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Reunion and Time Traveling Finale x2

Who: Everyone!
What: A continuation of the first log
When: November 20th and Onward technically, so basically whenever.
Where: Luceti enclosure
Summary: Who let all these New Feathers in here!? ...Wait, that guy's familiar...
Rating: May vary, as usual high ratings should be taken elsewhere

The previous log hit recaptcha, so for those who don't have appointment posts or just want to keep it in-game, here's a second log!

All the dirty deets
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[Kushina is there. Mom is there. Like she's never left, really.

She's cleaning up from making Shikamaru food after helping Lee clean the house. Once the door opens, she looks over in surprise at someone suddenly in her house and smiles once she sees who it is.

Not.... noticing.... the arm yet.]

What's the rush, Naruto? Hungry? I made some onigiri for your friend, Shikamaru. There's some left over or I could make something else.


He was looking worse for wear so you should go talk to him. Like someone sucked all the chakra out of his body or something... he said he was eaten by a tree, ya know? I think he's hiding something so maybe he'll tell you and you can help him.
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[She's still here.

He isn't really listening to what she says. Something about food, and Shikamaru, and trees, but he's just too focused on the fact that she's still here.

Instead of answering he just moves through the kitchen until he reaches her, pulling her in for a (one armed) hug.]

How did you know I was back already? [Ssssob.]