop.
Where: In Luceti. You think you guys are getting out of here after that stunt you just pulled?
Summary: Well. So sometimes the Malnosso actually do legitimate experiments that aren't heaped in heavy plot. This is one of those times. Look, just go read the mod post, would you?
Rating: P for Prologue-licious.

Remember to tag with your character like so: [canon] character name

ALSO, all the journals will be completely wiped clean for the duration of this event. Nothing prior to this log will appear on the journals until after the 25th. So good luck figuring things out!
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Who: Belle, Beast, and whoever wants to come!
What: Slumber Party
When: Friday 13th, in the evening.
Where: House 17
Summary: Belle is throwing a slumber party open to the whole village! it's a totally gender equal thing
Rating: PG? PG-13? R because of Isaac?
Gettin' down on Friday )
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Who: Teachers, Students, anyone dropping in for the open classes, gatecrashers, etc
What: First Week of School
When: September 16th-19th
(Classes run from 9 AM-roughly 2:30 PM, and the log can include before and after-school activities)
Where: The school! (someday there'll be a cohesive layout for this)
Summary: The new year of school is finally underway, with testing, a look into classes, and general interaction for all involved.
Rating: A+

Before things go wonky, let's get this rolling! )

As always, please add your character to the roster here and update if there are any changes!
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Who: Everybody, everybody!
What: The battle is won. Now what?
When: The eleventh, twelfth, and onward
Where: Luceti
Summary: With Zompano dead and the cultists routed, Luceti is restored. Kind of.
Rating: F for Feels
Once again the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls! )

Modly Note: That wraps up the event. As noted in the prose above, you have the option to play up the after effects of the event more than in other ones. While it won't have the same impact universally, the Shift was constructed in such a way that people may have difficulty shaking off the emotions they developed during the event. In effect, it was a cruel send off to Luceti so they would have to deal with the loathing and hatred that came with the less desirable parts of it. Of course, that means the feelings of familial bonds will also persist for awhile as well. It's up to you, as players, to decide how much or little to play with it!
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[personal profile] lucetimods
Who: Everyone
What: The second part of the experiment. Things begin to unravel.
When: August 7th - August 10th
Where: Luceti itself
Summary: Check out the mod post for more. This covers Day 6-9!
Rating: Varies with thread. Please move explicit stuff to appointments post with appropriate warnings.
You can be whatever you want when you're high )
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[personal profile] lucetimods
Who: Everyone
What: The start of a new experiment... or is it?
When: August 2nd - August 6th
Where: Luceti itself
Summary: Luceti has become an idyllic and peaceful 50s-esque village. The first few days are just business as usual, right?
Rating: Varies with thread. Please move explicit stuff to appointments post with appropriate warnings.
*insert Leave it to Beaver theme* )
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Who: Residents of House 44
What: a rooftop barbecue!
When: July 18th, evening
Where: ...On the roof. Of Castle House 44. Where else would a rooftop barbecue be?
Summary: It seems rather silly that some residents have only caught glimpses of one another in passing, so it's time for a household gathering.
Rating: Presumably PG?

There have been a lot of comings and goings in House 44 over the past few months. The result is that while everyone does know who else lives in the house, they may not know much more than that about their fellow housemates. It seemed high time to fix that, so everyone has set this evening aside.

The castle rooftop is set up for a barbecue. Food readily available, as are places to sit and eat it. The menu is mostly typical barbecue fare, but a few special treats have worked their way in as well. Around the edge of the roof, every second stone glows with steady light, the dragon's contribution to the festivities.
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Who: Everyone!
What: New Feather Beach Party!
When: June 18th, 1:00 until...whenever!
Where: The Beach
Summary: Funtime Ocean/Beach Shenannigans!
Rating: G-PG

It's been a lot of hard work, but the New Feather Party is set up and ready to go! A make-shift canopy has been set up, underneath which are a few small tables covered with various foods, some made by Welcome Center staff(though people are encouraged to bring dishes of their own to share!) along with some small ice-filled coolers full of various drinks. There are also a few beach balls, some buckets full of water balloons and some small water pistols (All Pilouette could find were the basic kind; no pumps here!) scattered about for for a bit of fun in the hot weather.

((OOC: There are subthreads, but feel free to post your own top level comments as well!))
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Who: Helios and anyone/everyone/magic bros/interested people
What: Magic Club revival meeting
When: July 16th midafternoon
Where: Down by the western lake
Summary: Helios promised to have a magic club meeting and that is what he going to do.
Rating: PG
Cannot believe it's not so )

((ooc: Let's pretend that Helios sent out varying notifications for everyone for the magic club meeting. Even people who aren't magically inclined are free to stop by and just watch/ask questions. Filial spirit users are also free to come by as well! Innate magical abilities are not the only things accepted~))
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[personal profile] folklorist
Who: Helios Sprensonne + anyone else + friends of Eleytheria
What: Tree planting for Eley
When: Afternoon of the 6th
Where: By the Cherry Blossom tree
Summary: Helios promised to plant Eleytheria a very important and symbolic tree from his home world here. And this little gathering is the result!
Rating: PG
And give it love and care so that a tree may grow )

((ooc; If anyone is a friend of Helios/Eleytheria they'll be an assumed announcement in the morning about this little event going on. Anyone/everyone is welcome to join in on the occasion and basically just posting and threading around is fine! Get your green thumb on!))
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[personal profile] folklorist
Who: Helios Sprensonne ([personal profile] folklorist) & Max Woodville ([personal profile] abjurer)
What: Having a nice romantic day for Max's birthday
When: 23rd of June
Where: Near the beach and ocean
Summary: Helios is giving Max a nice, quiet, romantic present for his first birthday in Luceti.
Rating: Probably PG-13
Hoist up the sails for a day at sea )
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[personal profile] 250mhzwabl
Who: Anyone who heard the announcement, caught a flier in the plaza, of heard by word of mouth. Everyone's welcome!
What: A rave! Well, "rave." Luceti makes everything a little different.
When: June 21st, nightfall to early morning
Where: the beach near Adele's house
Summary: It's the first day of summer! This calls for bonfires, naturally, but why not spice it up with loud music, flashing lights, drinks, dancing, and a conspicuous lack of curfew?
Rating: PG to PG-13, please move anything steamier to appointments or Adele will take the hose to you

oontz oontz oontz )
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[personal profile] windandrain
Who: Anyone and Everyone
What: A party to celebrate the longest day of the year
When: June 21st, Noon to Nightfall
Where: The Southern Lake
Summary: Helios and Saori decided to host a party with food, dancing, and friends to mark the solstice, the birthday of a friend, and several other personal things. Residents volunteered to help get it together, and now all the work is done so it's time to set aside their troubles and enjoy summer!
Rating: PG to PG-13 at most (For language most likely)
I am a weary of this moon; would he would change! )
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Who: Everyone's invited!
What: The Cultural Fair
When: June 5th- 12th - admittedly dates are sort of nebulous - set up could have begun as early as the 5th, but given the event recently, more days could have been taken to do it and for people to involve themselves, so it probably "officially" starts a little later (by the 8th at the very least, though work can go on throughout it) - feel free to use your judgement/have fun!
Where: All around the town square!
Summary: Here.
Rating: ... who knows?!

Notes )

For ideas/reference on how it was handled last time, feel free to look through here! There's no official signup, so go forth!
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[personal profile] lucetimods
Who: People in Luceti
What: Spiritual possession
When: The 26th to the 1st
Where: Luceti!
Summary: Check out the previous mod post.
Rating: If it gets smutty, move it somewhere private.
Additional information on the event. Be sure to read! )
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[personal profile] lucetimods
Who: Everyone and everyone's evil twin.
What: Drama! Romance! Gripping soliloquies! Otherwise known as our SOAP OPERA EVENT.
When: April 26th - April 30th
Where: All 'round town and coming to a TV guide near you.
Summary: For more information, see this post.
Rating: Keep it PGish! Take anything too raunchy to your appointments posts, darlings.

Log for any and all events around town during the event. But also feel free to do your own posts as well! And yes, this will be the only mass log for the whole weekend.

reminded: (That concludes the lecture.)
[personal profile] reminded
Who: SCHOOL PEOPLE and all interested parties! Students, tutors, teachers, and anyone who wants to poke their head in.
When: SCHOOL... from Monday, April 15th to Thursday the 18th, 9:00-2:30 every day.
Where: SCHOOL.
Summary: SCHOOL re-opens following the impromptu break caused by the TERRACE draft.
Rating: A+


((OOC: For the sake of efficiency, let's say an announcement regarding the date of the school's re-opening went up on the journal network the week before. If you haven't put your character on the school roster yet, please head over here and do so!

If you'd like to have your character doing things outside of the threads already set up, feel free to create new ones! Have fun and make friends.))
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[personal profile] folklorist
Who: Close friends of Rei Hino's and one other guest
What: Birthday party surprise times!
When: April 17th
Where: Tsukino Shrine around 7pmish
Summary: Rei is getting a surprise birthday party!
Rating: PG
A very merry birthday. )

((ooc; For the sake of not hurting my hands trying to juggle both a post and a log I'm just going to handwave Helios putting up the announcement over the journals to help set things up for Rei's party. If you're character is a close acquaintance/friend of Rei's they're more than welcome to stop by!))
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Who: All Draftees
What: All hell breaks loose
When: From the 27th to the 1st.
Summary: Information post here
Rating: Varies on thread, please mark explicit material.

This post covers the second to sixth day! Be sure to check the info post on the timeline to know what's up. At 2AM on the 27th, the attack will break out while most people are sleeping. Be sure to use the above info post for any plotting needs you might have. Enjoy!

Some random NPC quotes about the island itself.

Be sure to tag this post appropriately: [canon] character name
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[personal profile] lucetimods
Who: All Draftees
What: Arrival at TERRACE
When: The first day, from 8AM to the wee hours of the night
Summary: Information post here
Rating: Varies on thread, please mark explicit material.

This post covers the first day, before the attack. Remember, characters here are not expecting an attack and are under the impression they will be going to Region 1 to fight. During this day, draftees will be restricted to T6 and T7 and not permitted access to other areas.

Be sure to tag this post appropriately: [canon] character name
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Who: Jack Holden, Silver, Leonhardt, Jack Sparrow, Serah Farron, Shikamaru, Haru Glory, Hyuuga Neji, Albert Silverberg, Helios Sprensonne, Saori, and Kotetsu.
What: Mission #13: Historic Route Six-to-Four
When: February 27th - March 2nd
Where: Along Route Six-to-Four
Summary: A routine transport mission goes awry when the cultists attack and a game of dreams begins.
Rating: Whatever 300 was rated, tbh

dream a little dream )

Please use the plotting post for any questions!
abjurer: (What have I done? Waking up somewhere st)
[personal profile] abjurer
Who: Max, Jack, Helios, Zevran, Sabriel, Rei and any other close CR who have good cause to berate Max for his life choices
What: A post-white chocolate/Valentine's intervention.
When: February 19th
Where: Up in the mountains a few hours walk from the hot springs.
Summary: Far too much information was shared at the hot springs, and Max has always been one to avoid problems in the hopes that they go away.
Rating: PG-13

Up the mountain without a coat. )
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[personal profile] lucetimods
Who: All the lovebirds!
What: A bit of pampering and hijinks. Original event post here.
When: Feb 17th
Where: The Featherly Haven Resort & Spa (aka the hot springs)
Rating: If you feel your thread is heading for something steamier, please either fade to black or take it to an appointments post.

Also -- don't forget to add in your own character tags!
crazy little thing called love! )
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[personal profile] lucetimods
Who: The people of Luceti!
What: Love love love love
When: From the 11th to the 16th
Where: Within the walls of Luceti. There is no escape.
Summary: Suddenly you're in love with things you never noticed were so important to you before. Feelings, welled up inside you, are now bound to come out.
Rating: M for MUSHY
You don't really want to mess this up )


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