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Who: The residents of House 34: Fenimore ([personal profile] blessingone), Grune ([personal profile] lostinmyway), Madame Musette ([personal profile] holysovereign), Norma Beatty ([personal profile] bubblywishes), Sophie Coolidge ([personal profile] lostlegacy), Stella ([personal profile] goldenfirefly), and Walter ([personal profile] blackteriques).
What: A final picnic.
When: March 25th.
Where: By the lake.
Summary: Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow. Though their origins are tied to Melfes, only one is going back to stay.
Rating: T for tears.

Only fate can know which way we'll go, so keep the faith and carry on. )
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Who: Everybody! Everybody!
What: The Big Feast!
When: Thursday, November 27
Where: The Battle Dome
Summary: The whole village is invited for a giant celebratory feast at the Battle Dome! Food, festivities, and fun for all. As a side note, Rapunzel would have posted to the journal about this a few days ago to invite everyone and ask for help, so if you want to handwave your character volunteering/talking to her about it, that's perfectly fine!
Rating: T for Tryptophan
Ah, cranberry sauce a la Bart. )
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Who: All the homebodies
What: Spirit shenanigans!
When: November 1 and onward
Where: The Village!
Summary: The spirits are getting their groove on, but that isn't so good for everyone else.
Rating: Varied
Most accidents occur within 50 miles of home )
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Who: House 34's CR in general, Sophie Coolidge's CR in particular. Anyone who wants to drop by.
What: Sophie Coolidge's sixth birthday (good grief).
When: July 3rd (because I am so on top of things).
Where: The beach!
Rating: If it's not G you're doing it wrong.

[Not long after a very fun, very full day at the beach, a certain kid was asked what she would like to do for her birthday. Being as original as children everywhere, she decided that what she really wanted to do was head right on back. So Fenimore shrugged and let people know. (What do you mean, you can't see the post where she announces it? It's totally there. It’s just...invisible. Okay, okay, I handwaved it. She would have made a public post but been pretty clear it's for Sophie, not a general beach party.)

The set-up is pretty simple, with the only issue being how to decorate a beach for a kid's party. There's a few streamers hanging off anything that looks like it could take a streamer (like the food table, the transporter, maybe a few trees...) and some balloons have been tied to other balloons filled with sand to weigh them down (...and some less floaty ones have also been tied to trees). But, otherwise, it's just the beach -- except this time with no King's games and (they hope) no vanishing oceans.

We hope you've all had a chance to dry out your swimsuits, because here we go again!]
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Who: You, and you, and you, and also you. Aaaand maybe even you. You know, just to be nice. In other words, everyone!
What: It's a birthday party for Masaomi disguised as a beach party for everybody! And you're invited!
When: June 19th.
Where: The ocean shore!
Summary: So Gold came up with this idea where he wanted to throw Masaomi a birthday party, because that's a thing he tends to do. But he wants it to be more than just a party, so he invited in the village to the birthday party under the pretense that it's also a beach party!
Rating: PG-13 at best. If it get beyond that, take it off the comm!

Go ahead and tag into the various subthreads, or create your own! If you were going to send your character onto the desert exploration, comment here so we can figure things out! Otherwise, have fun!
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Who: Rei and close CR
What: Rei’s 18th Birthday
When: April 17th
Where: Tsukino Shrine and House 3
Summary: Rei has a birthday, and she doesn’t really know what to make of it. Minako and Ami, however, have other plans, and organize a small get-together.
Rating: PG because birthday? If this changes, I’ll update.

Even if she doesn’t want one... )
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Who: Everyone who wants to be here!
What: Total Recall 2014
When: The first week of the event, roughly April 9th-16th, give or take a few days depending on your character's timeline.
Where: All over Luceti, presumably
Summary: Chaos! Madness! Unreasonable happenings! You know the drill. Alternatively: characters wake up and sigh because god, not this again.
Rating: Varied. Anything frisky goes to appointments as per usual, chums.

Due to the size and variation of this event, it's probably best to have several logs for it to avoid one getting overcrowded and broken. Feel free to have your characters post their own entries, of course, if you'd prefer- you're more than welcome! This is for people who like to consolidate. Another log ought to be posted around the 16th for round 2.
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Who: You, and you, and especially you!
What: Love is more than just a game for two...
When: February 24th - February 28th
Where: All over Luceti
Summary: Residents of Luceti may find themselves bitten by the love bug again. Or the friendship bug. Either way, hope your game is strong.
Rating: up to PG-13, or take it off-comm please
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Who: Fenimore and Grune.
What: An evening on a mission.
When: August 13, 2013.
Where: In a room on a ship on the open sea.
Summary: Grune has had a lovely day! She's pretty much the only one.
Rating: G for Grune.

We row and row so we can go somewhere far away. )
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WHO: Any and all friends of Masaomi/anyone who happens to be on the beach! Invitations would’ve gone out via a (handwaved) secret entry or word of mouth.
WHAT: Masaomi’s birthday party, planned by Shikamaru-Gold-Ikki.
WHEN: Wednesday, June 19th.
WHERE: The beach!

i refuse you your witty cuttext )
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Who: People in Luceti
What: Spiritual possession
When: The 26th to the 1st
Where: Luceti!
Summary: Check out the previous mod post.
Rating: If it gets smutty, move it somewhere private.
Additional information on the event. Be sure to read! )
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Who: All the lovebirds!
What: A bit of pampering and hijinks. Original event post here.
When: Feb 17th
Where: The Featherly Haven Resort & Spa (aka the hot springs)
Rating: If you feel your thread is heading for something steamier, please either fade to black or take it to an appointments post.

Also -- don't forget to add in your own character tags!
crazy little thing called love! )
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Who: House 15 ([personal profile] rashness, [personal profile] shamelessness, [personal profile] bossybrows), and anyone that Rin or the others invited (if you know them feel free to assume they were)
What: A Christmas party (more of a dinner tho)
When: December 25th, evening
Where: House 15
Summary: Rin decides that the spirit overrides the mood, and he decides to throw a Christmas Party late in the game.
Rating: ??? Low
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Who: Everybody! (Mostly.)
When: The 19th through the 25th. Feel free to backdate and forwarddate and everydate as you please.
Where: All over the village!
Summary: It's a wintertime jamboree. Go ice skating. Hand out gifts to those you love. (Or want to prank, as the case may be.) Deal with meddling, creepy elves. Kiss a lot of people. It'll be good. Except for the parts where it'll be awkward. But that's what we're here for, isn't it?
Rating: Anywhere from PG to R, I imagine. If you need to play out sexytimes, please either fade to black and take it elsewhere or CLEARLY mark the thread in the subject line. (The former is preferable, but not strictly necessary.)

This is your event catch-all log! Sorry it's a bit late in going up. All you really need to do is mention in your subject line what date(s) it is, so folks know if they're dealing with mistletoe or not. Feel free to set up multiple scenarios, of course. Also, as always, tag your characters!

Here is your event info, and feel free to continue asking questions there if necessary. Now go and make merry!
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Who: Panda, Pilouette Bonheur, Shinji Ikaria, and everyone on the Secret Santa sign-ups!
What: It's the first Panda Christmas! Feel free to start your own mingle threads!
When: December 18th at around 2:00 PM
Where: Rec Center
Summary: Well, somehow Panda managed to throw together a Christmas party. This won't end too poorly, will it?
Rating: PG for safety?

NOTE: If you signed up for the Secret Santa, there is a thread for dropping off gifts! Put the name of the person the gift is for in your subject line in a reply to that thread and explain what the gift is, whether it's signed, etc. Any details you want!

Loop & Loop, Do You? )
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Who: Come one, come all! ...So long as you're appropriately dressed.
What: Luceti's second annual Christmas ball, old-world style.
When: December 1st, beginning around five in the afternoon and ending when the last person leaves.
Where: The Battle Dome.
Summary: Earth's eighteenth-century peeps are throwing one hell of a party. Again.
Rating: Well, considering no one is serving water? Probably PG-13 for alcohol consumption and the results thereof (there's coffee and hot chocolate!).

Upon stepping into the program at the Battle Dome, snow crunches beneath your feet. Great flakes of it drift silently from the dark sky above. And ahead...

Good tidings )
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Who: All you scavenger hunters!
What: Scavenging and other fantabulousness, I suppose.
When: November 24th to 28th
Where: The whole village! And yet also all over time and space...
Summary: See this post for more info.
Rating: P for Points! (Keep it PGish, folks. Anything worthy of a higher rating can be brought to your appointments posts.)

It's a slice of a different life, really... )
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Who: Peggy Carter and Amelia McFly (experts); Jane Maxwell, Adell, Richard Sharpe, Phil Coulson, Lupin III, Ororo Munroe, Clove, Remy LeBeau, Bucky Barnes, Ivan Vorpatril, Rudy Roughknight, Clint Barton, Sokka, Michael Blanc, Nathan Spencer, and Astrid (combatants); Mia and Trafalgar Law (healers); Pinky Pie, Aang, Panda, and Fenimore (quartermasters)
What: Mission #12: How the Eighth Was Won
When: November 18th - 20th
Where: Depot 8 and surrounding environs.
Summary: Luceti volunteers are defending Depot 8 from an FTSA-led attack. Or possibly participating in the attack themselves.
Rating: W for Wild Wild West (except gun-violence and strong language)

home home on the range, where the sheriff and the activist play... )
  • This mission is being POSTED EARLY, although it still does not ICly begin until the 18th, in order to allow characters ample time to thread with the mission NPCs as well as amongst themselves on the first and second days. This should help them make their choice between Depot 8 and the FTSA.
  • HOWEVER, the thread for the third day (the 20th) will not go up until after at least one mod has set up shop in the aim chat (lucetiplot) to roll a die in order to determine the battle’s outcome based on how many volunteers are on each side. This chat will take place at midnight (EST) on the 19th. Once the outcome has been determined, mods will put up a thread for the third day that will essentially set the stage for this outcome.
  • For more information, please refer to the original plotting post and don’t forget to sign your characters up for a side!
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    Who: Nami (sort of) and anyone so inclined to help her out!
    What: A harvest.
    When: November 5th and 6th
    Where: The mikan grove.
    Summary: Nami didn't make the call for volunteers this year, despite already running late.  Luckily, Law did.
    Rating: Rated PG just to be safe.

    But no catering this time, I'm afraid... )

    ((ooc:  I've had a request for a harvest thread with Nami, so I figured putting this up is a good idea after all.  Nami herself isn't very sociable, though, so just warning ahead of time!  Backtaggable into forever.))

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    Who: Everyone Ever
    What: Tanabata + 2nd Cross Pageant
    When: July 7th, 7:30PMish onward
    Where: Outside the Brigade HQ: Pageant Stage In the Plaza in front of House 37 (which no one lives in right now)
    Summary: First it's the Cross Pageant, then the normal Tanabata stuff the Brigade does such as supplying bamboo to tie wishes to and fireworks. Some food and drink supplied
    Rating: Wishy Fishy
    Wishmaster Speed Chess )
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    Who: Anyone who wants to come!
    What: BEACH PARTY! (For Katara or something)
    When: In the evening, about 7PM
    Where: On the beach! Somewhere!
    Summary: It's Katara's 17th and while all friends of Team Avatar are invited, anyone else can gatecrash too.
    Rating: E for everyone (for God's sake there's going to be seven year olds!)
    We're more than carbon and chemical )
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    [personal profile] lostinmyway
    Who: Everybody!
    What: Sophie Coolidge's birthday party!
    When: The afternoon of July 3rd
    Where: The rec centre
    Summary: Sophie is having her fourth birthday! Come and share in her special day, and have lots of cake while you're at it. ♥
    Rating: It's a four-year-old's birthday party. If this goes above G, Grune will come and kick your ass all the way around Luceti. :|
    After all, you only turn four once, right? )
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    Who: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Gai Tsutsugami, Rick Doyle, Arthur Pendragon, Raven, Clove, Rei Hino, Gregor Vorbarra, Minato Arisato, Sabriel, Minako Arisato, Grune, Gold, Masaomi Kida, Fenimore, Silver, Adele LeBlanc, Sion, Raine Sage, Nami, Hamato Leonardo, Viral, Smoker, Precis F. Neumann, Roy, Nara Shikamaru, Hyuuga Neji, Kiba Inuzuka
    What: MISSION # 7 - The Flooded Valley
    When: June 7th to June 9th
    Where: Sirry Craggs
    Summary: A dam bursts thanks to the cultists, flooding a small hotel not far from the area. Lucetians have been rushed to assist the area, being the closest enclosure to the incident.
    I'm an ADULT )

    You can use this post for questions and plotting!
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    What: More event shenanigans
    When: Today until the 4th! (Backdating is okay too)
    Where: All around Luceti. Actually that's wrong. Anywhere INSIDE Luceti.
    Summary: It's that special time when the Malnosso collect all their recent experiments and apply them all at once to measure effectiveness. Although invaluable as research, it tends to leave the subjects looking just a bit mad.

    So there is a mod post and it pretty much tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. This is a second log so people can change up their effects and try something new, jump into the event late, or just avoid the impending CAPTCHA on the first log.

    Don't forget to tag in using the appropriate format: [canon] character name
    lucetimods: (Masamune)
    [personal profile] lucetimods
    Who: You and you and mostly me and you
    What: Everyone's been Shifted in their own way
    When: A hero doesn't care if this event last a whole ten days
    Where: Everyone can blaze a hero's trail
    Summary: It's that special time when the Malnosso collect all their recent experiments and apply them all at once to measure effectiveness. Although invaluable as research, it tends to leave the subjects looking just a bit mad.
    Rating: Rated H for HEROIC

    So there is a mod post and it pretty much tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. This is a mass log for people to comment around on if they don't want to make posts. Or even if they want to make posts anyway. There will be at least one more of these later in the event! ENJOY!

    Don't forget to tag in using the appropriate format: [canon] character name
    fallenambitions: (You fell for life//into its traps)
    [personal profile] fallenambitions
    Who: All of you who signed up
    What: Tales of Heroes vs. Tales of Villains with some old school RPG mechanics
    When: April 28th-May 2nd
    Where: All over Luceti
    Summary: The Tales of Villains have banded together and plotting something devious that could threaten all of Luceti. It's up to the Tales of Heroes to find out what they're up to and put a stop to them!
    Rating: T FOR TEENS
    Act 1 )
    i_am_not_cute: ((manga) i hunger)
    [personal profile] i_am_not_cute
    Who: Pao-Lin ([personal profile] i_am_not_cute), Link ([personal profile] blessedbyfarore), their CR, and anyone who wants to crash a bitchingly green birthday bash.
    What: A delayed joint birthday party for Pao-Lin (April 4th) and Link (April 5th).
    When: Friday the 13th. Yes, make all the jokes about bad luck and horror movies and blah dee blah fiffersnaffle.
    Where: Rec Center.
    Summary: Pao-Lin's turning sweet sixteen and Link's no longer a teenager. This is apparently a reason to celebrate or something.
    Rating: PG. :|

    Just don't eat all the cake, okay? )
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    [personal profile] sharpness
    Who: Rin, Shiemi, Yukio, Fenimore, Aoba and Natsuno.
    What: True Cross students get together!
    When: Friday 6th April
    Where: CH1, first floor dining area.
    Summary: Where the heck did all these extra classmates come from anyway?
    Rating: E for Exorcists. Yup.
    With that dude who thought he was so cool )
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    Who: You! And you! And you! But uh, not you.
    What: Event shenanigans.
    When: Today until the end of the event (April 8th)
    Where: Anywhere and everywhere
    Summary: It's all right in here
    Rating: I want to see a nice clean game. Keep your naughty stuff in the penalty box!

    Same deal as always. React to the event! Do things! Have fun! Be excellent to each other.

    And remember to correctly tag your characters to the post.
    lucetimods: (Masamune)
    [personal profile] lucetimods
    Who: Everybody! Everybody!
    What: It's a beach! There's fruit! Love in the air! Classy private rooms in the mountains!
    When: From sunrise to midnight! (AND IT'S TODAY! FEBRUARY 18th!)
    Where: Out on the beach, centered around the teleporter/tunnel exit area. But it feels like July out there! Ain't that just the shit?
    Summary: Summary? Why does this need a summary. I said everything up there. And then I'm gonna say even more after this. Why do we need this field? Seriously, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
    Rating: KEEP IT CLEAN, KIDS. Take your dirty smut to an appointments post!

    Long Ago In A Distant Land, Akai, the fully functional fonbot, unleashed a fairly standard mod post. But a foolish player kept asking questions and come on, do you really need to know that much? Now everyone wants to play out their ships and get into fruit shenanigans and undo to evil that is AKAI.

    ((No, but seriously guys, look at the mod post, you know what to do. Everything you need is there. Mass log post, remember to tag your characters name here, and do your thing.))

    OH YEAH! So like, assume there is stands (or you know, beach-appropriate huts) here and there that are stocked up on bathing suits (and curtains you can change behind), stands with beverages, and snacks. Nobody's really operating them, new stuff just gets Shifted there (BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE NOT WATCHING). The Malnosso are the most considerate bro-ginization ever.
    simplestgift: (Just a little idle talk of this and that)
    [personal profile] simplestgift
    Who: Come one, come all! ...In formal attire.
    What: A Christmas ball, old world style.
    When: December 1st, beginning around five in the afternoon and ending when the last person leaves.
    Where: The rec center.
    Summary: Earth's eighteenth-century peeps are throwing one hell of a party.
    Rating: Well, considering no one is serving water? Probably PG-13 for alcohol consumption and the results thereof (there's coffee and hot chocolate!).

    Rejoice! Rejoice! )
    lucetimods: (Akai)
    [personal profile] lucetimods
    Who: Everyone
    What: That's your horoscope for today ♪
    When: November 25th-30th
    Where: Anywhere you want!
    Summary: The event has begun, and- oh, you guys know the drill 8|
    Rating: ???

    The horoscopes have appeared on the journals, the effects are in place, and just about everyone is acting a little bit... quirky, shall we say.

    Event details and plotting can be found HERE!
    fabrecation: (Chase this light with me)
    [personal profile] fabrecation
    Who: Everyone who wants to come to Xion's birthday party!
    What: ... Xion's birthday party!
    When: November 20th, late afternoon
    Where: Seventh Heaven
    Summary: Our dear poppet is now 17 (3) years old! LET'S CELEBRATE
    Rating: Poppet-G

    Eternal Moments )
    lostinmyway: (Because I love all of you so much.)
    [personal profile] lostinmyway
    Who: [ profile] lostinmyway, [ profile] xelhes, [ profile] shadedsunlight, and [ profile] whatdeheckisdat
    What: A retelling of Sleeping Beauty with a sleeping beauty, a Peepit-winged Good Fairy, a Wicked Fairy who really has to work at it, and a 100% genuine Handsome Prince.
    When: September 27
    Where: House 34 to start, but who knows after that.
    Summary: This.
    Rating: Can anything with Grune go over PG?
    Once upon a really strange time.... )
    lucetimods: (Masamune)
    [personal profile] lucetimods
    Who: [ profile] luceti
    What: Amusement Parking!
    When: Today til the end of the month
    Where: A veritable pleasure island, east of the Beach Fort.
    Summary: An amusement park has popped up in Luceti. It's all over here.
    Rating: F is for friends who do stuff together!

    Just some notes here not in the mod post -
    1) The weather will be bright and partly cloudy for the rest of the month on the beach side of things. A nice cool sea breeze will keep people from melting out there.
    2) All the old Luceti Land rides are still available. However, feel free to make up your own attractions and rides as well.
    3) Since this is around for two weeks, we may put up another mass log if this one gets too full. So keep an eye on that!
    4) Don't forget to tag your character's name on to the log! If you don't have one yet, just let us know and we'll get you hooked up.

    As way of explanation for all this, Bil will have written a message on the first page of the journals. It cannot be replied to, it simply states:

    "My condolences for all the trouble. You were due for an experiment today, but I thought you might enjoy an amusement park instead. It seemed like the sort of thing the Great One would do."
    blessedbyfarore: (warm smile)
    [personal profile] blessedbyfarore
    Who: Everyone!
    What: Gardening!
    When: Sunday 14th August, all day
    Where: Outside the Welcome Centre
    Summary: Finally, the time has come to get Luceti's memory garden on the road.
    Rating: ...I sincerely hope this won't go above a PG rating.

    Raindrops on roses? No thanks, the rain was yesterday. )

    ((OOC: Forward-dated to Sunday. Open to everyone, mingle away! If anyone has questions or needs help or wants to know WTF is going on, Link will be on hand for the whole day to keep an eye on things.))
    whatdeheckisdat: (dead'd)
    [personal profile] whatdeheckisdat
    Who: [ profile] demonkingdhaos , [ profile] lostinmyway , and [ profile] xelhes [ profile] goldenfirefly [ profile] filial_guardian [ profile] lookinforlight (Fenimore, Stella, Walter, Norma)
    What: Dhaos' mallynap effect wears off. Uh-oh.
    When: Morning of the ninth!
    Where: House 34
    Summary: Dhaos' kidnapping effect wears off, transforming him from a child into an adult. This, unfortunately, places him in a rather compromising situation. Grune's not helping.
    Rating: ...PG >>;

    That's what you get for being 6'7''. )


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