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Who: The residents of House 34: Fenimore ([personal profile] blessingone), Grune ([personal profile] lostinmyway), Madame Musette ([personal profile] holysovereign), Norma Beatty ([personal profile] bubblywishes), Sophie Coolidge ([personal profile] lostlegacy), Stella ([personal profile] goldenfirefly), and Walter ([personal profile] blackteriques).
What: A final picnic.
When: March 25th.
Where: By the lake.
Summary: Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow. Though their origins are tied to Melfes, only one is going back to stay.
Rating: T for tears.

Only fate can know which way we'll go, so keep the faith and carry on. )
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Who: Sokka and Eleanor
What: An attempt at a rather romantic date
When:  Backlogged to a day or two before the Red Guy tells them they're going home
Where:  At the Restaurant and then that cabin in the mountains
Summary:  Sokka fell for someone at perhaps the worst time, but he doesn't quite know it yet.  But since he knows it's on borrowed time anyway, he's going to be celebrating things to the fullest.  So, naturally, he's going to be all nice and charming.
Rating:  PG-13 at the worst.  Whatever that is in TV ratings.

A date that won't go down in infamy... )

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Who: Wanda Maximoff and Billy Kaplan
What: The Big Reveal! (Surprise, you were brainwashed)
When: January 30th, Afternoon
Where: Outside Luceti.
Summary: Wanda thinks she's doing some bonding with her not!son by taking a cold winter hike with him. Maybe some snacks later on? It'll be great! Only Billy's not here for the snacks.
Rating: T for teen? Swearing might will definitely happen.

No winter lasts forever. )
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Who: Sayo, Law, and Sayo's closer peeps.
What: A little surgery. Sort of.
When: Probably forward dated a bit for backdating needs; probably about a week from now?
Where: The battle dome!!
Summary: Sayo is going to try to get this damn kagedama out of her head.
Rating: PG-13 probably.

the end of an era of sticky notes...? )
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Who: All participants!
What: Valentine's Day Event in full swing!
When: Any time between February 28th and March 6th!
Where: All over Luceti :|b
Summary: See the mod-post for details!
Rating: Standard Log Rating please and thanks!

One last love event for the road! Make it count...!
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Who: rapunzel & lee
What: we just don't know
When: SOMETIME THIS WEEK, waggles fingers vaguely
Where: cherry blossom hill
Summary: lee sort of confessed his feelings for rapunzel on the journal. rapunzel sort of saw it. now they gotta talk about it.
Rating: so g it's not even funny.
❝ you can tell me when it's over, if the high was worth the pain ❞ )
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Who: Wan and Raava 
What: Wan is having more nightmares of the draft. Raava is there to protect her favorite human.
When: Some night after they make up
Where: House 56
Summary: Wan really needs to stop repressing his feelings and memories from Zompania. Raava really needs to know how terrible luceti has been to him. 
Rating: T for Trauma (but no seriously: the Zompania draft was violent and awful, so be careful and read at your own discretion.)

All the the secrets silenced by the shame )
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Who: Arietta and Anise
What: a talk about certain things
When: sometime after this, give or take a day or two maybe
Where: ssssssomewhere. out there.
Summary: After Ion's Big Reveal, Arietta needs to talk to someone about it, and who better than the very person who replaced her as Fon Master Guardian?
Rating: T for Tales! Or actually, T for Teen.
And are you trying to shake it? )
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Who: Wanda Maximoff, Rogue, and Billy Kaplan
What: Testing the waters of Wanda's re-written mind
When: January 23rd, Evening
Where: HQ
Summary: Billy and Rogue approach Wanda to try and lay the ground work for telling her about her brainwashing... or not! How will she respond?
Rating: T for teen? Swearing might happen.

It's all fun and games until someone loses their memory. )
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Who: Rin Okumura and you.
What: Last? chance to run into him whilst he's doing things.
When: Since the announcement until now and maybe beyond FLEXIBLE?
Where: All over the place
Summary: Rin got assigned a job. It's far too big to do alone, but he's starting it anyway and will drag other people who look like they could use something to do to help. Stockpiling ahoy, to put it in House 11 because it's big and not full now anyway.
Rating: Low...? Probably low.
I would explode the stars )
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Who: Trafalgar Law, Uchiha Itachi, Perona
What: Fallout from this
When: After this, the night of the announcement
Where: House 22
Summary: Itachi’s dead in his world, Law’s demons have come to call, and Perona’s trying to hold things together. Talking about the past and looking at the future.
Rating: 14A; warning for recent One Piece spoilers

It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah )
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Who: Crow & Seto
What: A lot of crying, probably, because playing Fragile Dreams characters automatically means pain and suffering.
When: Immediately after this.
Where: House 48
Summary: Crow doesn't take the news about going home very well. Neither does Seto, considering what going back home means for them.
Rating: T? There's some talk about death here.
fragile dreams: that game where everyone suffers and dies )
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Who: Perona ([personal profile] hollower) and Sanji ([personal profile] concasse)
What: A love confession.
Where: Some place in Luceti.
Summary: ...A love confession. 8| What more do you want from me.
Rating: PG for Pretty Gay.

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Who/What: The Abyss-cast presents a Christmas play! Open to an audience.
Where/When: December 25th, the Battle Dome.
Rating: PG!
One week before the morning of the 25th, what will "magically" appear all around the village is posters inviting every girl or boy, lady and gentleman to a Christmas play called "Santa saves Christmas" with details similar to the story-line of the Grinch. Free laughter and food is guaranteed, and a gathering will take place after the main event.

The roles of the cast-members are as follows.... )

So enjoy the show!
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Who: Ash, Iris, and Cilan! Also Pokemon, because you can never have too many.
What: Three best friends getting into the Christmas spirit! (...Before possibly derailing this train for a minute or two because nothing says Christmas spirit like the need for an intervention??)
When: Uhh now? A few days before Christmas sounds about right.
Where: House 11
Summary: Ash has been here for a year and is somehow still ten, Cilan talks too much about unrelated things, and Iris might be the only one actually getting anything done around here.
Rating: Mild? Might go up if talking about past Luceti events but otherwise not much else should happen.
Let's go back and start from zero, hey, hey, let's hold each other's hands again )
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Who: House 44 bros and their friends/family (basically anyone is invited to come)
What: Ugly sweater Christmas party! (Ugly sweaters are not mandatory but are welcome)
When: December 20th
Where: House 44
Summary: A party with hideous sweaters, good food and good company.
Rating: PG!

time for joy and time for cheer )

((ooc; Let's just pretend Helios made an announcement for this and everyone is invited! People can make open top-level comments and tag around as you see fit~)
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Who: Ginko ([personal profile] biophilia), Moro ([personal profile] biteoffherhead), and later Silver ([personal profile] feistytrader)
What: A Reunion in the Forest
When: Dec 18th
Where: Forest in the Luceti Enclosure
Summary: Moro's still an asshole, Ginko still understands her oddities, and Silver needs to meet this one.
Rating: Nothing gruesome should be happening idk
Do as you must. )
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Who: Everyone!
What: A continuation of the first log
When: November 20th and Onward technically, so basically whenever.
Where: Luceti enclosure
Summary: Who let all these New Feathers in here!? ...Wait, that guy's familiar...
Rating: May vary, as usual high ratings should be taken elsewhere

The previous log hit recaptcha, so for those who don't have appointment posts or just want to keep it in-game, here's a second log!

All the dirty deets
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Who: Everybody! Everybody!
What: The Big Feast!
When: Thursday, November 27
Where: The Battle Dome
Summary: The whole village is invited for a giant celebratory feast at the Battle Dome! Food, festivities, and fun for all. As a side note, Rapunzel would have posted to the journal about this a few days ago to invite everyone and ask for help, so if you want to handwave your character volunteering/talking to her about it, that's perfectly fine!
Rating: T for Tryptophan
Ah, cranberry sauce a la Bart. )
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Who: Everyone!
What: The time-traveling group returns to find an invasion of newcomers.
When: November 20th and Onward
Where: Luceti enclosure
Summary: Who let all these New Feathers in here!? ...Wait, that guy's familiar...
Rating: May vary, as usual high ratings should be taken elsewhere

The adventure to the past is over; the villagers have all been sent home to their own time. But things are different. The changes of the past have echoed into the future. And the world has responded in the strangest way. Why are so many people here all of a sudden? And why are their memories such a mess?

Who really knows?
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Who: All the homebodies
What: Spirit shenanigans!
When: November 1 and onward
Where: The Village!
Summary: The spirits are getting their groove on, but that isn't so good for everyone else.
Rating: Varied
Most accidents occur within 50 miles of home )
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Who: Anakin and Luke
What: Anakin has some things to say to Luke, and some shift mechanics learning
When: Backdated to yesterday (Thursday)
Where: Wherever Luke is
Rating/Warnings: TBD

Half man walks with no shadow, no apology is expected )
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Who: Only the most daring of Lucetians!
What: Exploring the four corners of the earth!
When: October 27th until ????
Where: Literally everywhere!
Summary: Romaeus has granted the villagers the chance to explore the wider world, with the provision that he'd like them to finish his shopping list for him. But maybe you're a free spirit! You can't be tamed! The world is your oyster! (Please finish his shopping list.)
Rating: Varied

But with less subjugation of native populations )
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Who: Tyr, Leia Organa, Aang, Zuko, Nara Shikamaru, Remy LeBeau, Sheena Fujibayashi, Korra, Tharja, Han Solo, Vash, eventually Theobald and a special guest
What: On a mission to bring Theobald back from the dark side. Contrary to popular belief, they do not have cookies.
When: from October 30th until morale improves
Where: Up the river, across the sea, and into Theobald's lair base
Summary: Tyr gathers his merry band of men and women to take on what will hopefully be peaceful negotiation!
Rating: Varied

But where do we feature? )
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Who: Anakin and Leia
What: Leia needs to talk Anakin out of his funk
When: Wednesday
Where: His current room
Rating/Warnings: Maybe some yelling, talking about future/past tragedies

I'm coming round to open the blinds. You can't hide here any longer. You can't lie still any longer )
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Who: Wan Shi Tong and Charles Xavier
What: Meeting and bonding over being hated by Loki.
When: Oct. 28?
Where: Edge of the village.
Summary: Wan Shi Tong meets Charles Xavier which leads to a discussion and a sharing of memories.
Rating: PG

So... what did YOU do? )
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Who: Avatar Cast and Close Friends
What: Discussion around the campfire about the Third Party etc.
When: Evening of Oct. 21st
Where: Avatar group campsite.
Summary: Upon realizing that there's new people that still don't know much about the Third Party and the things that have happened in recent months, some of the more experienced members are filling them in.
Rating: PG to PG-13 at the most.

So let's talk about the guys with the big wings.  )
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Who: Charles Xavier & Open
What: Coming to grips with his reality
When: October 16th all throughout the day
Where: Meandering around the village
Summary: Having been in Luceti for almost a week Charles is still struggling with duality, his new life in this world and the crisis that he’s left behind on his own world. So he’s making every effort to distract himself.
Rating: PG to PG-13…ish…TBD?

What torment, to have your thinking and your fantasy tied down by another person! )
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Who: Anyone who knows Law or just wants some free food.
What: A birthday party! That may not be all that big of a surprise
When: Monday, October 6th
Where: House 18
Summary: It's Law's birthday! So there is a barbeque being held in the back yard to celebrate!
Rating: PG-13 because pirates.

The Party )
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Who: Everyone!
What: The Time Travel Trip 2014
Where: Luceti before it was cool Luceti
Summary: The residents are dragged into the past thanks to John's latest Shift. More information is here and here, and, ICly, here.
Rating: Varied

Set your clocks for nostalgia time )
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Who: Sophia, Fayt, Cliff, and Souji.
What: It’s time to get to know people properly.
When: September 29th
Where: Where the blue man and blonde man live.
Summary: Sophia has plucked up the courage to meet the rest of the family properly.
Rating: If it gets higher than PG I will be shocked, language aside.
I gotta be honest, I still don't really understand what's going on. )

Air Buds

Sep. 29th, 2014 12:04 am
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Who: Aang, Jinora, Korra, Opal, Kai.
What: Airbending practice!
When: Early on September 26th
Where: Out in front of House 56 and by the airbending gates
Summary: It's time for Aang to tutor Luceti's airbenders.
Rating: Y7

Be the Leaves )
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Who: Wan Shi Tong and YOU!
What: Wan Shi Tong returns from his mallynap as a Dark Spirit.
When: Late evening of Sept. 27th
Where: Near the Wind Community Building and the surrounding houses.
Summary: Due to a combination of Vaatu's dark spirit energy and his own anger, Wan Shi Tong dark side has become unbalanced and turned him into a violent Dark Spirit that's attacking the village! 
Rating: V for Vendetta Violence. PG-13ish
(( Threadjacking is encouraged! Also might contain Korra Book 2 Spoilers ))

Owlzilla Attacks! )

(( OOC NOTE: A resolution has been planned! The Avatars, Aang and Korra, will be the ones to ultimately stop Wan Shi Tong. But feel free to try and fight him or whatever. The only stipulation is that he NOT be killed! ))
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Who: Masaomi, Gold, Sokka, and Law
What: 2 Missions! (Sailing and Research)
When: 24th --> 27th (Sailing); 27th --> 29th (Research)
Where: Kano's sea & Central Malnosso Library
Summary: Sailing! Whales! Research! Bees!
Rating: ??? Low?
In which Masaomi works hard )
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Who: Iroh, Duck, Mytho, Anyone who wants to get into a duel with Iroh
What: Shard plot
When: Sunday Throughout the day
Where: All around the village
Summary: Iroh has the shard of pride in him, causing him to act strangely, demanding duels with people to prove his power.
Rating : PG-13

Pride is not the opposite of shame, but it's source )
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Who: OPEN to adults
What: A networking party on the beach
When: Saturday, 9/20
Where: The beach, around sunset
Summary: An open networking party on the beach. Enjoy the food and drinks, mingle as you wish. Details here
Rating: Let's keep it under PG-13
I'm going to have a party )
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Who: B'Elanna and Harry
What: Jungle Patrol Mission
When: September 18-22
Where: In the Jungle!
Summary: B'Elanna decides to go on a mission to blow off some steam and face some of her inner demons. Harry is along for the ride.
Rating: Violence and stuff.

Hup! Two! Three! Four! Keep it hup! Two! Three! Four! )
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Who: Open to all! (Teachers, Students, the curious, newcomers welcome, anyone who might be at the battle dome around 1-3 pm, etc)
What: First Week(s)? of School and other catchall
When: September 17th-25thish (17, 18, 22-25 are class days; others can be used for clubs or tutoring or hanging out and the like if you want)
(Classes run from 9 AM-roughly 2:30 PM, and the log can include before and after-school activities)
Where: The school! (someday there'll be a cohesive layout for this)
Summary: The new year of school is finally underway, with testing, a look into classes, and general interaction for all involved.
Rating: A+

Before things go wonky, let's get this rolling! )

As always, please add your character to the roster here and update if there are any changes!
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Who: Red ([personal profile] pokeboy) & Giovanni ([personal profile] hotboss) & then some others later
What: Just having a picnic, trainer style
When: 18th September, 2014 (Thursday)
Where: Me on the mountain
Summary: Challenging rock... challenging DEATH. Or just trainer survival skills.
Rating: Violence, injury. Being dumb.

should've stayed in bed tbh )


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