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Who: Everybody! Everybody!
What: The Big Feast!
When: Thursday, November 27
Where: The Battle Dome
Summary: The whole village is invited for a giant celebratory feast at the Battle Dome! Food, festivities, and fun for all. As a side note, Rapunzel would have posted to the journal about this a few days ago to invite everyone and ask for help, so if you want to handwave your character volunteering/talking to her about it, that's perfectly fine!
Rating: T for Tryptophan
Ah, cranberry sauce a la Bart. )
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Who: Everyone!
What: The time-traveling group returns to find an invasion of newcomers.
When: November 20th and Onward
Where: Luceti enclosure
Summary: Who let all these New Feathers in here!? ...Wait, that guy's familiar...
Rating: May vary, as usual high ratings should be taken elsewhere

The adventure to the past is over; the villagers have all been sent home to their own time. But things are different. The changes of the past have echoed into the future. And the world has responded in the strangest way. Why are so many people here all of a sudden? And why are their memories such a mess?

Who really knows?
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Who: Pao-Lin ([personal profile] i_am_not_cute), Link ([personal profile] blessedbyfarore), their CR, and anyone who wants to crash a bitchingly green birthday bash.
What: A delayed joint birthday party for Pao-Lin (April 4th) and Link (April 5th).
When: Friday the 13th. Yes, make all the jokes about bad luck and horror movies and blah dee blah fiffersnaffle.
Where: Rec Center.
Summary: Pao-Lin's turning sweet sixteen and Link's no longer a teenager. This is apparently a reason to celebrate or something.
Rating: PG. :|

Just don't eat all the cake, okay? )
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Who: You! And you! And you! But uh, not you.
What: Event shenanigans.
When: Today until the end of the event (April 8th)
Where: Anywhere and everywhere
Summary: It's all right in here
Rating: I want to see a nice clean game. Keep your naughty stuff in the penalty box!

Same deal as always. React to the event! Do things! Have fun! Be excellent to each other.

And remember to correctly tag your characters to the post.
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Who: Anyone in the event
What: For 21 hours, pairs of characters will get to visit one of their worlds
When: Sunday morning, from 1AM to 10PM (in Luceti time)
Where: Somewhere else!
Summary: It's described here. One person will play the host, another the visitor.
Rating: Keep it clean, kids! Move your icky business to appointments posts.

Quick run of things to keep in mind:

-The pair of characters will return to the host's canon point. The host will temporarily return to their physical state at whatever their canon point was.
-Anything they do will be undone after they return to Luceti.
-If they are going to be part of the Alternate Universe aspect of the event, they won't remember the visit until after they have returned to normal.

Disclaimer: Visiting canon worlds will mean having to NPC characters that may already exist in Luceti, but will have no memory or knowledge of it. Be respectful and in character and bear in mind that these do not reflect upon characters in game!

ALSO! Threading out the visit is 100% optional. You're entirely free and encouraged to discuss and handwave what goes on if you want. But if you would like to thread it out, you may do so here.

(This post is forward dated by one day.)
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Who: Fujiko Mine, Bulma Brief, Ventus, Walter, Link (OoT), and Aqua
What: MISSION # 3 - Deep Sea Salvage
When: March 6th to 8th
Where: Underwater City
Summary: A crew of six volunteers have been selected for a three-day tour of the wreckage of the underwater city.
Now we're partying, that's what it's all about )

You can use this post for questions and plotting!
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Who: Link (Skyward Sword) and YOU!
What: Newfeather time~
Where: Right smack in the middle of everything.
When: March 5th, midafternoon
Summary: Apparently going to bed is dangerous business and you might wake up somewhere completely random!
Rating: T tops, probably.

Chosen of the Goddess, chosen again for something else )
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Who: Everybody! Everybody!
What: It's a beach! There's fruit! Love in the air! Classy private rooms in the mountains!
When: From sunrise to midnight! (AND IT'S TODAY! FEBRUARY 18th!)
Where: Out on the beach, centered around the teleporter/tunnel exit area. But it feels like July out there! Ain't that just the shit?
Summary: Summary? Why does this need a summary. I said everything up there. And then I'm gonna say even more after this. Why do we need this field? Seriously, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Rating: KEEP IT CLEAN, KIDS. Take your dirty smut to an appointments post!

Long Ago In A Distant Land, Akai, the fully functional fonbot, unleashed a fairly standard mod post. But a foolish player kept asking questions and come on, do you really need to know that much? Now everyone wants to play out their ships and get into fruit shenanigans and undo to evil that is AKAI.

((No, but seriously guys, look at the mod post, you know what to do. Everything you need is there. Mass log post, remember to tag your characters name here, and do your thing.))

OH YEAH! So like, assume there is stands (or you know, beach-appropriate huts) here and there that are stocked up on bathing suits (and curtains you can change behind), stands with beverages, and snacks. Nobody's really operating them, new stuff just gets Shifted there (BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE NOT WATCHING). The Malnosso are the most considerate bro-ginization ever.
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Who: You!
What: Love! Lots and lots of love!
When: Feburary 12th-18th! A separate log will go up for the beach lovefest, though!
Where: Anywhere and everywhere!
Summary: Once again, the Malnosso have gotten their shipping goggles on, and have set their sights on Luceti! Or something like that. Go fall in love.
Rating: Kissy kissy moe uguu fluff fluff. Keep your sex stuff out of here. >B|
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Who: Anyone interested in skating/socializing/hanging out by a bonfire
What: Ice skating party.
When: Sunday, Jan. 8th
Where: On the skating rink behind CH2
Summary: A month ago, Sparrow, Helios, Ami, Giles, Regal, and Mia began construction on a skating rink behind CH2. It is now frozen and cleared and ready for use.
Rating: I am assuming nothing worse than a PG?


***All rules, of course, are meant to be broken. This is the nature of rules.
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Who: Everyone who signed up for the IC Secret Santa!
What: Party at 7th Heaven and gift-giving! There's croquembouche.
When: December 24th, around 10 AM.
Where: ...7th Heaven. I feel like I'm repeating myself.
Summary: People. Give gifts. Anonymously. And eat.
Rating: PG, PG-13 at the most.

‘Twas the night before Christmas in Luceti, and as promised, there is a small party for those interested in spreading joy to attend. In the corner of 7th Heaven, Azusa has piled all the Secret Santa gifts she's been given so that everyone can find theirs...and there's food! Croquembouche, tea, coffee, cookies, little sandwiches...don't forget to thank Sanji for all of those!

There's more than just opening presents to do, so sit down...or stand! Socialize a little, and ask questions about Christmas, or just be glad to have a nice, warm place to get together in. It’s not as crazy as it could be, though Azusa has still gone through the effort to put up some paper snowflake decorations and a few holiday ornaments. She’s trying for a more peaceful atmosphere, one where people can just sit and drink and eat and enjoy each other.

[ooc; The people on the list were given the names on the 20th, after the draft, and had until evening of the 23rd to drop off a gift. If you don’t have someone leave a gift for you under the tree by the 30th of December, PM me! Azusa left gifts for everyone who “didn’t” get one, but please, if you signed up? Just come comment here. Contact me ASAP if I made an error!]

And now, the list is finally revealed! )

[ooc; Just an additional OOC note, since it did come up! I will not be changing partners unless there's a legitimate problem between the two players, and even then, you'll have to convince me. This was all decided by assigning characters a number and using this site to make the list. Thank you for understanding.]
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Who: Anyone invited to Helios' birthday party
What: Helios' birthday party
When: The 15th, afternoonish
Where: House 44
Summary: It's Helios' birthday so all of his friends are throwing him a surprise party. There's cake and cookies and mistletoe?
Rating: D for derp?
So... where are we putting the shark tank and strippers? )
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Who: Come one, come all! ...In formal attire.
What: A Christmas ball, old world style.
When: December 1st, beginning around five in the afternoon and ending when the last person leaves.
Where: The rec center.
Summary: Earth's eighteenth-century peeps are throwing one hell of a party.
Rating: Well, considering no one is serving water? Probably PG-13 for alcohol consumption and the results thereof (there's coffee and hot chocolate!).

Rejoice! Rejoice! )
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Who: Everyone
What: That's your horoscope for today ♪
When: November 25th-30th
Where: Anywhere you want!
Summary: The event has begun, and- oh, you guys know the drill 8|
Rating: ???

The horoscopes have appeared on the journals, the effects are in place, and just about everyone is acting a little bit... quirky, shall we say.

Event details and plotting can be found HERE!
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Who: [ profile] consultmybooks, [ profile] folkloristic, [ profile] picobartender and whoever happens to come across them wherever they may be.
What: Three weary warriors are returned to the village, a good deal smaller and a good deal more innocent than anyone remembers. Mayhem promptly ensues as they try to find their way and sort things out.
When: November 14th to November 16th, then November 18th to November 20th
Where: All over the place. Seriously. These kids can get around
Summary: Giles, Helios, and Ginia have been turned into kids for a little while and set loose on the village. They can't remember anything of their time here or the people they know. They barely know one another. But here is a brave new world that needs figuring out and, by god, these are the kids to do it. They spend the next several days getting around, meeting new friends, and inevitably causing mischief whether they intend to or not.
Rating: PG at most for vague mentions of physical/emotional abuse?

If you go down in the woods today you will not believe your eyes )

((ooc: Specify day you want to encounter them and location you're at when you encounter them. Seriously, find them anywhere, particularly around the center of town but definitely around the houses and neighborhoods as well. Also, because I'm apparently lazy like that, specify who you want to talk to or run into. The three of them will be together a lot, but not always, especially given the differences in their temperments and reactions to this place.

Ginia, however, will be accompanied by a large, one eyed German shepherd from then on, courtesy of the Malnosso. Ginia will also be replying with an icon journal, so keep an eye out for [ profile] picobartender. Replies from Giles and Helios will come from the normal journal.

Replying to the voice/written post is also cool as well, if you'd prefer.))
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Who: Everyone!
What: The final day. Moonfall. Twenty-Four hours remain. How do you spend it?
When: The 30th, all day
Where: Anywhere
Summary: The last day. The end has come. The moon is coming down and piercing the barrier. Nothing can stop it.
Rating: It will vary.

Let the world around us fall apart / baby we can make it if we're heart to heart )
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Who: Everyone!
What: There are these crazy masks everywhere, you see. And does the moon look strange to you?
When: The 23rd through the 30th. (If you want to backdate a thread in here to the 22nd for some reason, feel free. A separate log for the day of Halloween will go up at a later date!)
Where: Everywhere!
Summary: Things are starting to get a little spooky around here. What with masks that range from silly to creepy to downright menacing turning up everywhere, the people wearing them beginning to act strangely, and that menacing moon looking down.... why, it's starting to feel a little like Halloween.
Rating: Anywhere from G to hard R for violence, I'd imagine.

I see earthquakes and lightnin' / I see bad times today )
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Who: A whole bunch of people! Seriously, I'm not even sure how many.
What: Kazooie's epic hero party, mentioned here ICly and here OOCly.
When: Today, October 20th, throughout the day.
Where: At the Recreation Centre!
Summary: Kazooie decided to throw the most epic party ever for all the heroes and generally-cool-people of Luceti. Surely this can't go horribly wrong or anything, right?
Rating: Shouldn't go any higher than PG or PG-13 at the absolute highest, unless Terrible Things I Can't Account For happen.

Fun, fun, fun, etc. )
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Who: [ profile] lightningcute, [ profile] blessedbyfarore, [ profile] consultmybooks, and [ profile] lostinmyway
What: The next Zelda Linkda game. JUST KIDDING, it's only fairy tales.
When: September 30th, later in the day.
Where: Starting at the fountain, don't know if we'll end up wandering.
Summary: Pao-link attempts to rescue Linkda. Grunendorf is having none of that, mainly because she wants everyone to just go on a picnic instead. Navi Giles tries his best to offer his obnoxious sparkly blue advice.
Rating: Likely not over PG or PG-13, if that.

Grunendorf will rule the world...if she remembers that she wants to. )
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Who: Everyone!
What: Fairy Tales!
When: Today until the 1st
Where: All around Luceti
Summary: Check it out in here
Rating: Varies with each thread :|a

You all know what to do here. Don't forget to add character tags to this log. Also, you are not limited to doing things in here. Feel free to post as much as you like outside the log. Have fun!
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Who: Whoever wants in!
What: The return of the draftees
When: The night of the 29th until morning; timing is ambiguous for more freedom D|
Where: See below.
Summary: The battle is, for the moment, over; time to pick up the pieces and go home again.
Rating: IDEK

Are you tired of bigass logs yet? It's almost over...!

For the record, as always, everyone from the draft will appear either in their beds or scattered throughout the village/plaza; it's up to the mun. Have fun with it~
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Who: Everyone on the draft
What: Day 3-5
When: August 27th-August 29th
Summary: Like it says above. The draftees reach the beach.

Once again, That Handy Useful Information Link. Also a link to the previous draft log!
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Who: Everyone in the draft
What: Day 1-2 of the draft
When: August 25th to August 26th
Summary: It is a good day. You're out on the open ocean enjoying the salty sea breeze, and suddenly- OH SNAP, BATTLE STATIONS...
Rating: Various! PG for violence at the least.

I'm sailing away set an open course for the virgin sea )
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Who: Everyone!
What: Everything!
When: Whenever!
Where: Everywhere!
Summary: The draft has been announced, and the players have their parts. Time to get ready.
Rating: It'll probably vary.

A mingling log for people going on the draft to say farewell to their friends, make preparations, ride the roller coasters twelve more times before departure - basically whatever you want to use it for.
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Who: [ profile] luceti
What: Amusement Parking!
When: Today til the end of the month
Where: A veritable pleasure island, east of the Beach Fort.
Summary: An amusement park has popped up in Luceti. It's all over here.
Rating: F is for friends who do stuff together!

Just some notes here not in the mod post -
1) The weather will be bright and partly cloudy for the rest of the month on the beach side of things. A nice cool sea breeze will keep people from melting out there.
2) All the old Luceti Land rides are still available. However, feel free to make up your own attractions and rides as well.
3) Since this is around for two weeks, we may put up another mass log if this one gets too full. So keep an eye on that!
4) Don't forget to tag your character's name on to the log! If you don't have one yet, just let us know and we'll get you hooked up.

As way of explanation for all this, Bil will have written a message on the first page of the journals. It cannot be replied to, it simply states:

"My condolences for all the trouble. You were due for an experiment today, but I thought you might enjoy an amusement park instead. It seemed like the sort of thing the Great One would do."
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Who: Everyone!
What: Gardening!
When: Sunday 14th August, all day
Where: Outside the Welcome Centre
Summary: Finally, the time has come to get Luceti's memory garden on the road.
Rating: ...I sincerely hope this won't go above a PG rating.

Raindrops on roses? No thanks, the rain was yesterday. )

((OOC: Forward-dated to Sunday. Open to everyone, mingle away! If anyone has questions or needs help or wants to know WTF is going on, Link will be on hand for the whole day to keep an eye on things.))
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What: Event stuff happening!
When: RIGHT NOW?? Can be starting on the 27th and onward.
Summary: Creatures and creations and whatnot from the Battle Dome are appearing all over. This is for the sake of having a mass log available for everyone, so have a free-for-all~
Rating: ...Unrated, too many people 8|

Details for the event can be found HERE, as a reminder.

ALSO due to LiveJournal's earlier/possibly-ongoing issues, the event will be extended to August 2nd, and naturally a lot of backtagging will be encouraged, otherwise everyone'll just miss out. Hopefully LJ will be working normally for everyone ASAP! FINGERS CROSSED GUYS
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Who: [ profile] kissdiet, [ profile] onlykissesgirls, [ profile] blessedbyfarore, [ profile] no_use_running, and [ profile] queenly_valiant
What: A camping/hiking venture through the forest and to the mountains
When: Starting on the 13th, continuing for likely a few days after that
Where: Starting just outside of town, working through the woods and into the mountains
Summary: Cam wanted to see what sie could sie. Things may or may not go as planned.
Rating: ?? PG-13y most?
where the fun is free )
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Who: Tournament contestants, organisers, random spectators, anyone who accidentally wandered in and decided to stay...
What: Beating people up in the name of the Great One!
When: Probably all day
Where: Battle Dome
Summary: The festival's yearly tradition - a tournament to determine who's the biggest badass in Luceti.
Rating: Varied, for non-lethal (...we hope) violence

The morning of the festival sees Link up bright and early, heading to the Battle Dome as soon as it's light to start the preparations for the tournament. By mid-morning, most competitors have arrived - now all that's left is to get everyone fighting!

OOC explanation and sign-up sheet. )
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Who: [ profile] blessedbyfarore, [ profile] purpledemoneyes, friends and miscellaneous gatecrashers
What: Party! \o/
When: April 13th, afternoon
Where: House 49
Summary: Party time! Link and Tsuzuki have been here for a year now. Link, apparently considering this a good thing, is throwing a party for it.
Rating: ...I'm hoping it won't go any higher than PG? If this changes, I'll edit!
Miscellanea: If your character has CR with Link or Tsuzuki, assume that one of the two has approached your character to invite them. If your character does not... feel free to gatecrash?

One year in the bird cage. )
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Who: Anyone!
What: All in here
When: Today, Tomorrow, Until April 2nd
Where: Anywhere in Luceti!
Summary: People in Luceti wake up as something they weren't before. An elf, a gremlin, a vulcan, or perhaps a mermaid? Try living in someone else's shoes... if they can even wear those.
Rating: Not recommended for those with weak constitutions, raging hormones, shipping goggles, or people just too cool and attractive for this kind of thing.

No need for LJ Cut! Mass action style stuff all around town. You can use this if you don't want to make a post. Or you can make a post anyway. Have at!
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Who: All Draftees
What: Arriving at the dorms
When: 26th
Where: Dorms, location unknown
Summary: Dorm information is here. This is your room!
Rating: PG... we hope?

Your characters are shuffling off to their rooms. Each room has their name beside it and only they can open the door. People can only enter their room if they're allowed in (or they leave the door open). Characters will find any requested items in their room already. If they have a requested vehicle, there will be another door in their room that will take them to the hangar to inspect their equipment.

((Mod note: Extra draftees won't experience their Shift Incompatibility handicap in their dorms. :|a))
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Who: All Draftees
What: Fighting Third Party
When: 26th, 27th, 28th, 1st, and 2nd
Where: The Southern Farmlands
Summary: See here for overall details.
Rating: Probably gonna be gorey in places :|a

DOESN'T NEED A CUT. People should know how this works, if not, just follow other people's lead. I'm gonna set up some strategist threads at the top, for the four strategists to use if they want to, otherwise people should start their own threads.

((Mod Note: Since this has been asked a few times, just fyi, the livestock do not talk. Happy hunting!))


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