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Who: Mikoto Uchiha & YOU
What: Birthday!
When: June 1st
Where: Her house or anywhere before that
Summary: Her family and friends surprising her for her birthday when she returns home after she goes shopping for bit; anyone else is free to run into her before that for general cr though.
Rating: G

[There was a lot going on these last several days but with the draft having ended a few days ago and it was definitely a relief to see those she knew return back to Luceti so she wouldn't have to worry as much. Today was actually her birthday but given she is not one to draw too much attention to that fact, she just goes about her day as usual between picking up groceries and other things she needed this morning.

She can be found around and about in any of the stores or just walking on her way back to her house once she is done]
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some store?

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No, not these ones. I wonder what her favorite would be.

[Of course, Kushina isn't one to forget a birthday of her best friend. She's out looking at flowers to possibly go with her present she had picked up earlier but she wishes she knew more about the language of them. Mikoto seems like someone who would but it's not like she could ask the person she's shopping for.

Inoichi's daughter would know but she had been sent back home...

With a sigh, she looks around for someone to help her put together a bouquet and spots said best friend nearby to do some shopping herself.


A sharp gasp escapes her and she looks around for somewhere to hide. Eventually she just grabs a bundle of daisies and holds it close to her face to hide behind the flowers.]


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M-Mikoto! Hey!

[She lowers the daisies with one hand, the other coming up to rub the back of her head sheepishly as a blush blooms across her face at how easy she was picked out.

Her red hair really was obnoxiously noticeable, even if she liked it.]

Yeah, I was, um... just looking at the flowers. [She tucks the daisies back in their place and then faces Mikoto, her basket of things behind her back.]

What are you doing? Don't you have a couple sons to go shopping for you today?
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Yeah, me too.

And I don't think Minato or Naruto would even get the right things I needed if I made them do it.

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[The trials and tribulations of boys. Kushina grins and then turns back to the flowers, her focus back onto the problem at hand.]

Hey, Mikoto... if your best friend had a birthday which flowers would you get for her?

[She turns to aim that grin at her, a little cheeky.]
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There's plenty of opportunities for other surprises.


And then looks at her, waiting.]