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Who: Gaara & members of the Uzumaki household (Naruto, Kushina, maybe Minato)
What: Dinner and meetings
Where: The Uzumaki House
When: Backdated to November 9th
Summary: Narut invites Gaara over for dinner.
Rating: G? idk

[It's twenty minutes or so after his message to Kushina when Naruto pushes open the front door to his house, leaning against the wall to pull sandals off as he calls through the hallway.]

We're here!

[He turns to face the doorway, motioning at his friend to step in, with a smile.]

Come in!
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[Gaara's entrance is a little more tentative and a few steps behind Naruto's, but he quietly mimics Naruto's action and slides off his own just recently retrieved shoes.

He's curious to see what this woman brought back from the grave is like. And that he's meeting his friend's dead mother after just so recently having learned the truth about his own deceased one has him a little bit more frazzled on the inside than he would be normally.]
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Did you take off your shoes?

[It's the first thing they'll hear from Kushina in the kitchen, across the hall. As she walks over to the threshold, wiping her hands on her dirty apron, she has a smile on her face.]

You must be Gaara.

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[Well, he's glad he copied Naruto now.

And he bows his head in greeting. Though, Naruto gets a bit of a blink at the introduction, he's pretty sure he's not supposed to call her mom. A name would be nice.]

Thank you for having me over.
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Honestly, she probably wouldn't mind it if he called her mom too much.

She tacks this on after Naruto's intro;]

And I'm Kushina, to everyone else. Nice to meet you, Gaara.

[She can feel her lips tug up more at his thanks but turns around to walk back to the kitchen and finish up dinner. Looooooots of good smells have filled the house by now. Homemade cooking and all that.]

Don't sweat it. Naruto's friends are always welcome here. I hope you're hungry.
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[Alright. So, the kitchen seems to be the place to go, so he'll just do that too.

And stare at Kushina a little bit more. Its not the first he's seen the dead brought back, he had been there once before after all, but its still interesting to see what this place can do. That she doesn't even look like those brought back the edo tensei, is even more so.

And red hair. He hadn't been expecting that.]

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[The smile quirks a bit, turning lopsided at her son's compliment. NEVER FAILS.

Naruto you can stay as long as you DON'T GET IN THE WAY. Hot pots and things are going to be moved so she doesn't want him to burn himself. Actually...]

If you're not doing anything you can help me set the table, Naruto. He said you liked fish, Gaara, so we'll be having that with some miso soup and cucumber salad.

Don't make a face, Naruto.

[She says it before he CAN anyway.

She wraps a towel around the handles of a large pot and then lifts it with a small grunt, holding it out and waiting for Naruto to take it before glancing at Gaara and his staring.]

There's not something on my face, is there?
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[So, a mom is what it takes to make Naruto listen. Too bad she wasn't around during the whole trying-to-keep-Naruto-on-the-island plan. Not that his help wasn't entirely necessary-]

Ah. [Right. Not everybody is used to his special brand of staring.] No, just after seeing so many individuals brought back from the grave with the Edo Tensei, seeing it without the symptoms is strange.

[And he gives Naruto a brief smile as he moves over to the table.] It smells good.
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[Ironic because she actually was around in Naruto's subconscious...

But she's not just any mom. She's Naruto's mom and she is damn terrifying when she's angry or Naruto isn't listening.

Oh geez Gaara too is praising her food.

But that was the Second's forbidden jutsu wasn't it?]

They're probably not in an apron cooking dinner for people, huh?
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[The chuckle gets a slight head tilt and he nods at the comment.] I understand. The only way I'm familiar with that back home though is the Edo Tensai or the forbidden technique Chiyo used on me. Its an amazing example of the abilities of our captors.

[Sorry to talk about you like your the 8th wonder of the world Momma Naruto. But he'll turn his attention back toward her now.]

No, they were not. [And the image of the dead he fought in aprons brings about a bit sadder image than the one Naruto had.]
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Yeah... really amazing.

[She might sound a little grumpy at the subject about their captors but she moves on to the next subject, which is filling the table with food and idle chit chat.]

Would you like anything to drink? I was just getting some tea ready. I'm glad Naruto let me know ahead of time we were going to have someone over. Before he just decides to bring guests without giving me a heads up.