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Luceti Town Meeting Cycle Year 5

Who: Everyone!
What: Town meeting
When: February 6th at 6 PM
Where: The school cafeteria
Summary: The village gets together for a town meeting. Let there be ideas, plans, and future festivities.
With the help of some friends and friends of friends, the school cafeteria has been transformed into a meeting space. Rows of chairs and a few benches fill the space, providing adequate seating for whoever wishes to come to the meeting.

Along the back are some tables set with cookies, pastries, and tea, juice, and coffee for people to munch and sip on, before, during, and after the meeting

By the entrance is another table. On it sits a locked box with a slit on top, small sheets of blank paper, and a few pencils and pens. This is the message box, for anyone who wishes to express an idea or thought in an anonymous manner. The box will later be opened and all the messages inside will be read out loud by Ginia.

At the front sits a platform - one of the ones built for A Midsummer Night's Dream - with a table and chair resting on top. It's where Ginia will sit during the meeting, the extra height for the purpose of being able to see anyone who may be seated in the back row.

Pre-meeting socializing
The meeting
Message Box

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Idea - Cultural Festival

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[ It's not that Helios is nervous about talking in front of a large group of people it's just...he's not used to it that much anymore. Sure talking in front of students and faculty was one thing. But this was entirely different to an extent. Still later into the meeting he'll find himself speaking to the crowd at large. ]

I-ah. W-Wanted to do something along the lines of a cultural festival for a good long time. It would something like Tanabata Festival in that everyone could have their own separate stalls and perhaps even games, food, drink, those types of things, specifically from their own worlds.

I'd like to have it in the spring, perhaps after school ends ideally. That would probably be the best time and the students can even make their own stalls if they wanted to.
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Spring? Not Fall?

[...This is clearly relevant Haruhi]
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[Robert is nervous in this meeting, but speaking to Helios is always easier for him.]

... I... I would l-like to... assist with this idea...

[He smiles, almost shyly.] ... There are... s-so many different cultures here, and... and I would like to l-learn more about them.