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Who: Everybody! Everybody!
What: The Big Feast!
When: Thursday, November 27
Where: The Battle Dome
Summary: The whole village is invited for a giant celebratory feast at the Battle Dome! Food, festivities, and fun for all. As a side note, Rapunzel would have posted to the journal about this a few days ago to invite everyone and ask for help, so if you want to handwave your character volunteering/talking to her about it, that's perfectly fine!
Rating: T for Tryptophan
Ah, cranberry sauce a la Bart. )
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Who: Katie McCoy and her victims of choice.
What: Rapture, ravaging, and 'rithmetic. (Ow.)
When: Any time between 23rd September and 31st October.
Where: Any place.
Summary: Triggered by recent events, Katie's darker, more primal soul is in control and intent on sharing the love. Or the hate. Depends on your definition, really.
Rating: ...I honestly don't know. Let's make it a high PG just in case?
Come at me, bro. )

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Who: Errybody left behind in the village.
What: Thunder and lightning, very very frightening. Plus, a few unwanted visitors...
When: June 19th - June 23rd. The main action will take place on the 21st and 22nd.
Where: All throughout Luceti village and the enclosure.
Summary: Here be all the deets you need.

Here is your village shenanigans catch-all post, Luceti. Goings on with the decoys may of course also happen here! Just make sure everything is coordinated with the group so everyone knows what's up with everyone else. You may use the linked mod post or this to hep facilitate said coordination.

Additionally, please do backdate to the 19th if you wish!
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Who: Wolfwood, Milly, Amelia, Vash, Law and anyone who wants to come and visit the newest arrival in the Trigun house.
What: The arrival of baby Wolfwood.
When: 9th May
Where: Starting at the Trigun house and moving to the clinic
Summary: All hell breaks loose with Milly's waters, but after much panicking and medical attention, the Wolfwoods welcome their little bundle of joy to the world.
Rating: PG-13 for language and themes?

You are so precious to me, Cute as can be, baby of mine. )
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Who: Milly, Wolfwood and Law
What: An appointment with Doctor Law and the first glimpse of the littlest Wolfwood.
When: March 3rd
Where: The Clinic
Summary: With Wolfwood back to normal, Milly takes him along to the clinic for her appointment with Law, and the Wolfwoods get to see their baby for the first time.
Rating: PG 

Give me the news )
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Who: Vash ([personal profile] goldenglasses) and Wolfwood ([personal profile] notabluesbro)
What: Wolfwood and Vash have a little best friend "bonding" time.
When: Today; in the afternoon/early evening
Where: Out in the forest
Summary: Vash was out looking in the woods. Seeing if the Malnosso had finally released Wolfwood from his kidnapping. He was hoping to make sure his friend wouldn't get lost and frozen out in the snow. Only once he finds his friend, he may wish he never did.
Rating: P-13 for lots of violence, some tree murder, and a warning of drug influence.
Vash could always count of Wolfwood to have his back in a fight. Only right now he wished his friend wasn't such a good fighter. )
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Who: [ profile] gunsnpudding, [ profile] not_a_bluesbro, and all the people who decide to drop in on their wedding/surprise birthday.
What: A wedding party!! A-and also a top secret birthday party for Wolfwood's 29th birthday. What an old bastard he is.
When: 4:00 PM on the 1st of December!
Where: Seventh Heaven! Sanji you so sweet.
Summary: The two thought a more official celebration of their wedding would be fulfilling. Of course, Wolfwood is not much for the rest of his wife's plans; sad, sad day. But hey, he'll get over it!
Rating: I imagine just PG, or whatever.

thursday is the best day to party )
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Who: Trigun Household
What: Vash is Mallynapped and returned right away
When: This morning
Where: Outside Trigun house
Summary: Vash has had his energy drained and returned home. At least they dropped him close to home. Hopefully someone will go outside before he freezes.
Rating: PG
Sleeping Prince )
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Who: Everyone!
What: The final day. Moonfall. Twenty-Four hours remain. How do you spend it?
When: The 30th, all day
Where: Anywhere
Summary: The last day. The end has come. The moon is coming down and piercing the barrier. Nothing can stop it.
Rating: It will vary.

Let the world around us fall apart / baby we can make it if we're heart to heart )
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Who: Everyone!
What: There are these crazy masks everywhere, you see. And does the moon look strange to you?
When: The 23rd through the 30th. (If you want to backdate a thread in here to the 22nd for some reason, feel free. A separate log for the day of Halloween will go up at a later date!)
Where: Everywhere!
Summary: Things are starting to get a little spooky around here. What with masks that range from silly to creepy to downright menacing turning up everywhere, the people wearing them beginning to act strangely, and that menacing moon looking down.... why, it's starting to feel a little like Halloween.
Rating: Anywhere from G to hard R for violence, I'd imagine.

I see earthquakes and lightnin' / I see bad times today )
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Who: Everyone on the draft
What: Day 3-5
When: August 27th-August 29th
Summary: Like it says above. The draftees reach the beach.

Once again, That Handy Useful Information Link. Also a link to the previous draft log!
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Who: Everyone in the draft
What: Day 1-2 of the draft
When: August 25th to August 26th
Summary: It is a good day. You're out on the open ocean enjoying the salty sea breeze, and suddenly- OH SNAP, BATTLE STATIONS...
Rating: Various! PG for violence at the least.

I'm sailing away set an open course for the virgin sea )
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What: Event stuff happening!
When: RIGHT NOW?? Can be starting on the 27th and onward.
Summary: Creatures and creations and whatnot from the Battle Dome are appearing all over. This is for the sake of having a mass log available for everyone, so have a free-for-all~
Rating: ...Unrated, too many people 8|

Details for the event can be found HERE, as a reminder.

ALSO due to LiveJournal's earlier/possibly-ongoing issues, the event will be extended to August 2nd, and naturally a lot of backtagging will be encouraged, otherwise everyone'll just miss out. Hopefully LJ will be working normally for everyone ASAP! FINGERS CROSSED GUYS
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Who: [ profile] gunsnpudding and [ profile] not_a_bluesbro
What: Unrepentant fluff.
When: Night of the mass draft returning
Where: Trigun Apartment
Summary: Wolfwood comes home from the draft all banged up and finds someone's been sleeping in his bed.
Rating: Rated U for UST. PG-13 for probable smooches, and Preachers having impure thoughts.
When the morning comes I will be alright )
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Who: All draftees
What: Fighting the Third Party... and perhaps the wildlife.
When: June 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. (Characters will be pulled out at 11:59 of the 6th.)
Where: An as-yet unmapped by the Malnosso tropical rainforest.
Summary: Here are your details. Try to stay alive, won't you?
Rating: Anywhere from PG to R.

No cut for you. Most of you will know how this works by now; if you don't, follow the lead of the others, or perhaps look to the last draft's fighting post for ideas. Don't forget to use your handy dandy character tags. Go forth and conquer thine enemies!
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Who: All draftees
What: Arriving at the (temporary) dorms
When: 9 AM of the 3rd. They'll be able to stay there until 1 PM of the same day.
Where: Dorms; location unknown.
Summary: Here is the hallway; here is your room. (Here is some additional info.) Go forth and mingle.
Rating: PG or PG-13 ish, I imagine.

Whether by their own power or by droid, your characters are arriving one by one to the dorms. Each room is specific to a single character; others can only be invited in by that character's allowance. Requested effects will already be present in the rooms. While you're here, you may want to request some last-minute supplies... this is your final chance to gather them. A final note: Shift incompatibilities will not kick in while characters are in the dorms; only once they are out in the field.
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Who: [ profile] not_a_bluesbro and [ profile] gunsnpudding
What: They've got a little bit of talking to do. About... ha, everything that matters.
When: the night Milly arrived
Where: In the apartment
Summary: Wolfwood helps Milly adapt to Luceti while addressing some... pretty painful memories from home, in all likelihood.
Rating: Should be PG |D

...I wasn't really sure were to begin, telling you all this. )
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Who: All Draftees
What: Arriving at the dorms
When: 26th
Where: Dorms, location unknown
Summary: Dorm information is here. This is your room!
Rating: PG... we hope?

Your characters are shuffling off to their rooms. Each room has their name beside it and only they can open the door. People can only enter their room if they're allowed in (or they leave the door open). Characters will find any requested items in their room already. If they have a requested vehicle, there will be another door in their room that will take them to the hangar to inspect their equipment.

((Mod note: Extra draftees won't experience their Shift Incompatibility handicap in their dorms. :|a))
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Who: All Draftees
What: Fighting Third Party
When: 26th, 27th, 28th, 1st, and 2nd
Where: The Southern Farmlands
Summary: See here for overall details.
Rating: Probably gonna be gorey in places :|a

DOESN'T NEED A CUT. People should know how this works, if not, just follow other people's lead. I'm gonna set up some strategist threads at the top, for the four strategists to use if they want to, otherwise people should start their own threads.

((Mod Note: Since this has been asked a few times, just fyi, the livestock do not talk. Happy hunting!))
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Who: Everyone!
What: Love event shenanigans
When: Today, all day
Where: The main plaza
Summary: A large pink willow has overtaken the central plaza, creating the perfect romantic atmosphere. But what is this strange fruit hanging from the branches...?

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Who: Vash ([ profile] goldenglasses), Rogue ([ profile] touchofrogue), and a random troll named Wolfwood ([ profile] not_a_bluesbro )
When: Saturday, November 20th
Where: Vash’s bedroom. >D
Summary: During his morning meditation, Vash has a crash-in visitor and a nice little coma nap.
Rating: PG, come on people! They’re all wearing clothes!
Vash meditates diligently every morning. He quits when mutants fall from the sky on top of him. )
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Who: Anyone who wants to wish [Bad username or site: denyingreasons title= @] a happy birthday!
What: Birthday party for Naoki!
When: More towards evening on the 9th.
Where: House 31
Summary: The party for Naoki's make-up birthday that Vash promised.
Rating: Should be PG, but you never know how parties go!

It's Party Time! )

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